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July 30, 2011

Turquoise Necklace - A Perfect Choice as Jewelry

Turquoise is also called 'Pieces of sky' by some Native American tribes. It is not hard to understand why turquoise was referred to as such. Due to the color of turquoise is just as the heavens, which is a kind of peaceful or stormy blue, so turquoise seems to express different moods with its different shades of blue and green to some degree.

It is a provocative and attractive idea to wear a turquoise necklace. With the bright, cheery color popular in the spring and summer time, as well as a variety of styles and shades, turquoise are even fit for the most choosy person. Unlike jewelry you buy in stores, your turquoise necklace will be unique which reflect your personal style.

Persian or Iranian turquoise necklaces are the most expensive ones. This is because the type of turquoise is considered to be of the highest quality. Mexican, Chinese, Egyptian and American sources of turquoise is less expensive. In Native American and Southern jewelry collections, turquoise necklaces are popular items and they have already found their way into mainstream culture. The necklaces are perfect for casual wear, and can also be worn combined with other jewels for more formal occasions. some celebrities, such as Socialite Nicky Hilton, have been photographed wearing turquoise necklaces.

When choosing turquoise necklaces, you should be aware of what you are buying. There are just a few turquoise necklaces whose beads are completely natural on account that turquoise has to be stabilized in order to use it in jewelry. Stabilized turquoise beads, indeed, work great for their less-expensive price than all-natural turquoise beads, whose color has not been changed. Turquoise necklaces formed by solid blue turquoise beads will best fit your budget if you want an inexpensive necklace.

As for the design of turquoise necklaces, some jewelry designers may set them in platinum, silver, or gold. These designers will sometimes use other gemstones in conjunction with turquoise for a complementary, enhancing effect. Chokers or neckbands decorated with turquoise are also popular as fashion accessories.

If you do have a turquoise necklace, one important thing you should remember is to clean it only when absolutely necessary. It is easy that your turquoise beads will be damaged by chemicals and liquids although you probably will take little notice of it firstly. A turquoise necklace will increase in value over time, but not if it is significantly affected by cleaning. It is best to avoid cleaning your turquoise jewelry completely.

polymer clay jewelry

To improve your confidence and your mood, wearing a necklace of turquoise will be the perfect choice. It is said that turquoise necklaces are able to strengthen relationships with close friends and also loved ones. In addition, known as the birthstone of December, turquoise can be opaque or translucent, whcih could also conveys an iridescent, whimsical effect.

Turquoise is a healing stone for both the body and the mind and believed by people of different cultures to have healing, protective, and restorative powers. Some folklores also tell us that turquoise would fade or change color when the wearer was in danger or if a lover had been unfaithful.

A turquoise necklace and other pieces of turquoise jewelry are believed to have a beneficial effect on human. In addition, they are not only fashionable and beautiful dress accessories, they have also been playing a major role in the shaping of various cultures. Therefore, it is a great decision if you choose turquoise necklaces as jewelry.

Coral Jewelry

Coral jewelry is becoming in vogue these days as more and more people begin to love coral pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry indeed includes coral necklaces,coral bracelets,coral earrings,coral rings and so on.

Coral is the skeletal remains of a marine animal, the polyp corallicum, and is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. The noble red, Corallicum rubrum is the most valuable type of coral. Owing to that corals are calcified skeletons of sea creatures, they grow in formations resembling the branches of a tree. Most coral used for jewelry comes from the Mediterranean Sea or from the Pacific Ocean near Japan and Taiwan. Precious gem corals are formed in the deep sea. They take a perfect polish. Naturally, corals have a tree-like appearance, allowing the maximum number of polyps to be fed by nutrients in the water surrounding the colony.

coral jewelry

As for the color of coral, it ranges from white to red. Coral in the form of coral stone and gold jewelry is among the most ancient of gem materials, which has been made in many parts of the world and used for adornment since prehistoric times. Even today beautiful coral jewelry is made and worn in many parts of the world. This kind of jewelry can be dated back from the Iron Age, hence it has a history of religious significance.

As for the location, coral can be found along the shores of the western Mediterranean, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Bay of Biscay, Canary Islands and Malaysian Archipelago, at a depth of between three and three hundred meters.

The center of coral jewelry making is Italy and Torre del Greco, which is in close proximity to Naples, is the place the finest coral jewelry in Italy. In the case of bigger pieces, they are generally shaped into striking umbrella handles or walking sticks. On the other hand, the smaller pieces are shaped into oval, round or egg shaped beads that are used in rosaries, necklaces and bracelets. Coral is perfect for carved cameos and is also made into gorgeous earrings, pillboxes, brooches, inlaid jewelry boxes, pendants, belt buckles, rings, tie bars and cuff links as well. Countries like China and India are likely the main countries that import a large amount of coral, where it is utilized in religious ceremonies. In the United States of America, the inhabitant Navajo and the Zuni silversmiths happen to design coral jewelry on a very large scale. The Zunis blend it with black jet, despite the fact that it wonderfully contrasts with turquoise as well. Furthermore, the San Domingo Indians shape coral into wampum-style beads as well.

Due of delication of corals, they should be taken proper care of. In order to clean coral jewelry, owners should wipe it gently with a moist soft cloth because coral is much softer than other gem materials with a hardness of only 3.5. In addition, it should be stored carefully to avoid scratches. Its porousness require great care to make sure that the coral jewelry does not come in contact with any chemicals.

coral jewelry

Coral jewelry is a gorgeous gemstone jewelry that contain beauty and fashion. Its uniqueness lies in that it is the reasures from the sea. So please go and have your sole coral jewelry now.

The Enchanting Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is loved by a great quantity of people due to its charming shades of blue and green. Its eternal appeal attracts people and convinces them that it obtains hue from the sky, which gained the name the 'sky stone'. In fact, the blue turquoises get the color from copper content, while the green shades show the presence of aluminum. As for the yellow green turquoise, it is an amalgamation of zinc in the period of formation.

