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Meanings and Basic Patterns of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are the symbols of friendship between two or more friends, which is also called "Friendship bands" in some countries. They are a great way to show your love and appreciation for that special friend of yours who is always there whenever you need him. As it is sharing of feelings between two friends and does not demand any condition, mostly it is shared without any special occasion.

Friendship bracelets bear some certain variations and meanings. But the purpose is only one "To Express Feelings of Care, Love and Affection" to some special friend.

 friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets have very different meanings if we go into the history of the this bracelet. The old traditions from which these bracelets were created believed on two different meanings.

The first meaning of this kind of bracelets is one friend presents friendship bracelet to another friend to fulfill a wish. She ties that bracelet on her wrists. A friend who is wearing bracelet makes some wish with the belief that when the bracelet will fall off naturally, the wish will come true. This belief still prevails in some countries. The other meaning of friendship bracelets is about the bitterness of the friendship that how this sweet relation turns into a bitter relation. The theme is that when one friend presents friendship bracelet to another friend and a receiver of the bracelet wears it out without falling off naturally, subsequently their friendship will turn into a bitter relation.

In the how to books and on online sites, there are several friendship bracelet patterns available. If starting with a simple pattern when getting more comfortable with the entire process of making the bracelets, you can go for the more exotic ones. Sometimes you have an artistic bend of mind, then you may go for a custom design that complements the watch of your friend.

Starting by getting a craft book that teaches how to create the patterns with step by step instructions is recommended. Similar instructions are available online and what you need to do is just google it to find some really good patterns. The complexity of the pattern depends upon the number of strings that are used to prepare the pattern. The easiest patterns make use of two strings while the difficult ones may make use of as many as eight strings.

 friendship bracelet

After selecting the pattern, you need to select the colors of the strings that you shall use. Any instruction book would illustrate the pattern in pictures. You can stick to the colors used in the picture or you can go for your own color selection. Once these two selections (color and pattern) are done, go to the nearest craft store and buy the required strings. Alternatively you can buy the strings in an online store.

Preparing a friendship bracelet having the right measurements is one of the most important aspects. It is useless to create a really good looking pattern that is too small for the wrist of your friend. That is why take care to first measure the size of the wrist of the friend before starting to prepare the bracelet and buy the string accordingly. It is ok if the string is a bit longer than the required size as then you can cut the excess part out after completing the bracelet.

Creating a friendship bracelet for your friend is a great way to tell him or her, how important he or she is.

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