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Different Types of Rings for Different Men

It is once believed that men prefer to wear only simple bands of silver, gold or platinum. However, nowadays men prefer to wear rings of different and unique styles, which owing to the fact that the jewelry designers who have enabled the men to wear unique rings with a variety of stylish and cool designs. Though plain bands are still popular among men, some of them prefer to have stones embedded in these simple rings. As for most of the men, one convenient option is plain gold band, but there are elegant rings available for men with unique designs.

What sort of man he is, there are men's rings available to suit him perfectly. Rings are available in so many styles, colors and designs these days. Therefore, a compatible match to any personality can be easily found. If you are uncertain of how to match the man you know to a suitable ring, the following ideas may help you in some way.

Firstly, it will come to the Lumberjack. As for this rugged individual, he likes camping, open fires, and rare steak. Frequently, he wears plaid or denim and isn’t accustomed to wearing any sort of jewellery. However, there is a deep vein of old school chivalry that runs through his tough heart. Therefore, they would be well suited to a titanium ring. As rugged and strong as he is, this ring will be light enough, which is easy to be forgotten on his hand, but tough enough not to be damaged by his hands-on lifestyle.

As for writers, they usually wear more sophisticatedly. They are well read, sharp witted, and they have a fountain of knowledge. They may be delicate in some areas, However, they are as strong and true as any man in motives and desires. With all things considered, a gold signet ring would likely be the best choice. This sort of self-reference will be the sort of piece he will treasure, with the hopes of passing it on to his children some day.

The Romantic, much like a poet, is more cerebral than many men. But unlike the Poet, he is led more by his heart than his mind. The romantic is quick to injure while equally fast to forgive. He loves without constraint and feels everything with a fire and devotion that consume his very soul. As for them, gold and a delicate band with a small inset stone would be ideal. The stone could be the birthstone of his beloved or a simple reminder of something personal.

Besides, there are still the party guys. They know the lines to every sci-fi movie ever made. Being called a geek, in truth, they are simply more in tune with his inner child than a lot of men. They are fun guys to be around, and are usually the first one to suggest something crazy. For them, the metal is less important than the design, thus a braided band will remind him of a certain fantasy series, and he will never want to take off his "one ring".

Lastly it’s the turn of the star athlete. Of all the men's rings, thought this one is by far the easiest, you can never buy for them. What they need is a championship ring in his chosen sport. There it is difficult to choose some rings to substitute.

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