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Choosing Your Ideal Pearl Ring

Pearl rings are very popular among pearl jewelry. From one-pearl rings to different-pearl rings, each ring on them is a representative of classic elegance. With freshwater as well as saltwater pearl available, there are various pearl ring designs for one to explore.

There are a lot of different colors and measurements of pearl rings. As well, they also come in different shapes. A ring was used to signify class and social ranking during the Middle Ages while they are given as tokens of love nowadays without being used as engagement rings.
As for the price, it is a common fact that any ring that has a saltwater pearl will be more expensive than a freshwater pearl. Therefore your price for your pearl ring depends largely upon the pearl in question, which may vary from inexpensive to extravagant.

How to Own an unparalleled pearl ring

Pearl ring

If you want to own a sole pearl ring for yourself, one of the best ways is to add other gems to your pearl ring, which not only increasing its value but also its surprising factor of others. Mostly the metal used for these rings is usually silver or gold, with the pearl centered in the ring itself. Otherwise it can be to the side of the ring, which depends on what precious gems are used in the creating of the ring in question.

Besides adding other gems on your pearl ring, you can even it with pearls chosen by yourself. This can be done at a jewelry shop that offers jewelry design. The colors of the pearls can be white, pink, brown, black, purple and blue, which are some of the colors that are available for pearl rings. As for the pearls’ shape, most of them will be the round one. Althought there are several available for pearls, the round pearls are the ones most likely to be used for rings. Considering the price of the pearl ring, this particular process can be an expensive proposition. Freshwater pearl rings will be less expensive and a Tahitian pearl ring will be the most expensive of all the rings. The information will help you a lot while you are considering the creating.

Suggestions to Select a Pearl Ring

There are something you should h keep in mind while you purchase a pearl ring.

As we all know, pearls are porous in nature. So there is possibility that a pearl may possess a blemish. If you happen to notice it, you may kindly ask the jeweler to buff it away.

Since pearl might have cracks on the surface, which would cause problems in the future. Therefore it’s strongly recommended that you observe the pearl carefully while purchasing a pearl ring.

Another thing you should consider is that the pearl on your ring must have uniform luster. It must also appear in different colors when seen in different lights or from different angles.

The processing treatments, such as beeswax, should certainly be asked about. It could affect the pears’ luster iff this is added while they are cleansed.

thickness of the nacre is also very important for one to enquire. A tooth test may help a lot to know whether the pearl is real or not. If the pearl on rubbing against the tooth is rough, then it's a natural or cultured pearl. However if it's smooth, then it should be an imitation pearl for it is a type of manufactured bead.

Performing X-ray test is a professional yet effective way to test a pearl. By doing it, you could clearly differentiate a natural pearl from a cultured one. The X-ray results would show that the cultured pearl would have a bead or an artificial irritant in the center.

Pearl rings are all the rage with great elegance and class. There are so many reasons to get a pearl ring and you will be sure to find the one for you with all the tips provided for you.

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