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Coral Jewelry

Coral jewelry is becoming in vogue these days as more and more people begin to love coral pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry indeed includes coral necklaces,coral bracelets,coral earrings,coral rings and so on.

Coral is the skeletal remains of a marine animal, the polyp corallicum, and is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. The noble red, Corallicum rubrum is the most valuable type of coral. Owing to that corals are calcified skeletons of sea creatures, they grow in formations resembling the branches of a tree. Most coral used for jewelry comes from the Mediterranean Sea or from the Pacific Ocean near Japan and Taiwan. Precious gem corals are formed in the deep sea. They take a perfect polish. Naturally, corals have a tree-like appearance, allowing the maximum number of polyps to be fed by nutrients in the water surrounding the colony.

coral jewelry

As for the color of coral, it ranges from white to red. Coral in the form of coral stone and gold jewelry is among the most ancient of gem materials, which has been made in many parts of the world and used for adornment since prehistoric times. Even today beautiful coral jewelry is made and worn in many parts of the world. This kind of jewelry can be dated back from the Iron Age, hence it has a history of religious significance.

As for the location, coral can be found along the shores of the western Mediterranean, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Bay of Biscay, Canary Islands and Malaysian Archipelago, at a depth of between three and three hundred meters.

The center of coral jewelry making is Italy and Torre del Greco, which is in close proximity to Naples, is the place the finest coral jewelry in Italy. In the case of bigger pieces, they are generally shaped into striking umbrella handles or walking sticks. On the other hand, the smaller pieces are shaped into oval, round or egg shaped beads that are used in rosaries, necklaces and bracelets. Coral is perfect for carved cameos and is also made into gorgeous earrings, pillboxes, brooches, inlaid jewelry boxes, pendants, belt buckles, rings, tie bars and cuff links as well. Countries like China and India are likely the main countries that import a large amount of coral, where it is utilized in religious ceremonies. In the United States of America, the inhabitant Navajo and the Zuni silversmiths happen to design coral jewelry on a very large scale. The Zunis blend it with black jet, despite the fact that it wonderfully contrasts with turquoise as well. Furthermore, the San Domingo Indians shape coral into wampum-style beads as well.

Due of delication of corals, they should be taken proper care of. In order to clean coral jewelry, owners should wipe it gently with a moist soft cloth because coral is much softer than other gem materials with a hardness of only 3.5. In addition, it should be stored carefully to avoid scratches. Its porousness require great care to make sure that the coral jewelry does not come in contact with any chemicals.

coral jewelry

Coral jewelry is a gorgeous gemstone jewelry that contain beauty and fashion. Its uniqueness lies in that it is the reasures from the sea. So please go and have your sole coral jewelry now.

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