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Antique Pocket Watches

Fundamentally speaking, antique pocket watch is an object which can trace its origins back to 19th century. It is a time during which these items were first manufactured. They can not only tell time at any point during the day, but they are also graceful and extremely attractive to look at. As a result, the user of these watches can portray a genteel image.

As for a silver pocket watch, the original size of it was based around the dimensions of the size of a small dollar coin and every watch after that was produced alongside the same size. Over the years with the inception of modern pocket watches, the size has not really changed although the style and mechanism within the watches differs considerably. The value of antique watches primarily depends on a number of concerns, such as the date of manufacture and the overall condition of the case of the watch and the mechanism within it.

In order to decrease wear and tear of parts because of friction, some 17th century watchmakers used to add jewels as substitutes for metal bearings within the actual machine of the device. Therefore, if one were to find an antique silver pocket watch fitted with jewels, then it would be a sign of value for the watch itself. A pocket watch with a manufacturing date of the period preceding 1700 is extremely rare and hence very popular amongst collectors. Such items are also very expensive and people that are collectors are willing to partake with significant amounts of money in order to obtain one.

Antique Pocket Watches

Time pieces made before 1865 are also very popular and are primarily purchased by collectors falling within the category of collectors such as civil war enthusiasts and American history followers. A good example would be that of the Waltham watch which was one of the first time pieces every to be produced in mass manufacturing. The best way to ensure the correct manufacturing date of a particular watch is to check the serial number of the manufacturer and then to compare it with the dates and times for a reference guide book.

Antique time pieces are primarily passed down from generations to generations as heirlooms or family treasures. Hence, they have immense intrinsic value both in terms of money and of the way that they have survived through different times and ages.

Antique Pocket Watches

If you are looking for a wedding gift, a vintage pocket watch is what should not be forgoten. When choosing which the right gift for the bride and groom is Many people are having a hard time. Sometimes they would end up buying gifts with less importance. It will be a unique move if you consider giving the groom a unique pocket watch. It is important that you give something that will suit the grooms personality and taste. He would be happy to receiver this unique pocket watch as gift.

Indeed, what you can choose from are various. No matter it’s a gift for your friends or you just buy it for yourself, a pocket watch antique will never disappoint you.

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