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Features of Pearl Jewelry Sets

A pearl set is the perfect gift for a special female in your life to show her how much you care. She can get a new pair of earrings and a matching necklace as well as getting a ring and a bracelet with the same design, which will help to show an elegant ensemble. Because a pearl jewelry set, indeed, is less expensive in comparison with buying each piece of jewelry separately, therefore it will be a wise decision for people to purchase it this way.

Here are some you should know the different features of these exquisite jewelry sets.

The first thing will be the origin of the pearls used in the jewelry sets. These gems can either be natural or cultured. As for the natural type, this is a kind of jewelry that is formed when an irritant slips inside the soft insides of a seashell. Due to its very rare occurrence, this type can be quite expensive. Compared with the natural type, the cultured type is much cheaper, which is made by starting artificially irritating shells into creating pearls. Speaking of the cultured pearls, the Japanese cultured type are the most popular for their smaller sizes and various colors such as white, gold and rose.

Besides the origin, the pearls’ grades are something that matter while purchasing the set. Two ways are always used to grade these white gems. One of them is the triple A scale and the other is Tahitian scale. The triple A is the international scale whereas the latter one is used only in Polynesia and the South Sea. The quality of the pearls you are buying is determined by the grades. In the triple A scale, 3A stands for the highest quality, followed by 2 and 1A is the lowest quality. As for the Tahitian system, A is the top grade and the lowest is D. So it’s important to be aware of the grade used if a jeweler brags about his jewelry being of A quality as it symbolize two opposite side of quality in the two ranking system.

Pearl jewelry sets

The designs of the pearl jewelry sets is the third feature that makes them unique. Some look classic while others will look more stylish, sleek and modern depending. Chokers necklaces form of made from these white gems is the most popular, consisting of lines of white or multicolor pearls such as black and pink. There is also a more traditional design-- the elegant string. No matter they are long or short, they can always be suitablt to match with women’s ensembles. Long dangling pearls are the most common used for earrings. As for rings and bracelets, they are also crafted with different gems, especially diamonds, with their designs vary but still just appealing.

The three basics, which are the origin of pearls used, the grades and the design of the whole arrangement, are things for you to consider when purchasing such jewelry. These will help you make the right choice and ensure that your purchase becomes a family heirloom.

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