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Jade Rings

Jade has been used for thousands of years for everything from tools, weapons and art. The Chinese revered the stone as the Stone of the Heavens. Montezuma was excited to find out that the Spanish were after his gold and not jade, since it was the most prized of possessions.

The value of jade in the east is equal to that of diamonds in the west. However, jade is a stone that is much closer to the heart. It makes an excellent jewelry choice for rings, pendants, necklaces and bangles.

jade rings

Traditionally, as a jade ring represents eternal love because a ring represents eternity while jade stands for love, it can be a great choice. The unbreakable nature of jade also stands for harmony and peace, making it a popular stone to be used for weddings.Some people believe that the exchange of this stone is able to bind lovers love for each other for eternity. In addition, it is believed that jade brings wisdom to those who wear it and it also gives protection and attracts prosperity.

There are many different colors that the stone can be found. Many of these different colors are perfect for jade rings. Green symbolizes calm while blue jade symbolizes peace. Black jade gives protection from negative energy while red symbolizes love and power.

What you should make sure is that the stone is not fake or faux jade when choosing your jade ring. Many dealers try to pass glass, serpentines and even plastic as jade rings. A few things are there for customers to look for, asuring that the jade is real. However, it is always suggested to talk to a professional.

jade rings

Another reason that jade is a great choice for your ring is due to its ancient history. Jade has been used by almost every culture around the world. It originated in Euorpe but was integrated to most into the culture of the Chinese. As for Chinese, they used it out of the reason for burial ceremonies. They even believed that jade could turn the mortal to immortal. It was also used by the New Zealand Maori as a tool for building weapons.

Another important thing to note is that this stone can come in two different forms: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is an aluminum and sodium rich pyroxene, while Nephrite is made from magnesium and calcium stones. Both of these stones can be used in rings. These are both "real" jade yet are slightly different in chemical composition. Jadeite is the harder and rarer of the two varieties and can be found in commercial amounts in Burma and Guatemala. Nephrite can be found all over the world and is the most common of the two jades. Nephrite is also softer but was the original stone used by the Chinese. Nephrite is what the Chinese called the "Stone of Heaven".

As you can see, jade is an excellent choice for a gift, engagement ring or wedding band. Be prepared to give this stone as a ring because it will bind your love forever more.

Jade can be set into another metal like other precious stones, or the entire stone itself can be carved into a ring. A complete jade ring is very beautiful, although it is far more costly than a normal ring. Although jade is a very valuable stone, it is not classified as a precious gem like rubies or diamonds.

If you are going to purchase a ring, consider the jade ring. I am sure you will benefit a lot from it.

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