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Precious Mother of Pearl Jewelry

mother of pearl jewelry

Pearls are a kind of beauty that is timeless and will never go out of style, making you be more classy and glamorous. Among all pearl jewelry, Mother of Pearl jewelry is the one you should not neglect to include in your collection. This precious jewelry is a blend of elegance and sophistication that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it costs less compared to other gems and precious stones. Before we talk about mother of pearl jewelry, it is necessary to illustrate what a mother of pearl is.

The Concept of Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl jewelry

Mother of pearls, also known as iridescent nacre, are a blend of minerals that are secreted by oysters and other mollusks and deposited inside their shells, coating and protecting their bodies from parasites and foreign objects. Nacre is the same substance that is deposited around an object that becomes lodged in the mollusk--either naturally or inserted by humans--to become a pearl.

Values of Mother of Pearl Jewelry

A piece of mother of pearl jewelry is able to further highlight the character of pearls that are associated with poise, the right bearing, good carriage and pageantry.

They are surely the kind of jewelry that would make a great accessory, as fine a jewel that should be kept and handled with care to be passed on to the next lineage of the family.

Aside from emphasizing the pearls, it is believed that Mother of Pearls can help you with healing, which makes you feel that you are resting in the arms of a loving mother. When some particular harmful frequencies enter someone’s sensation, Mother of Pearls will either scatter or absorb them, including the frequencies of other people's negative thoughts and emotions or the harmful emissions of televisions, radios, and microwave transmitters.

Attentions when Designing Mother of Pearl Jewelry

There are various in shape of Mother of Pearl Jewelry. The varied shades makes a difference from other pieces, which shows an awareness of craftsmanship and handwork. The best way to design considering this factor will be inserting a small appeal to this style of jewelry. As for designs for teenagers, since they adore fantastic pieces, it is recommended to design them in the shape of animals or a heart shape.

Framing out the piece will be an ideal way to make Mother of Pearl Jewelry. Consider it like art on the inside of a picture frame when designing. The inlays may be enclosed by assorted pearls, gemstones or a huge sterling silver setting, which would add significance and splendor to the piece. In this way it will coordinate all of your current plain colors of metal jewelry you wear.

Mother of pearl jewelry may be neutral in color. Utilizing several colors in the inlays will be another significant point. Usually you may be apt to acquire pink next to white, however, the two colors are so dainty that they might somewhat get lost. You may find that the pink seems to be more pinkish if being put next to white. Therefore you should avoid this by seperating these similar colors.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry is so valuable that most people would like to own one in their life. After reading this article, do you find it helpful for you?

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