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Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces Jewelry

 pearl necklace jewelry

Among different types of pearl necklaces jewelry, Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces is one of the flawless pearl jewelry. This kind of jewelry is named after Kokichi Mikimoto invented the cultivation of pearls in the Edo period, which became an instant heat and remain the finest even to this day. Pearl necklaces produced and created by Mikimoto are the highest quality, which are known for their unparalleled beauty and brilliance that their fans include the royal families of Britain,Japan and so on.

Buying your Mikimoto pearl necklace

 pearl necklace jewelry

There are different lengths in measuring pearl necklaces, which are collar (10"-13"), choker (14"-16"), princess (18"-20"), matinee (20"-24"), opera (28"-34") and rope (37" and longer). The first thing to keep in mind is the shape and size of your neck when buying a pearl necklace. The length of the necklace should match your neck shape. Additionally, it also depends on the woman's age, body composition, with the matinee pearl necklace is suitable for anyone. Generally speaking, the more it elongates your neck if you wear the long necklace. Therefore, if you are purchasing Mikimoto, the Matinee and Princess models are recommended as they fit most people.

The mark of "M"

Every jewelry created by Mikimoto including pearl necklaces, has an "M" embossment stamped in the background, which guarantees of its quality and the jewelry is indeed produced by the highest standards in Izu, Japan. However, in some cases, the embossment will juststand for the genuineness of the setting but not the pearls that may be replaced and restrung.

The Ranking System

Standard precautions should be taken when shopping for pearls. There is a ranking system Mikimoto pearls which ranks from the highest A-A-A to the lowest A-A-A-2. Thus if you are purchasing for a pearl necklace, you should search for the luster as reflective as like looking into a miniature mirror. When buying your Mikimoto pearl necklace, you must remember to ask for grading certificates. This is not only good for insurance, but it is also a guarantee that what you are paying for is a true Mikimoto pearl necklace.

Distinction of Mikimoto pearl necklaces from others

A true high-quality Mikimoto pearl necklace is distinctive from other pearls because its road map is unique and the line pattern on the surface of the pearls will be under a 10x magnifying lens. If you see the difference, true Mikimoto pearls are easily recognizable.

In the markets there are a lot of Mikimoto pearl necklaces that are labeled 'Mikimoto quality'. Whenever you encounter them, you should not be misled since they are not pearls produced under the patented Mikimoto process at all. The true ones are those produced under strict conditions in Ise in Honshu, Japan.

Furthermore, there is a black market for Mikimoto clasps, where original Mikimoto clasps are used for cheaper or imitation-quality pearls. So you should rather beware of 'closeout' Mikimoto sales, even if they come in 'new' 18k gold.

It is said that once you wear Mikimoto pearls, any other kind of pearl will seem second-rated. Therefore before reaching for your credit card it is always a good idea for you to learn more about Mikimoto pearl necklace.

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