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Making Wood Jewelry

When you are going to make wood jewelry, indeed it is stylish, unique and very inexpensive if the specific tools and materials are available for you. What comes first is the type of wood to use and the place to find it. Theoretically you can make wood jewelry out of any type of wood, however, it would be best to choose wood that is visually interesting in color, shape and grain of the wood. Among different kinds of woods, exotic wood makes the best choice for making special wood jewelry because the contrasts in appearance, grain and texture vary dramatically from one another.

As for the types of exotic woods, the most common used for jewelry making are ebony, koa, purpleheart, zebrawood, zircote, wenge, pau amarello, reheart, rosewood, tulipwood and lacewood. These exotic woods have dramatic colors and grain patterns, which make a great choices for cosmetic value as well as for wood working. Some denser woods, such as ebony, are more difficult for wood working. This is because they are harder to cut, sand and finish compared to less dense woods. As many common woods are used for everyday applications, nevertheless, some exotic woods are known to cause allergic responses to some people. Therefore, it is vital to know about each type of wood you use before beginning any cutting or sanding.

wood jewelry

Burl is refered to as a naturally formed knot in the wood grain. They have a unique and noticeable grain variation which cannot be found in other parts of the tree. As a result of their slow growth and unique appearance, burls are very expensive in price. Thanks to this, they are a kind of fantastic material for wood jewelry making.

When you buy exotic wood pieces, you’d better find a supplier of exotic woods. If you just go to a local hardware store, you will not find these woods. You may need to find a wood working tool store and ask them about where to buy locally exotic woods for making jewelry.

When making wood jewelry, the tools that you use will depend on your budget, skill and workshop space. Basically you can make your own wood jewelry with the help of flat surface like a table, a hand held pull-cut saw and a series of sandpapers, which you can use by hand to step finish the wood to a bright shine.

wood jewelry

With mechanical saw and sanders, cutting and shaping can also be used to make the wood jewelry quickly. But you should be aware to protect yourself when working with small items around machinery. The process of making wood jewelry is a function of patience since rushing the step sanding can cause imperfections in the final product.

Wooden jewelry is available in varied designs with different look and appearance. No matter what kind of forms they are, you need to care and store these properly so that the wooden jewelry can last for a longer period of time. It is suggested that you should keep your wooden jewelry free from dust because it can lead to the dullness of the jewelry or even lead to a worn out look.

Although there are some difficulty for many people to make wood jewelry themselves, wood jewelry is much less expensive than other forms of jewelry. so you can buy what you cant build yourself.

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