Basically created in rocks which are rich in minerals, turquoise is water-based and has some dark marks on it, which are the remains of the original rock. Some turquoise also has fine web like lines that are remains of its formation, known as spider-webbed turquoise.

turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is much easier to shape and made into beautiful and stylish jewelry since it is softer than other gems such as diamond or sapphire. Different forms and styles of turquoise jewelry is accessible online or in the jewelry shops. The most enchanting and alluring designs in the turquoise jewelry field will be that made by Native Americans.

A wide assortment of necklaces, earrings and bracelets with turquoise are provided in the market which for you to select from. If purchasing online turquoise jewelry can be obtained in a reasonable price.

As Natural turquoise is exceptionally costly, some of the jewelry is now made to undergo treatment, making it accessible as jewelry and for other ornamentations for everyone. Finding out about the sort of treatment is encouraged before you obtain any type of turquoise jewelry. As well, you need to know the genuineness and originality of the stone before hand.

Turquoise has been mined and traded for centuries all over the world. One of the most important things to remember is that turquoise jewelry has unique properties that require special cleaning techniques. Therefore, it’s important to clean it in a right way to keep its beauty.

turquoise jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is usually used in silver settings. Moreover, you can find turquoise sets in almost any metal, such as gold, silver, and platinum. When cleaning your jewelry, a proper cleaner is needed for the metal but without getting any of the cleaner on the stone. It is easy to achieve this by using a silver polishing cloth when cleaning silver turquoise jewelry. You should clean the silver with the cloth and be careful to avoid touching the turquoise stone with the cloth.
As for gold settings, polishing cloths are preferred to using liquid cleaners. But one thing you should bear in mind is to be careful to apply the cleaning agent with a cloth without touching the turquoise stone. Then you will clean the metal of the turquoise thoroughly and wipe off any debris left from the cleaning solution.
After cleaning the metal, it's time to clean the stone.If you have a natural silver or gold cleaning cloth that contains no cleaning agents, you can use that to gently clean the turquoise. Otherwise, a soft, dry cloth can also take effect. As soon as you've finished carefully cleaning, make sure it's dry before you put it away. To store it in an air-tight bag in case of the tarnishing oxidation is very important. In this way, I am sure your turquoise jewelry is being taken good care of properly.

July 29, 2011

The Beauty of Artisan Jewelry

In the jewelry world, artisan jewelry is one of the best kept secrets. However, because of their lack of publicization as the mainstay branded jewelry, today's artisan jewelry is not so well known from other jewelry that gets more attention thanks to the media.

Speaking of Artisan Jewelry , we should first explain what an artisan is. An artisan is someone who is a professional dealing with the process of making a set of jewelry from a block of silver metal. The specialist is well proficient in all things that should be done right from melting the silver to the right temperature and cooling it down for just the right time. Then, he is able to turn the malleable silver from a mundane block of silver or any other precious metal to a jewelry set that captures the hearts of those who view it, with the help of his highly trained skills and experience.

In order to create a truly unique product that is unique both in its look and feel, artisans uses a variety of materials. They make their handmade items in a different way from today's modern manufacturer. Since they design from materials that range from cabochons to gold to wire, the stuff they make is usually one of a kind or at least very exclusive. What’s more, if you browse the web, you'll find many artisans are experimenting with new design ideas and materials from paper to plastic resin. New ideas that become fabulous designs are added to online galleries every day, and designers continue to push the limits to new horizons.So if you buy one of their creations you can be rest assured that you are one of the few who have a similar design.

So how Does this Process Work? Actually there are several necessary steps. Firstly, you can tell the artisan your choices, how you would like your necklace or earring to look like and which precious metal and stones to use. It enables you to choose from a variety of looks and decide what is best for yourself.

Secondly, according to your liking, the artisan will then works to customize the piece of jewelry. At the end of this process, you will gain a superb jewelry set which you yourself have played a part in designing. This is where the beauty of artisan jewelry lies. Since they are all of similar variety except for minor differences in design, you don't get in a great deal trouble when you decide to purchase such jewelry. However, you can still have the chance to buy a really new concept of jewelry designed to your specifications and likes, depending on the creativity of the artisan. Therefore, artisan jewelry is indeed an eternal beauty and will never go out of fashion soon for its enthusiastic customers and the passionate artisans who cater to them.

Some people may prefer custom artisan jewelry, which includes bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and necklaces. Furthermore, popular items, such as barrettes, belt buckles, pins, cuff links are also included. Shopping for your own special handmade accessories is easier than ever nowadays. If you do an online search for handmade jewelery and custom made jewelry, you can easily gain needed information.

Artisans can offer truly unique kind of handcrafted fashion artisan jewelry for customers. Hence it is a great choice for you to gain artisan jewelry from them now.

The Making of Polymer Clay Beads

Sometimes when sitting around watching the television, we will expect that we have something else to do. On the occasion, you can use your hands to make jewelry with polymer clay beads, which is one way to fill some time and to fill it with something fun. Polymer clay beads are easy to use and you don't need any fancy expensive equipment to get started. You can make all sorts of objects with the clay, even some items that you can make while watching your favorite show.

With polymer clay beads, you can string them to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets and other works of art. Once you really get into this art, you will want to pay full attention on intricate work because it is an interesting process

Along with the tips on how to make polymer clay beads, you will enjoy the whole process and are able to learn to do this on your own. Since polymer clay is available in different colors, you can choose those which can match the colors of what you will wear. Since beads are easy to handle and make aside from the fact that they are small, they would fit as anybody's introduction to the world of craftsmanship when creating your own jewelry.

When dealing with polymer clay, you don't need fancy expensive equipment, such as an art clay kiln. What you need is just an oven and a timer. Once you get into making lots of beads, you can get a dedicated smaller oven that won't use as much energy as your large one but that can be down the road.

You can make your beads in those two ways, that is, by hands or by rolling machines. As for the beginners, they would usually choose to do them by hands first, eventually turn to the rolling machine, and later on to make the production of the beads fast.

There are different kinds of colors of polymer clay beads for you to choose. You can either mix them or have them plain. In order to give them unique textures, the beads should go from one process to another. Texturing will naturally change the surface of the beads. You can also alter them in even intentional texturing steps or even poke them with needles. In addition, metallic effects can be added to them. There are even those who would dye or paint the artwork first.

