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Things You should Consider when Buying Pearl Earrings

Buying Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are one of the most important jewelry for women. When you are buying your ideal pearl earrings, you may find that they aren't merely about finding the most expensive item on sale. It will take time before you can get a pair of pearl earrings.

Tips for Buying and Selecting Pearl Earrings

Various Designs

Designs vary from each other among different brand of pearl earrings, which is also the basis of most people's first impressions. It is what catches people's attention for the first look at the earrings.

The ear studs are the best and the most ancient earring designs of pearl earrings.This kind of design refers to those studs that do not dangle from the ear lobes, which is more popular when it is incorporated with pearls. This design is in fact the cheapest one because the pearl useed are normally artificial pearls which are relatively cheaper. The biggest advantage with stud pearl earrings is that there’s no strain on the ear lobes even if you are wearing it constantly.

The drop-down earring designs are the design that is quite amazing. As it allows for much better space and pearl allocation, all kinds of pearls are incorporated in this particular design. Among the drop-down earrings, Tahitian drop down earrings are the most sought after design variety due to the enchanting and amazing attraction of the Tahitian black pearls. However such drop-down design can be really expensive. But the cultured, freshwater and imitation pearls make them cheaper than the natural ones. If complimented with excellent outfits on special evenings, a woman looks more ravishing. The drop-down earring design is not for constant use but for making you look beautiful on special occasions.

Other popular pearl earring designs include the cluster types, the quick bling wire and crystal earrings, beaded chandelier earrings, corkscrew earrings etc.

Other Gems

It is a good idea for you to choose a pearl earring which have other gems on it. It doesn't necessarily have to feature pearls alone. Being used along with other precious and semi-precious gems can increase its charming factor. But one thing you should bear in mind is that the combination of pearls and gems should be tasteful and appealing.

The Number of Pearls

The more pearls a pearl earring has, the higher the value is. If you're going for a single pearl earring, it might be better to choose one of a larger size than usual to make it noticeable. Most of the pearl earrings have three or five pearls for the reason that these can easily form a triangular or star-shaped design respectively.


If the size of the pearls of an earring increases, taste and appeal will tend to diminish. So it’s recommended that you don't choose pearl earrings that of extraordinary huge pearls.


There is a rainbow of colors that pearls available. However, most people just regard the white pearls as the most common and acceptable. Depending on the origin of the pearls, you can expect them to also appear in black, pink, blue, green, yellow, and even gold.


Although there is truly no globally recognized grading system used to classify pearls, but a few standard sets which you can use to compare your pearls with are there for you. If your pearl earrings have been appraised by them and yielded positive results, you can expect its price to go up.


If you have the budget for it, you should consider purchasing pearl earrings designed by famous fashion houses.


The origin of the pearls affects the price of pearl earrings. Natural pearls are the most expensive among all of the pearls. Naturally harvested pearls are more expensive than cultured ones and the least expensive of all are artificial or synthetic pearls.

If you are going to buy pearl earrings, these tips may do you a favor. But make sure that you take these words with a grain of salt and if it’s necessary, consult with the specialists to get a satisfying earring.

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