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Evil Eye Jewelry That with Cultural Background

Every time you think of jewelry adorned with religious symbols, mostly you may refer to the images of crosses and crucifixes, or Stars of David and other designs closely associated with Judaism. Gifts of jewelry in religious custom are often given during important events, such as in one's life-a new birth, a wedding, or a bar or bat mitzvah. There are times people will wear talismans to ward off an "evil eye."

A variety of cultures, which are from Judaic beliefs to traditions in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, believe that one who casts an evil eye on another sends a curse. Primarily, this curse is transmitted in the form of a malicious gaze and has been known to cause the victim problems such as illness or irritation, and even in some cases financial ruin or death.

 evil eye jewelry

Whatever it is a birth or anewing home or office, there are amulets for every event for both men women and children. The starting price for evil eye jewelry is around $10 and upwards. A good place to browse for this good luck charmed jewelry is the internet as you can view all kinds of metals colours designs and styles of jewelry pieces.

As for people who believe in the power of this curse, they will wear a charm on a necklace, bracelet, or ring to ward off bad luck. Evil eye jewelry typically consists of a design featuring a depiction of a human eye. Most of the time, the eye is blue to counteract curses in lands where people are mainly dark-eyed. Among some cultures the eye is set into the palm of a hand. This popular charm, the hamsa, which means "five", is known as the Hand of Miriam in Jewish culture and the Hand of Fatima among Muslims. Other charms may feature the eye inside a Star of David or set in the different colored beads of a Kabbalah bracelet.

 evil eye jewelry

People simply wear the jewelry to ward off these curses. It is not necessary to seek an extra blessing for your bracelet or ring, which is simply different from some Christian faiths where a priest may bless a cross or crucifix.

The evil eyed products make a thoughtful gift from key holders, business card holder's credit, bank card holders as well as wallets. There are also a lot of jewelry pieces available. From coloured crystals to beaded earrings, the Turkish or Kabbalah jewelry in stunning coloured glass sterling silver gold and swarovski crystals, all of them are great accessory for any out fit from winter to summer. Someone who has ever journeyed or holidayed in turkey may have seen the eye amulet hanging in homes or cars, or will have been seen adorning peoples necks. Small babies will especially have some kind of evil eye amulet on clothing or around the wrist or ankle.

In Mediterranean Europe and parts of South America and West Africa, people believe that curse is predominant, and these traditions have carried into the United States in recent years as people immigrate. Indeed, wearing evil eye jewelry for spiritual protection not only looks attractive, but lets people know you are prepared to battle personal curses and ill-will sent your way.

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