After all these steps, the last processes of baking and varnishing are needed to keep them fully intact and shining. It will last for a long time. If you decide to make more creations, you may use the bead roller to easily create consistent beads. You can just slide the base and top of the bead roller back and forth to make uniform beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. Create modified hexagon, round, tube, oval, bicone and tri-oval beads need a bead roller, which is so safe and simple, and provide a lot of fun for children.

If you are a person who like the making of polymer clay beads, just go for it without hesitation.

Beautiful Polymer Clay Jewelry

It is possible you already own polymer clay jewelry without even knowing what polymer clay is. In fact, it is a very light and versatile substance and can be made to look like a variety of other materials by using different techniques.
Polymer clay, to some extent, is not really clay. The composition is based on polyvinyl chloride and liquid plasticizer, however, because of the similar texture and working properties to the texture and working properties of mineral clays, they gain the name clay.

polymer clay jewelry

Polymer clay is maybe the most recent well-liked trend in jewelery making. It is a type of clay that is not the same as modeling and pottery clay. Mixing with PVC plastic and a kind of plasticizer chemica, the clay is kept moldable and soft till it is baked to its final shape. Later they can be sanded and buffed to improve color and add shine. Frequently polymer clay is utilized with metal to create jewelery and there are many systems in adding more colors to metal.

Polymer’s color and flicker accent comes from Micas, known as colored pigments. In making jewelery, Kaolin clay makes the polymer opaque and polymer clay a very diverse and easy to work with. As for polymer, it doesn't require a high quantity of temperature when baking and you can even use your own stove for baking the clay. When making your own polymer clay jewelry, you do not need many tools to improve the creativity of your jewelery. There is a pasta roller machine, which is used by most designers, to flatten the clay and acclimatize. It can be easily rolled and formed into whatever look you desire.

There are different types of polymer clay to be selected from. Most preferred polymer clay will be FIMO and Sculpy that are available in major craft stores. Different colors are also available from fluorescent and day glow hues and shades of metallic like silver and gold. Metallic colors of polymer clay can be simply formed and used as replacement for metal itself.

polymer clay jewelry

If you want to buy polymer clay jewelry, you may choose find supplies is online What you should do is to be cautious when making an attempt to find reputable dealers. Thousands of sites offered jewelery material for sale are online there for you. Thus finding how to source the best wholesale jewelery supplies isn't that tough. If you look for your jewelry on some reliable websites, you can have have a feedback rating of the providers, making it easier to find out those possessing a good history with no problems.

Polymer clay jewelry is ideal for you if you want to come up with attractive and colorful jewelery with less cost. No matter you purchase ready-made or create one yourself, it will contribute a great effect on your jewelery. When you are going to purchase one, you should first practice more and understanding the uses of this type of clay. Later it will come to the step of exploring the varieties and brands. Your talent will shine with polymer clay, for what jewelry you can make are only depend on your imagination and the applying materials.

Polymer clay jewelry is easily affordable and can be suitable for many different looks from elegant to punk to ethnic. Furthermore, it is convenient to make it. Therefore, it is one of the perfect choice of jewelry for ladies.

July 28, 2011

Semi-Precious Stones

In the gems world, one of the most familiar distinctions is that between precious and semi precious gems.

The idea that some gemstones are precious and others are only semi-precious is familiar to most buyers of colored stones. The precious stones, which include sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond, command a premium price in the market due to their color, hardness and rarity.

As a matter of fact, there are many misconceptions associated with this distinction. One of them is that the distinction has a long-standing tradition, going back many centuries. Indeed, it is a fairly recent innovation, dating only to the 19th century.

Another misconception is that people think the specific list of four precious gems has a long history. In fact the there are many precious gemstones in its traditional list, also includes some surprising members. Pearl, not strictly speaking as a gemstone, was considered to be precious; so was opal. The most traditional precious stone, which has a history going back to ancient Greece, is amethyst. It was once reclassified as semi-precious after large deposits were found in Brazil and Uruguay in the first half of the 19th century. Indeed it was because of the the new amethyst discoveries of Amethyst that the term semi-precious be introduced into the English lexicon.

There are ten common types of semi-precious stones.

Agate is considered as a happy stone, which is a blend of tangerine, red, and off white. It is believed that this stones bring stability in life and prosperity and are often used in making mantel clocks and figurines.

Amber is a honey-brown colored gemstone that denotes eternal joy and luck, which is usually turned to beads to become necklaces and bracelets.

Aquamarine, which means sea water literally, the color of which is usually deep blue. This is the gemstone used for the celebration of the 19th year of marriage, further symbolizing loyalty and honesty.

Charoite is a symbol of courage and is used to promote a good sleep by several cultures. The color of this stone is usually deep purple and they are often used to decorate jewelry boxes.

As for coral, this stone is used by many people to improve blood circulation and digestive function, so that it is also called as the stone of the youth and hope. There are different colors of corals, from deep red to pale rose. Generally it is often turned into small beads.

Emerald is regarded as the birthstone of people born under the Taurus zodiac. These are usually green or dark blue. It is a symbol of everlasting love, and they are ideally given during the twentieth wedding anniversary.

Garnet are used to maintain physical and mental balance by a lot of people. This gemstone has also healing powers, especially in relieving pituitary disorders. It is wine red in color and is often made into pendants.

Jasper is the stone of joy, which is brownish red in color. It is often used in making the base of mantel clocks, jewelry boxes, and lampshades.

In terms of moonstone, it can be colorless or in a pale shade of grey, pink, and white. The stone brings emotional balance and protection for very young babies. Moonstones are often turned into earrings, pendants, and key chains.

Last but not least, topaz, the birthstone of people born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, brings strength and spiritual healing. Topaz is often used as a pendant.

After knowing what semi-precious stones is and different types of it, do you get interested in it?

Offbeat Beauty - Stone Jewelry

Stone jewelry, as a kind of precious possession, is designed and crafted to last a lifetime. It is an integral part of the Indian tradition, whose components constitute precious and semi-precious stones embedded in the traditional gold, silver, diamond and even platinum. When stones, more commonly known as a gemstone, gem or a jewel, are added to jewelry, it is likely that stones jewelry is preferred more and more over simple gold or any other metal jewelry. As stone jewelry is piece of mineral that is mined, cut into desirable intricate pieces, polished, then they come in use for making precious jewelry. As for the two kinds of stones, precious stones have a more intricate composition and are expensive. For example white diamond is the most precious stone, very popular and loved by women. On the other hand, semi-precious stones are less intricate, easily available and less expensive.

