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The Making of Polymer Clay Beads

Sometimes when sitting around watching the television, we will expect that we have something else to do. On the occasion, you can use your hands to make jewelry with polymer clay beads, which is one way to fill some time and to fill it with something fun. Polymer clay beads are easy to use and you don't need any fancy expensive equipment to get started. You can make all sorts of objects with the clay, even some items that you can make while watching your favorite show.

With polymer clay beads, you can string them to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets and other works of art. Once you really get into this art, you will want to pay full attention on intricate work because it is an interesting process

Along with the tips on how to make polymer clay beads, you will enjoy the whole process and are able to learn to do this on your own. Since polymer clay is available in different colors, you can choose those which can match the colors of what you will wear. Since beads are easy to handle and make aside from the fact that they are small, they would fit as anybody's introduction to the world of craftsmanship when creating your own jewelry.

When dealing with polymer clay, you don't need fancy expensive equipment, such as an art clay kiln. What you need is just an oven and a timer. Once you get into making lots of beads, you can get a dedicated smaller oven that won't use as much energy as your large one but that can be down the road.

You can make your beads in those two ways, that is, by hands or by rolling machines. As for the beginners, they would usually choose to do them by hands first, eventually turn to the rolling machine, and later on to make the production of the beads fast.

There are different kinds of colors of polymer clay beads for you to choose. You can either mix them or have them plain. In order to give them unique textures, the beads should go from one process to another. Texturing will naturally change the surface of the beads. You can also alter them in even intentional texturing steps or even poke them with needles. In addition, metallic effects can be added to them. There are even those who would dye or paint the artwork first.

After all these steps, the last processes of baking and varnishing are needed to keep them fully intact and shining. It will last for a long time. If you decide to make more creations, you may use the bead roller to easily create consistent beads. You can just slide the base and top of the bead roller back and forth to make uniform beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. Create modified hexagon, round, tube, oval, bicone and tri-oval beads need a bead roller, which is so safe and simple, and provide a lot of fun for children.

If you are a person who like the making of polymer clay beads, just go for it without hesitation.

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