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Information about Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry is made from the amber gemstone. These types of jewelry have become very popular in recent years. Amber jewelry is a very special sort of jewelry that has been popular for a long time. Over the last few years there seems to be increasing people who wear it. Amber can be cut into different sizes and shapes, polished and assembled to make necklaces and pendants, and a full collection may consist of a necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings or pendants.Some of amber jewelry pieces have been made from amber that formed millions of years ago. However, most amber gemstones available are about 30-90 million years old.

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Before we talk about amber jewelry, we should know what amber is. In fact, amber is a kind of material that was created from the resin of fossilized trees but not the sap as many people think. In its original state this resin was a viscous liquid, allowing it to trap various insects and plant matter in a transparent prison.

Once upon a time, amber was considered to be a divine symbol by the ancient Greeks. They thought it was sunlight trapped in stone. As for Chinese people, they believed the souls of tigers turned to amber after death. In a word, ancient cultures always show a great respect to amber. So that’s why amber jewelry was out of the reach of the masses and was worn only by those who were extremely wealthy for centuries, which made them become more rarer than some other jewelry.

As the years go by, the price of amber jewelry is increasing, mainly due to its demand-exceeding supply. This kind of jewelry have become more and more precious to existing owners as some people pay huge amounts of money to obtain them, directly led to the increase of imitation amber. Some imitation amber pieces made from plastic material. It’s very important to beware of these imitation types when shopping. However there’s no need to worry about it because there is a simplet test that helps distinguish a fake from the real one, which is to rub it vigorously and have it attract any lint particles available. Some people may think it’s a good way to distinguish amber by floating them in salt water. But it appears to be a bad idea because amber, especially the Baltic that floats in salt water, because those that made from other precious metals will sink even if they are made from the genuine one.

In order to preserve amber and jewelry, you should take utmost care to it. The first tip you should bear in mind is to keep them away from extreme heat, making sure that they last longer and do not rust easily. Some good amber jewelry can last a lifetime without tarnishing, especially those made with different precious metals.

If you are interested in amber jewelry, you can purchase such piece in many jewelry stores. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go with an expert or learn some methods that help you to distinguish the genuine from the fake ones.

Because of its inherent beauty and rarity in the world, amber jewelry has always been highly sought these days. Now amber is no longer thought of as particularly rare jewelry and with these basics you will be able to get yoor genuine jewelry pieces.

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