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Charming Pearl jewelry

The Beauty of Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry not only represents beauty and elegance, but it also stands for a romantic sophistication which could be suitable for all kinds of occasions. Pearl jewelry could be worn with formal eveningwear, with casual clothes such as jeans and sweaters or even with a business suit.

People who have been born in June are more likely to prefer pearl jewelry. Thus brides and young women who was born in this month would like to own this kind of jewelry which are of great elegance. Pearl jewelry can also be given as wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduation and anniversary, or just a sweet present to cherish your loved one.

Different from before when pearl jewelry was considered to be extravagant and rare, modern cultured pearls are now a kind of luxury which are much affordable for common people. When choosing pearl jewelry, there are six factors which should be considered to make sure of the value and quality of a pearl. These factors are its luster, shape, nacre thickness, size, surface texture and color.

Generally speaking, pearls gain a unique beauty from the appearance of light reflected through the fine crystalline nacre layers. The highest reflection and deepest luster is from the nacre, which is nearly transparent. A pearl of high quality would have an even and brilliant reflection that has a fine warm glow while pearls which are of lower quality have a duller sheen.

As for pearls, their dominant color basically comes from the surface's main reflection. Light-colored pearls come in shades of golden, cream and white. The most valuable light-colored pearls are generally the ones that are white with silver or pink undertones, while the best dark-colored pearls would be the ones that are black with blue or green overtones.

The Design of Pearl Jewelry

The size and quantity of pearls were, traditionally, a symbol of wealth and power. Compared with sea-water pearls, cultured ones sell well, and are much more affordable. However, today simple yet geometrically interesting designs are what most buyers look for.

Pearls match greatly with jewelry. By offering the option of sets, it’s much more easier to sell more. Pearls go pretty well with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, even finger rings are a good choice. The design should be original and well made and in high quality in order to compete with cheap sellers. By using silver spacers and findings, and always knot a pearl necklace, you can greatly enhance the designs of your pearl jewelry.

Pearl Sale

If you want to make qualified and impressive jewelry that everyone appreciates, then go for pearls. Nowadays in our society pearls are expected to be expensive and in short supply because people know that they are natural. However, since the 1950s, natural pearls have been cultivated, which makes them much cheaper to purchase. This means more profit if manufacturers include them in jewelry. Therefore, if you want to earn money from pearl jewelry, you can simply go for pearls.

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