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Cloisonné jewelry pieces

Cloisonné, a word that has French origins from the word cloison, is an art form that started in Japan and the Byzantine Empire during the16th century. Chinese people get recognized for their work in cloisonné art in the 13th century, according to the historians. Being influenced by the oriental culture, this art form changed and become what we see today. Along these years many people have enjoyed this art and some cloisonné antiques can be found along with new items in market today.

Gold wire designs are used in the Byzantine enamels, most of which were based on the Byzantine Christian religion. The early cloisonné pieces were adorned with crosses, saints and pictures of Christ. However, the Japan cloisonné has more flowers, landscapes and birds. As for Chinese, they choose ornamental decorations and patterns to use in their enamels.a

The artists of cloisonné create the enamels according to some certain methods. The first step will be to come up with the design. Maping one out on graph paper is easy. Then the artist will solder a wire ring, known as the bezel, onto a section of sheet metal. This process is used to make the enamel cup or base.

The artist then keeps working on the wire to create the cloisons or cells. Once a design or pattern is created with the wire, it is ready to have the enamels applied in layers. Each layer of enamel has to be fired using a kiln so that it can melt. Last but not least, the artist will grinde and also polish the piece of art so that it is finished.

There are opalescent, opaque or transparent enamels of cloisonné. Each kind will give you a range of choices in color. An individual piece could have several kinds of the enamel and various cells made up of different colors. There are similarities of this art to painting, in the end the finished piece does look like a scene that has been painted. Enamel comes in powder or chunk form. Although the chunk form is more affordable, the artists must break it down into powder to use it.

As a matter of fact, there are just a few metals that can be used on the enamels. For example, there are silver, gold, brass that has no zinc in it, bronze, specially-treated aluminum as well as copper. One particular thing you should remember is that the materials used to create cloisonné works are not sold at regular craft stores usually; instead, you should purchase them through catalogs or online.

Cloisonné jewelry pieces can be made into rings, charms, earrings, pendants and so on. To do enameling indeed takes a bit of knowledge about working with metal. Therefore, if you are a beginner into crafting, this won’t be a good craft. If a person is really zealous about this kind of jewelry, what he needs to do will be to learn some relative knowledge ahead of time. You can get some inspiration from some works that displayed in galleries or sold in stores.

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