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Know More about Resin Jewelry

Many different ways are adopted to design jewelry. From that, one of the most widely used methods is the resin jewelry design, which is a technique for you can decorate jewelry. By using colored resin, an array of jewelry can be decorated without the use of engase stones.
As for resin jewelry, there are some common used materials:

- Completely transparent resin color
- Jewel to treat
- Semi-precious stones (lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc)
- Lijas Metal (water) 280, 400, 1000, 1500, 2500
- Polishing Paste

resin jewelry

The procedure of making resin jewelry will contain some certain steps.
The first step is to get completely finished jewel and then weld the part. By using a hammer, you should carefully select and break the stone, making it to perfect size which suits for personal taste and size of the cavity. Later, you quickly put the pieces of stone as you like, and cover all the spaces left with the remaining resin. Once the resin has dried,your next step is to proceed to sanding and polishing the resin along with the metal.

As for some making tips, oticing the time we have to work once the resin has been mixed with the peroxide is very important. The amount of peroxide and the climate decide the drying time. When you touch it, you may feel it a little sticky, but it is dried indeed.
It is suggested to use the ideal sanding to start, which is 280; and you should keep it until it is 2500. Later polish the sandpaper with polishing paste.

When preparing the resin, it is recommended to use disposable utensils. With the help of the resin, you can easily make different types of jewelry as it does not take much time to dry. This consumes very little time, which enable you to get this work right away.

resin jewelry

If you are interested in resin jewelry making, you are able to encapsulate objects and suspend them in the resin as well as incorporating materials that may not be used in other jewelry making. Many jewelry items embedded within resin jewelry include insects, plants, pictures and fabric. When embedding objects into resin, the most important thing to consider is that the inclusion is completely free from moisture, because the moisture can interfere with the resin curing process.

The following explains how inclusions should be prepared before being embedded into resin.
Flowers and Vegetation
As for flowers, leaves and other garden vegetation, these inclusions must be dried and kept completely away from moisture. If it comes to wooden pieces, they should be sealed with resin, craft or decoupage glue and cured before embedding into resin. When you use pictures or photographs for inclusions, the images should be printed on photo papers and leave 24 hours to thoroughly dry. Small 3D Objects, including games pieces, shells and figurines, can be added to resin with little preparation. They must firstly be washed with detergent and left to dry. As most fabric can be included in resin jewelry, but you should prevent the dye from bleeding into the resin the fabric by sealing with craft or decoupage glue. A range of fabric paper is also available in craft shops.

After knowing more about resin jewelry, are you ready to make your own jewelry items?

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