In the recent past, there has been a significant increase in the global awareness of the economic potential of jewelry and gemstones. This has speeded up the productive rate in this sector and intensified the demand for the gemstones producing countries.

stone jewelry

Stone jewelry, entangled with the precious or semi-precious stones, are always superior than the simple one for many reasons. One of the reasons will be that new technologies and mixed media methods are used by many young artists as jewelry making becomes easier than before. However, the ever rising price of the basic material --gold, is used for making so much conventional jewelry, which is another key reason for incorporating stones with metal. Moreover, one of the facts is that most of the people do not like the yellow color of gold. Therefore, they prefer platinum or silver on account of their white shiny color. If stones like diamonds are incorporated with gold with its gold color hidden, then a unique piece of jewelry is created.

There is an unlimited choice of stones that can be entangled with them, even though there is only 1 or 2 precious metals that can be used for jewelry making. Adding stones with metal makes the design options endless, as well as materials, such as gemstones and crystals. These materials can perfectly be incorporated with rings, necklaces, beaded jewelry. With these few reasons, it is clear to see why stones are all the rage this season.

In addition to the beauty and legacy associated with stone jewelry, the gems are of great curative value too. The ancient scientific scriptures stand tall in finding relationship between color, planets, and gemstones. The color stratification, ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), goes on to explain the presence of cosmic rays in various wavelengths (colors), giving rise to unique affects on the health of our mind and body.

If you want to purchase perfect stone jewelry, you are supposed to go to India. India is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry. This country takes pride in being the diamond polishing capital of the world. It has evolved in being a major force in the global Gems and Jewelry business.

Knowledge of Fine Gemstone Jewelry

To own fine gemstone jewelry could be an interesting process and an investment. Although a lot of people may have a piece of jewelry with diamonds in it and it goes with anything, however, fine gemstones is jewelry which can convey a person’s elegance and classical taste.

When finding jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones, you can always get some of pieces that correlate to your birth month. In accasion that you happen to be find no interest in your assigned birthstone, you may have to think about the type of gems you wear. For example, amethyst is the birthstone of February, however, it’s possible that you are not fond of the color purple, or it just doesn't match your personality. To solve this problem, there is green amethyst, which is sometimes referred to a prasiolite for you. In addition, garnets and sapphires are available in a variety of colors, which enable you to wear your birthstone proudly in your favorite color.

Fine gemstone jewelry can be made with investment grade gems. As a matter of fact, some gemstones are relatively rare and sometimes they are difficult to find. Some of their names are unfamiliar to people, since they never reach the general market for their limited quantities. In order to discover which gems are the most rare, sought after and where they can be acquired, some investigation will be necessary. Besides sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, you can select from a far more great number of fine gemstones.

People definitely notice fine gemstone jewelry, so you will want your pieces to reflect your individual taste. Classical pieces are always wise choices if you don't have a lot of money to spend on jewelry. Versatile jewels, such as diamonds and pearls, could be able to match one’s daily wear. Fashion jewelry that reflects the current trends will look out of style in a relatively short period of time, which may make you become tired of it. It is best to spend more money on fewer pieces of fine gemstone jewelry, as it will always be in fashion. Gemstones in every color imaginable will beautifully accessorize your clothing, and you might even begin your own collection of fine gems.

In order to set the gemstone jewelry in gold, silver or platinum for stylish designs, there are several techniques that can be used for making. Polishing, the matte and satin finishing, hammering and brushing are the main techniques that are recently used. It is remarkable that the end product is really ethnic and highly-reflective after the beautiful gems pass through the complete jewelry manufacturing procedure.

The delicate matte or satin technique, allowing craftsmen to decrease the shine of metal, is used in the jewelry to accentuate the gemstones. Today, the mainly used technique in the modern gemstones jewelry industry is extensive brushing, which provides well-textured looks to the jewelry, so as to obtain the eye-catching glamor towards it. The hammering procedure is also used in the jewelry industry in order to give a wavy texture to the jewelry. So you can have everything you want with the help of gemstones.

Go and pick your gemstone jewelry. I am sure you will benefit a lot from this article and know what to consider when purchasing.

July 27, 2011

Newly Fashionalbe Wood Beads

Wood beads are beads that made of wood and given various shapes. This kind of beads have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. Some of the jewelry beads are available in polished form and yet few are unpolished.

wood beads

With the growing awareness about environmental protection, wood beads have become more and more popular with jewelry makers, which is also a new trend of jewelry beads in recent years.

As for people who are allergic to synthetic materials, they can add natural wood products to their Jewelry supply list. When making jewelry with wood beads, it can make the finished product look more natural and earthy.

wood beads

Purchasing and leaving wooden beads which are in their natural state can easily fit in with the previous decor, no matter it is clothes, home or office. There are different shapes, sizes and designs of wood beads, and they can be colorfully dyed. This kind of beads can be made into interesting necklaces, bracelets or anklets. According to your personal preference, you can choose wood beads in various styles and sizes. In addition, you can dye your wooden beads a muted or bright color to add vibrancy if you like. Alternatively, you can pick small beads to make more delicate-looking jewelry pieces or you can use large beads to make chunky jewelry.

Wood beads serve not only as ornament for clothes and body, they can also be decorated for home setting, such as door curtain. With their various colors, shapes and sizes, your home setting can be made more attractive. By stringing wood beads, the door curtain can be beaded in your own style, either on a long fishing line or other durable jewelry thread. As you will have to string a number of long lines of beads to complete this ornament, you need to purchase plenty of beads with different style and colors. Coloring the wood beads also make them colorful and suitable for all sorts of decorating projects, and you should also give some protection from scuffing or scratching. To buy them from beads wholesale online store will be the best choice for you, as there are much more kinds of beads there for you. But make sure that you reach a reputable wholesale store.

Select the proper wood beads for jewelry making can be vitally important as the plain wood beads limit your wardrobe and decorating choices and there are tons of different wood beads for tons of different types of designs.

