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Valuable Pocket Watch

There are several ways to tell of the pocket watch you are interested in is valuable or not. It is very helpful who are in the business of buying and selling watches and those who want a kind collection of these marvelous creations.

Having a pocket watch was a matter of pride and passion in 1960's. However nowadays fame of pocket watches has come down to a level of a gift piece that we place in our showcases. The history of watches began in 16th century. The inventor of this marvel device is Peter Henlein. The early vintage models were squarer in design, later it started appearing in all variety of size and shapes.

Today there are hundreds different varieties of makes and designs available which resembles the famous antique models. For people who want to try out something different and special, these watches make very fine gifts. You can find a lot of variety made up of different precious metals, in a lot of different colours studded with precious stones.

As you may well know there are many types of watches and many designs. They have different values and they command various prices. If you want to know how much a watch is worth, here are some steps.

A movement, powers a traditional watch, is some device that without which a watch will not be able to work. There are two main types of movements today, including mechanical and electronic. You will most often find mechanical movements on old watches. Electronic movements have little value. As for mechanical movements, they are what command high prices in the market, especially if it is still in very good condition.

pocket watch

When it comes to the value, the condition of the pocket watch is also a very big factor. It is only normal that pocket watches which are no longer in working condition fetch only a small price. For example a Steampunk pocket watch in excellent working condition will fetch a higher price in the market than that which can only be used for display because it can no longer tell time. How do you know if the pocket watch is working? Just wind it up and when you feel the familiar tic then it is working.

Pocket watches come with a case which is made of various metals. Some of the most common materials are silver, platinum and gold. A watch which is made of gold does not mean that it will automatically fetch a high price. The amount of precious metals on the watch must also be considered.

A pocket watch which is manufactured by a reputable name or manufacturer will also fetch a high price. For example a watch made by Patek Philippe will fetch a higher price than a watch made by a relatively obscure manufacturer.

With these tips, people can simply search for results they want. They can actually take this a step further and increase their understanding using another simple technique.

If you are looking for something different for someone special these watches will be a unique gift because of the history and the marvel it is bringing along with it.

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