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Information of Mabe Pearls

Mabe pearls, a kind of composite cultured blister pearls, are large half pearls of glorious nacre that generally range from 12mm to 25mm in size. Mabe pearls has different shapes, which reflect the variety of nuclei that are used. Among them, round Mabe pearls are the most popular shape in use.

It was in the 1950s that Mabe pearls first became known. At that time, they are used to wear with large pearls as accessory. On the Ryukyu Islands, Japanese companies started to use black winged oyster Pteria penguin for the production of blister pearls. As a result, the word “Mabe” possibly comes from an old dialect spoken on those islands.

mabe pearl

However, the true inventors of the cultured blister pearl, as people considered, were the Chinese. It can be dated having been dated to around 100 BC With the first finds of Buddha images, metal figures overgrown with a nacreous layer.

Before talking about the producing process of Mabe pearls, it is necessary to know the producing area of them. Today Mabe pearls are produced in Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, which are produced using an adaptation of the process for culturing pearls. A rounded or half-spherical nucleus is glued onto the inside of the shell of a nacre-producing mollusk. Over time, nacre covers the nucleus by the mollusk, so that the iridescent organic substance gives pearls their unique properties. After two to three years of culturing, the Mabe blister pearls are cut from the shell and the nucleus is removed. The resulting space is filled with resin, and sometimes a bead, and finished with a piece of mother of pearl backing.

As for a Mabe pearl, the layering of nacreous mother-of-pearl is quite different to the concentric layers found within a pearl. Although in the strictest sense, a composite cultured blister pearl may not fulfil the requirements for the definition of a pearl, however, the industry still uses the term "Mabe pearl" widely.

mabe pearl

There are diverse colours of Mabe pearls, such as white, grey, black, or silver, cream and brown and may have overtones of green or violet. To a great extent, the mollusk that is used to make the Mabe pearl is the fac crucial element of the colour. The shape of a Mabe pearl can also vary widely with round, drop and even heart shapes being produced. The diversity of colour and shape contributes to the desirability of Mabe pearls as they can be used for imaginative pieces of jewelry.

The great thing about the mabe pearl is that these beautiful pearls fit your budget and style too. In addition, the purchase of these lustrous mabe pearls does not make a big hole to your pocket as compared to the round pearls. While purchasing mabe pearl jewelry you should give priority to the quality factor. You should look for vital factors like smoothness of the surface and luster. Mabe pearls have high luster and exclusive glow. The luxurious and stunning mabe pearl jewelry will suit best with your eveningwear for different occasions.

Thanks to the relatively inexpensive price as well as their sizes, colors and shapes, Mabe pearls are becoming increasingly attractive. With its gleaming beauty, Mabe pearls can be used from one generation to the other.

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