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Black Pearl Necklaces For You

A black pearl comes from the South pacific islands and are often called South Sea Pearls or Tahitian Pearls. To be specific, these pearls come from Tahiti-Polynesian islands.They are the only pearls that are truly black. Indeed, they are not only rare, exotic and breathtakingly beautiful, but also are an integral part of the Polynesian economy and lifestyle. The islands are the leading exporters of fine black cultured pearls in the world.

Black pearls are pearl concretions concealed inside the black-lipped Pinctada Margaritifera pearl oysters. These pearls come in many shapes, diameters, qualities and several natural shades ranging from pale gray to jet-black. Black pearls for making necklaces are chosen strictly, which must not reveal the nucleus or the seed of the nucleus; while those do not meet the criteria are rejected without fail.

Black pearls are grown in large black-lipped oysters in the salt waters of Tahiti, with the natural black color ones particularly famous and most desired. Along with the black color, there are universal colors such as black, gray, blue and peacock green. Perfectly round Tahitian pearls with a nearly flawless surface and remarkable luster are considered the highest quality and best for making necklaces. Black pearl necklaces are made in various shapes and sizes.

The black-lip mother pearl specially found in the waters of French Polyne secretes a black pigment. This pigment ejaculated by the mollusk gives a rich color to the pearl ranging from deep black to gray to light silver. Shades of green, blue and pink can also be found. The saltwater oysters are big, sometimes almost the size of a dinner plate, and produce luxurious pearls ranging from 8 to 18 mm in size. Prices range from $100 for a small pearl of average quality up to $10,000 for a round pearl of perfect quality with a diameter of 18mm. However, black pearls are very rare compared to ordinary white pearls. If one is looking to buy these exquisite pearl necklaces, the online market offers a wonderful array of black pearl lengths. However one must shop carefully and purchase pearls only from trusted sellers.

In order to help you to look for a desirable black pearl necklace, there are some things for you to keep in mind.

Pearl Necklace

Black pearls have different sizes and qualities, which greatly influence your budget. Generally speaking, the larger and more pearls you get for the necklace, the more you spend on it. Furthermore, the shape and thickness of the neck is important for you to choose the right size. So if one's neck is on the thin size, then the big pearls will just emphasise the thinness of the neck. on the contrary, it will make a thicker neck look tiny and out of place with too small a set of pearls.

Checking that the pearls are uniform in color, luster and size are also very vital when you are inspecting the necklace. Uneven pearls should not be included and they should be all in the same shape, either round or perhaps slightly oval.

While you are choosing the black pearl necklace, the luster should be taken into account. It should be very good. If situation permitted, you should get a certificate to state the pearls are genuine.

Further information will be doing some due diligence and some window shopping before you make a decision for your ideal black pearl necklace. What you should avoid is not to buy the first black pearl necklace that is shown to you.

Keeping in mind the above points and we are sure they will help you to get a black pearl necklace which is long lasting and suites you.

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