Bare wood beads has their artistic limitations, but the beauty of these beads is that they are even more customizable than a standard jewelry. Making your own wood beads is not difficult and can be very rewarding. This can save you a lot of money compared with paying for commercially manufactured beads.

Other materials are used to designed with wood beads, such as gemstone beads, Swarovski Crystal beads, glass beads, acrylic beads, etc. Those collocations provide people with different styles, which promote personality and status.

If you really love being fashionable, wood beads will be the best choice for you and you will be stepping into the fad of today.

Making Wood Jewelry

When you are going to make wood jewelry, indeed it is stylish, unique and very inexpensive if the specific tools and materials are available for you. What comes first is the type of wood to use and the place to find it. Theoretically you can make wood jewelry out of any type of wood, however, it would be best to choose wood that is visually interesting in color, shape and grain of the wood. Among different kinds of woods, exotic wood makes the best choice for making special wood jewelry because the contrasts in appearance, grain and texture vary dramatically from one another.

As for the types of exotic woods, the most common used for jewelry making are ebony, koa, purpleheart, zebrawood, zircote, wenge, pau amarello, reheart, rosewood, tulipwood and lacewood. These exotic woods have dramatic colors and grain patterns, which make a great choices for cosmetic value as well as for wood working. Some denser woods, such as ebony, are more difficult for wood working. This is because they are harder to cut, sand and finish compared to less dense woods. As many common woods are used for everyday applications, nevertheless, some exotic woods are known to cause allergic responses to some people. Therefore, it is vital to know about each type of wood you use before beginning any cutting or sanding.

wood jewelry

Burl is refered to as a naturally formed knot in the wood grain. They have a unique and noticeable grain variation which cannot be found in other parts of the tree. As a result of their slow growth and unique appearance, burls are very expensive in price. Thanks to this, they are a kind of fantastic material for wood jewelry making.

When you buy exotic wood pieces, you’d better find a supplier of exotic woods. If you just go to a local hardware store, you will not find these woods. You may need to find a wood working tool store and ask them about where to buy locally exotic woods for making jewelry.

When making wood jewelry, the tools that you use will depend on your budget, skill and workshop space. Basically you can make your own wood jewelry with the help of flat surface like a table, a hand held pull-cut saw and a series of sandpapers, which you can use by hand to step finish the wood to a bright shine.

wood jewelry

With mechanical saw and sanders, cutting and shaping can also be used to make the wood jewelry quickly. But you should be aware to protect yourself when working with small items around machinery. The process of making wood jewelry is a function of patience since rushing the step sanding can cause imperfections in the final product.

Wooden jewelry is available in varied designs with different look and appearance. No matter what kind of forms they are, you need to care and store these properly so that the wooden jewelry can last for a longer period of time. It is suggested that you should keep your wooden jewelry free from dust because it can lead to the dullness of the jewelry or even lead to a worn out look.

Although there are some difficulty for many people to make wood jewelry themselves, wood jewelry is much less expensive than other forms of jewelry. so you can buy what you cant build yourself.

Rosary Bracelets

In our religious lives, rosary beads have long been an essential part. Generally speaking, people use a circular string of rosary beads as necklaces. However, there is a new way for people to wear them, that is rosary bracelets.

A rosary bracelet is a bracelet with eleven beads that includes ten Hail Mary and one Our Father, which are used to count off the prayers of the rosary, as well as a crucifix and a Miraculous Medal. If someone wears a rosary bracelet, he can not only keep his daily prayers, but he is also able to express personal faith to the world.

As for a rosary bracelet, one of the most important parts of your rosary bracelet is the Miraculous Medal. It is a stunning medal with the depiction of the Blessed Virgin, and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Not only is a rosary bracelet an object of faith, but it is also a piece of cool fashion jewelry. We describe it “cool” because this style of rosary bracelets can be customized according to your favorite style. You can have your crucifix and Miraculous Medal in silver or gold. You can decide whether your rosary beads to be made of amethyst, jade, turquoise, jasper, pearl, or any other precious gems, as long as you can remind of. What’s more, you can even choose the shape of your beads. With so many options available for you, it is easy to find a rosary bracelet which is all your own.

In terms of Rosary bracelets, they are common used among the Catholics as children's Rosary bracelets, which are gifted on their first communion or baptism ceremony. Some children's rosary bracelets depict religious sentiment, which must be purchased for the baptism ceremony.
As for children, they can wear bracelets with important sayings from the bible or much more, which often worn to protect themselves from the evil spirits in the nature. There are gold bracelets with religious scripts engraved on the necklace. Some of the most amazing designs and patterns of children's bracelets are available in the catalogues at the wholesale retailer outlet.

If you are really interested to it, what you should keep in mind is to view them online before shopping around at local jewelry or religious stores, so that you can get a better idea of the different styles and prices in a rosary bracelet. Sometimes, retail jewelers and religious outlets will just carry a small selection of rosary bracelets. Therefore, you are most apt to find a greater selection online. You can simply type "rosary bracelet" into an Internet search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. Then you will find several reliable websites that have rosary bracelets at sale.

Many variables, such as the type and size of gemstone or precious metal used, will have an effect on the cost of a rosary bracelet. Averagely a rosary bracelet should cost about $60 to $200, but sometimes it can get far more expensive than this price.

a rosary bracelet enable you to keep your daily prayers, by which we cleanse our souls and count those prayers. They are faithful reveal, furthermore, they are fashionable. If you do feel good with a rosary bracelet, you may take action now and you can be faithful as well as faddish.

July 26, 2011

The Rosary Necklaces

Over the past few years, rosary bead necklaces have been showing up on the necks of celebrities and it has started a fashion trend. Before we step further towards this kind of necklaces, we will first explain what rosary is.

Rosary are beads that used for counting the series of prayers that make up the praying of the rosary. The prayers are combination of the Lords' Prayer, followed by 10 Hail Marys, and one Glory be to the Father. Each of these series of prayers are called a decade and the praying of each decade is combined with mediation on one of the mysteries of the rosary that recall the life of Jesus Christ.

