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Some Helpful Information for Your Freshwater Pearl Necklace Selection

Freshwater pearl necklaces are beautiful. Before we talk about how to select for a freshwater pearl necklace, it's important that you know what freshwater pearls are first.

Unlike akoya seawater pearls, Freshwater pearls are cultivated, cultured, or found in freshwater, as opposed to saltwater pearls which have been harvested from seas and oceans. They can be naturally processed with or without human intervention. With the new improved techniques of cultivating pearls, pearl divers search for mollusks or oysters where a foreign object incidentally find its way inside and has been encrusted with layers of nacre. Nowadays these professionals have been able to produce not only large quantity of pearls every year but its quality of freshwater pearls are becoming as good as akoya pearls.

The Features of Freshwater pearls

Most of the freshwater pearls are cultured pearls. Freshwater pearl necklaces are designed with matching size pearls in many lengths and styles. Generally speaking, most popular length size of them are princess length (16”-18”), designed with pearl size between 6mm to 9mm of different shapes.

Things You should Consider to Choose a Perfect Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The first thing for you to consider when you shop for a freshwater pearl necklace will surely be the source of the pearls. Freshwater pearls are produced in various parts of the world and the most famous oens come from Japan and China. Their origins can greatly influence the price. So it’s important for you to consider purchasing freshwater pearl necklaces from less-known pearl manufacturers if you're on a budget.

The size of freshwater pearls of the necklace ranges from very small about 2 mm to very large at about 30 mm, depending on the type of pearls that the necklace features. Just like it is with all sorts of jewelry, the larger the size of the pearl, the higher its value will be. Therefore, it’s also a very significant factor for people who want to select for a freshwater pearl necklace.

Shapes of the freshwater pearls make a difference when one is selecting for his necklace. There are numerous irregularly-shaped pearls because they have been allowed to grow without any external interference. But for saltwater mollusks, it's more likely for them to produce evenly shaped pearls. Thus the shape of the freshwater pearls should be taken into account if you decide to buy it.

There will also be a variety of amazing colors you can choose from for your freshwater pearl necklace and a plenty of variables when it comes to finding the perfect freshwater pearl necklace. Therefore you have the opportunity to get what fits your own personal sense of style. Just make sure that it complements your complexion.

Before you make up your mind to select the necklace, you may first observe it in various lights to effectively compare its luster. Some freshwater pearls can glow only in certain types of light but noticeably dim in other types. The best pearls however will glow no matter what light you're using to observe it with. Of course, the better the luster of freshwater pearls, the higher its value once more.

With the above tips for you, to choose a freshwater pearl necklace will no more be a difficult business. You can simply regard it as a joy from now on.

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