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Newly Fashionalbe Wood Beads

Wood beads are beads that made of wood and given various shapes. This kind of beads have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. Some of the jewelry beads are available in polished form and yet few are unpolished.

wood beads

With the growing awareness about environmental protection, wood beads have become more and more popular with jewelry makers, which is also a new trend of jewelry beads in recent years.

As for people who are allergic to synthetic materials, they can add natural wood products to their Jewelry supply list. When making jewelry with wood beads, it can make the finished product look more natural and earthy.

wood beads

Purchasing and leaving wooden beads which are in their natural state can easily fit in with the previous decor, no matter it is clothes, home or office. There are different shapes, sizes and designs of wood beads, and they can be colorfully dyed. This kind of beads can be made into interesting necklaces, bracelets or anklets. According to your personal preference, you can choose wood beads in various styles and sizes. In addition, you can dye your wooden beads a muted or bright color to add vibrancy if you like. Alternatively, you can pick small beads to make more delicate-looking jewelry pieces or you can use large beads to make chunky jewelry.

Wood beads serve not only as ornament for clothes and body, they can also be decorated for home setting, such as door curtain. With their various colors, shapes and sizes, your home setting can be made more attractive. By stringing wood beads, the door curtain can be beaded in your own style, either on a long fishing line or other durable jewelry thread. As you will have to string a number of long lines of beads to complete this ornament, you need to purchase plenty of beads with different style and colors. Coloring the wood beads also make them colorful and suitable for all sorts of decorating projects, and you should also give some protection from scuffing or scratching. To buy them from beads wholesale online store will be the best choice for you, as there are much more kinds of beads there for you. But make sure that you reach a reputable wholesale store.

Select the proper wood beads for jewelry making can be vitally important as the plain wood beads limit your wardrobe and decorating choices and there are tons of different wood beads for tons of different types of designs.

Bare wood beads has their artistic limitations, but the beauty of these beads is that they are even more customizable than a standard jewelry. Making your own wood beads is not difficult and can be very rewarding. This can save you a lot of money compared with paying for commercially manufactured beads.

Other materials are used to designed with wood beads, such as gemstone beads, Swarovski Crystal beads, glass beads, acrylic beads, etc. Those collocations provide people with different styles, which promote personality and status.

If you really love being fashionable, wood beads will be the best choice for you and you will be stepping into the fad of today.

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