Christians have been wearing rosary necklaces for more than 500 years as protection from the devil and for comfort in times of stress or peril. They wear them while praying. Each rosary bead on a necklace has its own significance, which is also held in the fingers while a specific prayer is being said. Nowadays the rosary is still an important part of Catholicism. However, this type of necklace has became fashionable as jewelry items about 10 years ago.

rosary jewelry

For Christians, rosary necklaces are considered to be suitable fashion accessories because the religious connotation is still adhered to, especially amongst Catholics. A rosary necklace can well complement gold plated bracelets or gold plated rings which carry a gold crucifix.

While the traditional purpose for a rosary necklace was for religious reasons only, today it is considered acceptable for religious and fashion reasons. For the devout Catholic, a rosary necklace provides the opportunity to say prayers anywhere and anytime. Many people wear them as a reminder to pray. Even very shiny or colorful ones are acceptable. Looking back on Roman Catholic history you will see that jewels and shiny stones have always been used to adorn clothing and religious objects.

In the history of rosary necklaces, they are firstly loved by celebrities like David Beckham, Britney Spears and Madonna, and later these kind of jewelry pieces sparked. After that the fashion interest gradually waned. However, now rosary necklaces have been making a huge comeback and many famous people or hip hop artists are spotted wearing them in music videos and even at red carpet functions.

Made with wood or plastic the rosary necklaces have religious pendants hanging from them. The pendant could be Jesus, the Virgin Mary, a crucifix or any other Roman Catholic symbol. When worn for fashion purposes, this style of jewelry carries a certain amount of controversy, as the Roman Catholic Church once showed dismay to people who are non-believers but wear a rosary necklace.

Rosary necklaces have once again become a popular fashion accessory. plenty of bling and the beads can be made of cubic zirconia, pearls or plated in gold or silver as the latest offerings. On the religious front, many Catholics give beautiful rosary necklaces on occasions such as Confirmation or First Holy Communion.

Wearing rosary necklaces is not only as a prayer tool or for comfort, but also as a fashion statement. If you want to be outstanding, they may be a good choice for you.

Special Cross Jewelry

When seeing someone wearing a cross, we will certainly have some thoughts about bells inside our mind. As a matter of fact, what the cross symbolizes to a Christian mostly is the penalty of Jesus Christ. As far as the Christians are concerned, the cross serves as a reminder of God's act of love in sacrificing his beloved son at Calvary, who is known as Jesus Christ. In addition, the cross reminds those adherents of Jesus' victory over sin and death.

Some people may want to know about reasons why Christians wear crosses. Indeed, the message of the cross conveys hope as well an assurance of both God's love and of salvation. At the same time, it could serve the purpose of professing oneself as a Christian. That is to say, the cross for the Christians stands for faith, hope, and love, especially the love of God for mankind. There are two kinds of crosses. Crosses that have the figurine of Jesus on them are generally called crucifixes. In addition, there are also the plain ones without the figurine of Jesus fixed on them. In the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran Churches, crucifixes are mainly used. Rock bands, musicians, young and old alike, all wear and love the simple Crucifix. It can be found in 14K White or Yellow Gold which brings a little bling bling to the onlookers eye.

cross jewelry

One particular kind of cross jewelry, cross pendants, is a way for Christians to show their faith and a kind of a blessed assurance for the religion they believe in for centuries. Nevertheless, cross jewelry today also attracts people in non-religious ways.The cross nowadays has become one certain style of jewelry. In this developing process, Madonna, the famous pop queen, had contributed greatly in making it popular in the world. It’s commonly seen that people wear cross pendants, earrings and rings almost everywhere. What’s more, thery are also some people who have crosses tattooed on their bodies or printed on shirts and bags. For those people, not all of them are wearing the crosses because of their religious faith. They just wear them out of favor and regard them as a fashionable jewelry.

cross jewelry

Cross jewelry can be found in wholesale jewelry, fashion jewelry, or just about any type of diamond or Celtic jewelry. However, the nice thing about this kind of jewelry is that it symbolizes your faith or your style. One does not have to be religious at all to wear these types of jewelry. No matter he wears the cross jewelry to demonstrate his faith or just as part of a fashion, there’s no doubt that these corsses are hung on the neck or dangled on the ears. Therefore, it is indeed a special kind of jewelry.

Cross jewelry has become more and more popular. The beauty of different types of cross jewelry is something that can last forever to show a person’s belief or his particular personality.As the most unique and special piece of religious jewelry, cross jewelry pieces are truly a remarkable jewelry items.

Water Softener Resin Beads

To make hard water soft, water softener resin is used by removing magnesium and calcium ions from the h2o which is piped in to the tank. It's a plastic-like compound that enables one ion to swap with another. All the conventional cation water softener resin beads are engineered to reduce water hardness, however, anion resin that may well clean out tannin, which is produced by rotten vegetation from the consuming water. Fine mesh resin removes former minerals most notably iron received from well water.

Sodium ions in water are removed and mixed with the hydrogen ions in the system while the water passes through the resin. If you have a drinking water supply that contains high amount of chlorine, it will be much harder for any water softener resin in your system. But you can really get the chlorine away by getting a backwash carbon filter with a few cu.ft. of carbon.

If you want to keep the softener resin’s capabilities, it needs to be regenerated or rinsed. You should make sure that it is made clearly to get rid of mineral buildup no matter when you are deciding on a cleaning substance for that use. A resin cleaner that is targeted on a definite element are easily for you to find, for example, the iron. Throughout this routine, resin is being back washed with the salt solution.

A common cation resin can also clean out iron that is often wide-spread in a huge number of private wells across the country. Dissolved iron to as much as 6 mg/ltr could possibly be eliminated through softening. Standard softening in addition eliminates dissolved radium. In case you experience an iron water problem, you will want to look into an iron filtration system made precisely for your type of iron.

At the same time, this water softener component may end up being fouled by manganese and/or iron. The outcome of a fouling is going to be loss of performance of the system, requiring significantly more regeneration employing the same amount of salt, which will cause raised salt usage. To take out the aforementioned minerals out of the resin beads, resin cleaner is generally applied in the equipment to exchange the minerals for salt ions.

