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The Rosary Necklaces

Over the past few years, rosary bead necklaces have been showing up on the necks of celebrities and it has started a fashion trend. Before we step further towards this kind of necklaces, we will first explain what rosary is.

Rosary are beads that used for counting the series of prayers that make up the praying of the rosary. The prayers are combination of the Lords' Prayer, followed by 10 Hail Marys, and one Glory be to the Father. Each of these series of prayers are called a decade and the praying of each decade is combined with mediation on one of the mysteries of the rosary that recall the life of Jesus Christ.

Christians have been wearing rosary necklaces for more than 500 years as protection from the devil and for comfort in times of stress or peril. They wear them while praying. Each rosary bead on a necklace has its own significance, which is also held in the fingers while a specific prayer is being said. Nowadays the rosary is still an important part of Catholicism. However, this type of necklace has became fashionable as jewelry items about 10 years ago.

rosary jewelry

For Christians, rosary necklaces are considered to be suitable fashion accessories because the religious connotation is still adhered to, especially amongst Catholics. A rosary necklace can well complement gold plated bracelets or gold plated rings which carry a gold crucifix.

While the traditional purpose for a rosary necklace was for religious reasons only, today it is considered acceptable for religious and fashion reasons. For the devout Catholic, a rosary necklace provides the opportunity to say prayers anywhere and anytime. Many people wear them as a reminder to pray. Even very shiny or colorful ones are acceptable. Looking back on Roman Catholic history you will see that jewels and shiny stones have always been used to adorn clothing and religious objects.

In the history of rosary necklaces, they are firstly loved by celebrities like David Beckham, Britney Spears and Madonna, and later these kind of jewelry pieces sparked. After that the fashion interest gradually waned. However, now rosary necklaces have been making a huge comeback and many famous people or hip hop artists are spotted wearing them in music videos and even at red carpet functions.

Made with wood or plastic the rosary necklaces have religious pendants hanging from them. The pendant could be Jesus, the Virgin Mary, a crucifix or any other Roman Catholic symbol. When worn for fashion purposes, this style of jewelry carries a certain amount of controversy, as the Roman Catholic Church once showed dismay to people who are non-believers but wear a rosary necklace.

Rosary necklaces have once again become a popular fashion accessory. plenty of bling and the beads can be made of cubic zirconia, pearls or plated in gold or silver as the latest offerings. On the religious front, many Catholics give beautiful rosary necklaces on occasions such as Confirmation or First Holy Communion.

Wearing rosary necklaces is not only as a prayer tool or for comfort, but also as a fashion statement. If you want to be outstanding, they may be a good choice for you.

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