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Pony Beads to Enhance Beauty

Beads come in many sizes, colors, shapes and styles. As for pony beads, they are large compared to most other beads used on clothing or accessories. This kind of beads are shaped similar to a can of food with a hole bored through it. Although they are usually opaque, some of them are semi-transparent.

Some jewelry lovers may have an interest in how to use pony beads to decorate other jewelry pieces. Actually, pony beads seem to have an affinity for use in leather garments or accessories where they are often attached to individual strands of fringe. It is very easy to learn how to use pony beads to make crafts and jewelry.

While pony beads are a lot like seed beads, you should keep in mind before you make that they are much bigger. They are made of plastic and glass, which are most popular among a great number of beads. Whatever the makeup is, they can be used for making numerous items and different fashion accessories.

 pony beads

Firstly, you can use pony beads to make a key chain. All you need is the beads, embroidery, thread, scissors and key rings. The first step will be to cut six strands of thread a foot long by using different colors. Next you will fold this in half and create a loop knot in the ring. Lastly, you string the objects together. Seven for each side is enough because too many and it will be brittle. Do the same for the other string. Make a double knot on the last head. This will secure all the heads. Trim the end and it is finished.

Secondly, you can also use pony beads to make a multicolor bracelet. All you will need are colorful pieces and an elastic cord. As for the cord, it should be double the length of their wrist. String the pieces on the cord. Once you have installed enough, secure the knot and trim the end.

In addition, pony beads can be used for holiday decors, no matter in Christmas or Halloween. Aside from bracelets, these can be used for making rings, necklaces and hair accessories. If you can't think of a design, there are numerous examples on the Net that can be downloaded.

 pony beads

As a matter of fact, Pony beads, were brought to America from Europe by travelers and explorers. They got their name because they were delivered via the Pony Express and became popular among the Native Americans who used them on their clothing, moccasins and as necklaces.
Because their original shape resembled a barrel, pony beads are known as barrels in the UK. Today, these are made into every imaginable shape possible, from hearts to butterflies to different animals.

Pony beads has plastic variants, which include vehicles, balls, snowmen, Santa Claus or set to certain themes, come in either opaque or transparent. As for the shapes, these are available in many shades. Therefore you can pick the one you really like.

Available in many types and colors, pony beads give people plenty of options for making the crafts you want. With its varied hues and shapes, one can appear to be extremely dazzling. So just take action to get them !

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