There is a vital piece of many models. Each resin found in a Fleck 5600 SXT water softener is effective in case of each of those magnesium and calcium. General Water Services offers water softener resin for short-term or long term installations. Indeed, rainsoft resin beads have been proven to be the top value that will never need change; and the machine service is actually cost-free apart from supplying salt.

Made with a typical particle dimensions of around 0.5 milimeter, ion exchange resins have a particle dimensions distribution anywhere between 16 and 50 U. s. standard mesh. This is a process popular at home for making soft water, including washing liquids and also water filters. Generally, the phrase ion exchange is used to refer to the methods concerning purification, separation, and also decontamination of fluids, as well as other ion-containing solutions.

July 25, 2011

Know More about Resin Jewelry

Many different ways are adopted to design jewelry. From that, one of the most widely used methods is the resin jewelry design, which is a technique for you can decorate jewelry. By using colored resin, an array of jewelry can be decorated without the use of engase stones.
As for resin jewelry, there are some common used materials:

- Completely transparent resin color
- Jewel to treat
- Semi-precious stones (lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc)
- Lijas Metal (water) 280, 400, 1000, 1500, 2500
- Polishing Paste

resin jewelry

The procedure of making resin jewelry will contain some certain steps.
The first step is to get completely finished jewel and then weld the part. By using a hammer, you should carefully select and break the stone, making it to perfect size which suits for personal taste and size of the cavity. Later, you quickly put the pieces of stone as you like, and cover all the spaces left with the remaining resin. Once the resin has dried,your next step is to proceed to sanding and polishing the resin along with the metal.

As for some making tips, oticing the time we have to work once the resin has been mixed with the peroxide is very important. The amount of peroxide and the climate decide the drying time. When you touch it, you may feel it a little sticky, but it is dried indeed.
It is suggested to use the ideal sanding to start, which is 280; and you should keep it until it is 2500. Later polish the sandpaper with polishing paste.

When preparing the resin, it is recommended to use disposable utensils. With the help of the resin, you can easily make different types of jewelry as it does not take much time to dry. This consumes very little time, which enable you to get this work right away.

resin jewelry

If you are interested in resin jewelry making, you are able to encapsulate objects and suspend them in the resin as well as incorporating materials that may not be used in other jewelry making. Many jewelry items embedded within resin jewelry include insects, plants, pictures and fabric. When embedding objects into resin, the most important thing to consider is that the inclusion is completely free from moisture, because the moisture can interfere with the resin curing process.

The following explains how inclusions should be prepared before being embedded into resin.
Flowers and Vegetation
As for flowers, leaves and other garden vegetation, these inclusions must be dried and kept completely away from moisture. If it comes to wooden pieces, they should be sealed with resin, craft or decoupage glue and cured before embedding into resin. When you use pictures or photographs for inclusions, the images should be printed on photo papers and leave 24 hours to thoroughly dry. Small 3D Objects, including games pieces, shells and figurines, can be added to resin with little preparation. They must firstly be washed with detergent and left to dry. As most fabric can be included in resin jewelry, but you should prevent the dye from bleeding into the resin the fabric by sealing with craft or decoupage glue. A range of fabric paper is also available in craft shops.

After knowing more about resin jewelry, are you ready to make your own jewelry items?

Bead Spacers for Cute Jewelry

porcelain jewelry

There are a lot of necessary elements needed when making jewelry. The jewelry supplies--jewelry beads, jewelry findings, jewelry wires and jewelry tools are the necessary elements for making jewelry. And the bead spacers are the essential jewelry supplies for making cute jewelry pieces.

What are bead spacers? In fact, they are used to make the jewelry piece intact.In order to add to their jewelry amount, more and more people wholesale beads as jewelry making needs them to enhance and strengthen a piece of jewelry, just as they can not be ignored materials in beading design--jewelry findings. Any small jewelry beads can be used as bead spacers. Different materials are available, such as metal, crystal, polymer, plastic, Tibetan silver, silver, gold and so on. In addition, there are a lot of beads come in various designs and shapes, depending on style and color that you are going to use. They break the monotony of beads.
If you want to choose bead spacers, how to choose one that is suitable for your being project? The first step for you may be to choose the style of beads you want as well as the size and shape. There are so many kinds to choose from. You can find many jewelry beads wholesale online stores, which offer these beads with unimaginable amount.

As for what kind of bead spacers you need to choose, it is depended on what type of project you design, no matter it is a specific necklace, earring like pearl drop or dangling earrings, or something totally unique. Maybe you want to pick a specific theme. If so, you can just go with a simple bead spacer. The Tibetan silver wings, the chunky fish, or even something more romantic like the silver crafted heart, the silver tone love heart or the silver butterfly, are unique shapes that you can pick from. All of these beads can be found online, where you can also get other jewelry supplies to go with your bead spacers. It is an easy thing to get one-stop shopping here.

As for the bead spaces, they can change the style of jewelry and add the cute to jewelry.
The bead spacers can add another style for your jewelry,no matter what style of jewelry you want to make--elegant, vintage, virtual and sweet. Whatever your age is, there is a cute girl living in every woman's heart. By adding these spacers, you can easily add cute to jewelry.

If you want to buy beads spaces,you can buy them from both your local craft stores and beads wholesale online stores.But online stores will be the best choice for you to get from because you can get the largest selection from online stores since there are so many online stores all over the world. What’s more, the wholesale price on the Internet must be cheaper a lot than the retail price in local stores.

Summer is a fantastic season for jewelry wearers. With its coming, you can make it as sparkling as you can by your cute jewelry.

Vintage Porcelain Jewelry

While some people prefer more modern pieces, vintage porcelain jewelry is also collected by those who enjoy them. Some of them even like to mix styles and eras. Vintage items of porcelain jewelry are obviously harder to come by than common types .

How to get vintage procelain jewelry? Indeed, there are several means of acquiring this kind of jewelry, such as attending antique shows, estate sales, auctions, visiting websites, and occasionally inheriting family heirlooms.

People may found it virtually impossible to replace broken or lost pieces of porcelain, pottery, or flatware without writing or calling collectors in years past. What they can do is to wait until the collectors do their research and get back to them. But as the the Internet develops these days, this problem is easily solved.

porcelain jewelry

Some well-known names in the vintage porcelain jewelry world can offer people with information about their beginnings, when you want to do some research on vintage porcelain jewelry. Here are a few names to look for. They are Minton, Pouyat, Haviland, Nippon, as well as Noritake Although those companies are all very young, however, they are able to make beautiful pieces of the products.

