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November 1, 2007

New jewelry images, New start

Pearl necklace,earrings jewelry set at

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May 24, 2007

Hong Kong's Largest Jewelry Manufacturing Base

Hong Kong's jewelry is famous in the world. Each year, many jewelry shows are held in HK. Guangzhou City in South China become Hong Kong's largest jewelry manufacturing base in the mainland as many Hong Kong jewelry makers have moved to the area in an effort to find low cost and skillful craftsmen.

In the Panyu District of Guangzhou City, more than 200 Hong Kong jewelry companies have set up manufacturing factories, employing more than 50,000 workers. The district could process more than 100 tons of gold and platinum every year, with a total production value of 5 billion yuan (US$604 million) and an export volume of US$800 million.

Ninety-five percent of the jewelry on Hong Kong's market is processed in Panyu. Jewelry produced here are also exported to United States,European and Oceania countries.

In addition to Panyu, the Chonghua District of Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Dongguan have also witnessed the building of many jewelry manufacturing factories.

Hong Kong jewelry makers said the establishment of the production base has made it more convenient for Hong Kong jewelry to enter the mainland market.

With this trend, Guangzhou City are developing one of the biggest jewelry wholesale market in China. More and more jewelry buyer and importer directly go to Guangzhou to stock all kinds of jewelry products - Gold,platinum,cubic zircon, pearl jewelry, coral,turquoise, gemstone jewelry & more. Liwan Plaza is one of the famous wholesale jewelry market in Guangzhou City., one of wholesale jewelry suppliers lies in Liwan Plaza. Welcolme to visit us!

May 17, 2007

Wholesale Bridal Jewelry at Topearl jewelry store launches many new designs of pearl jewelry in 2007 year. Of course the hottest jewelry products are bridal jewelry. Especially, pearl jewelry is the most popular choice among brides

As wholesale bridal jewelry supplier, Topearl designs many selection of handcrafted and elegant bridal jewelry made from freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal beads,gemstones and sterling silver materials. Besides bridal jewelry, topearl has the perfect jewelry or jewelry sets for bridesmaid at wholesale prices. You can choose your ideal pearl bridal necklaces,crystal necklaces,bridal jewelry sets,sterling silver bridal jewelry,bridal pearl earrings,bridal bracelet jewelry,bridal tiaras & more.

Bridal jewelry wholesale at
-- Freshwater pearl bridal necklace with Crystal pendant

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Good Times for Gold Jewelry Makers in China

China's gold demand is likely to surge tremendously in coming years, with market liberalization and increasing popularity of jewelry.

Mainland gold consumption, including retail and institutional investment and sales of gold jewelry, increased by 13 per cent and 21 per cent in terms of volume and price respectively during the fourth quarter of last year compared to the same period in 2003.

Demand for gold jewelry drove the surge, partly due to the efforts of the WGC, a London-based non-profit organization engaged in promoting gold consumption worldwide

WGC teams up with local jewelry retailers and well-known brands to promote its recently developed K-gold, or 18k gold, products.

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October 21, 2006

Guang Fa Pearl

The pearl company introduction in Li wan Plaza Guangzhou:
Guang Fa Pearl
Addr: Liwan Plaza Chang Shou Road, GZ China


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Hua Hai & Mei Hua Pearl

The pearl companies introduction in Liwan Plaza Guangzhou:
Hua Hai Pearl Co., Ltd. whoesale freshwater pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets,earrings,pendants etc.

Chinese Pearl & Jewellery Co., Ltd.

Mei Hua Pearls Co.

Tong Si Genuine Pearl Co. ( Tong Si Jia Zu Zhen Zhu Co., Ltd. )

Address: Li Wan Plaza North, De Xing Road, Guangzhou

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October 15, 2006

Jing jing liang pearl

The pearl company introduction in Liwan Square:
Zhejiang Zhuji Glitter Pearl Arts and Crafts Factory
Jing Jing Liang Pearl GuangZhou Wholesale

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August 27, 2006

MaoSheng - Mao Sheng Jewelry

The pearl company introduction in Liwan Plaza:
Maosheng Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Mao Sheng Pearl has been engaged in pearl business for a long time and was incorporated in the year 1982. Its farming base is located in the Zhejiang Industrial District, which also know as the "Cradle of China Pearls". The company is engaged in pearl supplying, assembling, pearl accessories, pearl care, etc. and we are comprehensive enterprise engaged in culturing fresh water pearls, pearl processing and assembling, and exporting overseas.

Addr: Liwan Square, Guangzhou

Top Pearl Jewelry Inc. -

XinBin Pearl

The introduction of pearl company in Guangzhou Liwan plaza
Xin Bin Pearls Co., Ltd.
XinBin was set up for many years that specialize in pearl breeding,processing and selling. Freshwater pearls, seawater pearls,south sea pearl and Tahitian pearl are included.
Addr: Liwan plaza, Guangzhou City

Topearl Jewery Inc.

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Hydia Pearl Limited

The pearl company in Guangzhou Liwan Plaza
Hydia Pearl Limited
Showroom: B430 4/F North Tower Liwan Plaza,9 Dexing Road, Guangzhou 510140,China
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