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Shell Necklace

Shell Necklace

Shells of marine species in the solid represents a symbol of innocent love. Among various shell jewelry, shell necklaces are enjoying a great popularity among customers. Besides purchasing them in jewelry shops, you can also make them with your distinctive ideas. If you are creative, you may have an interest in making a necklace in your style. There are many materials around us which need only your creativity to be used. Here we are going to provide you with the method of creating your own shell necklace by using the kitchen pasta.

 shell necklace

Start Creating your distinctive shell Necklace design

By using your shell pasta to make a necklace, you will be satified with your one-of-a-kind design.

First it will come to the materials you are going to do with. There are 3 stuffs you should get. The first one is ribbons in different colors with their length available according to your desired need. A good suggestion for you will be the pink and green ribbons. What you should get then are shell design pasta, white glue, and tempera paint of your desired colors. And the last thing will be glitter dust of your color choice and small wire loops.

After getting all the materials needed, then let’s move to the directions.

Bore a hole at the upper flat area of the shell pasta. Use sharp pointed small knives or anything that could not break your pasta. Then, attach the small wire loops in the holes.
Next, by using your desired colors, you will paint on each shell pasta. If the paint could not be sticked to some areas, you can just leave it. This will make it look like part of the design.

After the paint get dry, minimal glue will be applied on areas you desire to have glitters. You can just sprinkle the glitter dust on those areas. Then you will tie one end of the ribbons together and allow it to hang loosely after the tied ends. Start threading the shell pasta through their loops and just using one of the ribbons.

When you start threading, you should knot the threading ribbon once. Later, you pass it through the loop of one shell. After a span of 1", knot again and attach another shell. In this way, you make another span of 1" and make another knot then attach another shell. Until you have achieved your desired number of pasta shells to hang on your ribbon, you may continue doing this succession.

For the last shell pasta, you can just tie a knot after it. Then you can tie both ribbons together and let 4" hang loosely after the ends at the end of your ribbons. If you like, you can just attach hooks or clasp on it. You can also just tie both sides of the ribbons together to close your necklace.

shell necklace

Shell necklaces are beautiful reminders of nature's beauty. The making process of them can both bring you fun and fashion. After reading this article, do you feel excited to create your own shell necklace?

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