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The Factors Inflence the Price of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Referring to vintage costume jewelry, it can be rather tiring for collectors to know which pieces are going to bring in a big profit and which one's are not. However, it is a process that every collector should pay particular attention on because there may be great different in the price of the same vintage costume jewelry. Thus we are going to provide you with some tips which help you to consider what factors will determine the price.

Maybe somebody will think that all costume jewelry is cheap and worthless stuff which can be discarded after wearing a few times. However it is just the other way. In the early 1900's, Costume jewelry appeared in European theatres and gained its lasting name: "costume". However, the real vogue of vintage costume jewely was after the First World War, a time when Americans fell in love with it, which paved the way for U.S. companies to dominate costume jewelry design and start to manufacture from the late 1920's.

The production of vintage costume jewelry is in a mass manner. Different from expensive solid metals, fine gold and diamond jewelry, costume jewelry was made for much cheaper, using base metals and semi-precious stones. Yet, in spite of their humble origins, the vintage pieces produced in factories using semi-precious materials are now considered collectibles worth well beyond their original price. Although it was made wholesale, you should never mistake it for the cheap pieces you find in department stores today.

Because many vintage costume jewelry makers do not bear a jeweler's mark, which makes it hard for vintage collectors to know which pieces are worth more. In this way, they make those jewelry become much more profitable and mostly only veteran collectors know that can be very lucrative. The entire vintage jewelry market is filled with a large portion of unsigned pieces. Therefore, in order to expand on your valuable collection, you may learn to identify a quality design first.

Vintage jewelry was produced by companies in different scales, which will create a lot of diversity and lead to differences in supply pricing and levels. If a company produces jewelry in large batches, then the profits tend to be much lower. However, it’s not saying that every piece of jewelry from large manufacturers is worth relatively the same amount of money.

The value of any vintage costume jewelry items is greatly determined by the costume design. In fact, whether the design of a piece of Vintage costume jewelry is successful or not is largely depended on the materials used, which also makes up a large part of its price. Gemstone quality, in particular, plays a key role in determining the value of a particular piece of costume jewelry. So it is extremely vital for you to oay close attention to the stones or gems and how well it is put together, which do determine the value of your collection.

Last but not least, the quality or condition of the piece of vintage costume jewelry have an effect on its price. Nevertheless, even if those pieces have gone through substantial deterioration, they can still bring in a good bit of money.

If you apply those factors that determine the price of a vintage costume jewelry buying process, you may get one without being cheated.

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