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Vintage Porcelain Jewelry

While some people prefer more modern pieces, vintage porcelain jewelry is also collected by those who enjoy them. Some of them even like to mix styles and eras. Vintage items of porcelain jewelry are obviously harder to come by than common types .

How to get vintage procelain jewelry? Indeed, there are several means of acquiring this kind of jewelry, such as attending antique shows, estate sales, auctions, visiting websites, and occasionally inheriting family heirlooms.

People may found it virtually impossible to replace broken or lost pieces of porcelain, pottery, or flatware without writing or calling collectors in years past. What they can do is to wait until the collectors do their research and get back to them. But as the the Internet develops these days, this problem is easily solved.

porcelain jewelry

Some well-known names in the vintage porcelain jewelry world can offer people with information about their beginnings, when you want to do some research on vintage porcelain jewelry. Here are a few names to look for. They are Minton, Pouyat, Haviland, Nippon, as well as Noritake Although those companies are all very young, however, they are able to make beautiful pieces of the products.

The Pouyat brothers, in France, formed a partnership with the owner of a porcelain company in 1816, which also located in their town of Limoges. The brothers bought the company four years later and continued production until 1865. The Pouyat family then continued to produce porcelain jewelry until at least 1932. Haviland Limoges was established in 1842 when David Haviland moved from New York to Limoges, France, to start production of his own line of porcelain. He chose Limoges because not far away was where kaolin clay was discovered; a pure, very white clay.

Nippon porcelain was made in Japan for export to the United States from 1865 to 1921. As for Noritake, this company actually began in 1876 when the Morimura brothers established their own trading company. Two years later they founded "Morimura Brothers" in New York City. There they traded porcelain jewelry, porcelain and dolls. They established making their own porcelain in the town of Noritake, near Nagoya until 1904.

If you would like to know more about a more modern-day porcelain jewelry, you can go to the more modern-day company--Franz. It was founded by Francis Chen in 2002, who had the ambition to revive the art of Chinese porcelain. The name of the company is adopted by Francis Chen’s college nickname, Franz. Porcelain in this company has a beautiful, artistic flare because they are functional and unique pieces, including vases, cups and saucers, bowls, covered boxes, jewelry and so on.

Cleaning vintage porcelain should be done with the utmost of care. You have to remove the dust and the dirt from it before you wash your porcelain pieces. For un-restored vintage porcelain, you can use a soft brush to remove the dirt and use a mild dishwashing liquid to wash it. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided, and you should also avoid putting porcelain in your dishwasher. What you should remember is that you can never immerse your porcelain in water completely. Instead, you may use a damp cloth to clean porcelain items. If the porcelain piece has no stains, it is best to leave it alone and use a dry cleaning method instead. you have to take extra care to place it on a soft towel or other soft fabric while cleaning it.

Whatever your pieces of vintage porcelain jewelry is, you can easily get it on the Internet or from some renowned companies. If you own one, you can prolong their vitality if you take good care of it.

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