The Pouyat brothers, in France, formed a partnership with the owner of a porcelain company in 1816, which also located in their town of Limoges. The brothers bought the company four years later and continued production until 1865. The Pouyat family then continued to produce porcelain jewelry until at least 1932. Haviland Limoges was established in 1842 when David Haviland moved from New York to Limoges, France, to start production of his own line of porcelain. He chose Limoges because not far away was where kaolin clay was discovered; a pure, very white clay.

Nippon porcelain was made in Japan for export to the United States from 1865 to 1921. As for Noritake, this company actually began in 1876 when the Morimura brothers established their own trading company. Two years later they founded "Morimura Brothers" in New York City. There they traded porcelain jewelry, porcelain and dolls. They established making their own porcelain in the town of Noritake, near Nagoya until 1904.

If you would like to know more about a more modern-day porcelain jewelry, you can go to the more modern-day company--Franz. It was founded by Francis Chen in 2002, who had the ambition to revive the art of Chinese porcelain. The name of the company is adopted by Francis Chen’s college nickname, Franz. Porcelain in this company has a beautiful, artistic flare because they are functional and unique pieces, including vases, cups and saucers, bowls, covered boxes, jewelry and so on.

Cleaning vintage porcelain should be done with the utmost of care. You have to remove the dust and the dirt from it before you wash your porcelain pieces. For un-restored vintage porcelain, you can use a soft brush to remove the dirt and use a mild dishwashing liquid to wash it. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided, and you should also avoid putting porcelain in your dishwasher. What you should remember is that you can never immerse your porcelain in water completely. Instead, you may use a damp cloth to clean porcelain items. If the porcelain piece has no stains, it is best to leave it alone and use a dry cleaning method instead. you have to take extra care to place it on a soft towel or other soft fabric while cleaning it.

Whatever your pieces of vintage porcelain jewelry is, you can easily get it on the Internet or from some renowned companies. If you own one, you can prolong their vitality if you take good care of it.

July 23, 2011

Amber Necklaces Use for Relief for Teeth Pain

Nowadays amber teething necklaces are very popular as they are a source of traditional healing that has been passed on through generations. Amber teething necklaces are outstanding as an unparalleled example of medicine with proven health benefits. This kind of necklaces are kept close to the skin, producing natural analgesic drug that acts as a pain killer and that too without any side effects. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal as a natural homeopathic product for babies, children and adults. They are used extensively in European countries.

Amber is the fossilized resin from prehistoric trees which could be dated as far back as 50 million years ago, making it come with a high natural content. The resin would have been used by the tree itself as a natural antibiotic or preservation from infection or injury in nature. And since human beings wore them, they have served for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief, being used to promote fast healing and to boost the body's own immune system. It has been applied in some scientific studies and its therapeutic properties are proved to be very significant.

 amber necklaces

There are generally two different thoughts on the question why wearing amber on the skin can soothing and calm the pain of teeth. One of the opinion is that that when amber is worn on the skin, infinitestimal amounts of healing oils are released from the skin's warmth and the amber will then absorb it through the skin into the bloodstream. The other theory which is based on scientific findings, showed that amber is electromagnetical and able to produce significant amounts of organic natural energy.

Baltic amber contains a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine, which is anywhere from 3-8% of succinic acid. In the external layer of the stone - the amber cortex, you can fid the highest content of the acid. Indeed, the succinic acid has been proved by the pioneer of modern bacteriology and Nobel-prize winner Robert Koch (1886) that it has a very positive influence on the human body. This kind of succinic acid, discovered by European biochemists in the 1930's and 40's, is an amino acid created naturally in every cell of the body capable of aerobic respiration, participating in the citric acid or Krebs cycle. This is how carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are metabolized into energy.

The negative influences of electrical equipment, such as computers, televisions, mobile phones, can be stopped by amber necklaces you wear. More amazingly, as amber is the chemical properties of the resin, it can act as a natural embalming agent which is anti-microbial. Pine resin, in Ancient Egypt, was actually used as an embalming agent. What’s more, as for doctors in the War, lacking anything else, would just simply slap tree resin on a wound. As a result, the resin worked as a disinfectant and saved their lives.

The amber solution is not new to people who look for natural healing. In many European countries including Switzerland, Germany and Austria, where amber has been respected for its medicinal qualities for centuries, amber products are sold in local pharmacies. If you are looking for medicine that relieve pain of teeth, you can just turn to amber necklaces and let the natural tender care of amber to heal you.

Sterling Silver Amber Earrings

Amber earrings, one of the most unique gemstones, come in many styles, which includes drop, dangle, amber encrusted hoops or clip on earrings, as well as earring styles that incorporate other gemstones because they are easily to be cut into different sizes and shapes, or even polished and assembled to make necklaces and pendants.

amber earrings

Amber Earrings have become very popular in recent years among those different kinds of amber earrings, silver amber earrings are the most popular because they are the cheapest.

As everyone knows that jewelry is the best way to impress them, in order to make herself unique from ordinary people, Sterling silver amber earrings will be one of the best choices. These earrings are extraordinarily outstanding fashion items if you purchase them from dependable merchants. In addition, the range of the earrings is limitless, along with the designs.

Sterling silver amber earrings are as very fashionable as other expensive metals. What you should consider is just about the color when regarding Sterling silver amber earrings. If the color is so appealing that the amber stone appears to be brown shade, then the accessory will be extremely exceptional. Sparkly stones are also a great choice for women to choose, or for a more vintage appeal you can opt for a matte type of amber for your earrings.

If you are seeking for genuine jewelry, pure silver is what will satisfy your need because they can be easily spotted from the fake type. If you don't see 925 on that pair of earrings you've just bought, then you might risk buying something fake.

Sterling silver amber earrings are so fabulous that they can match your accessories to your skin type. For example, if your complexion are white enough, then you can match almost any type of stone, and the amber will definitely look breathtaking on you. However, on the other hand, if you have got tanned or your skin is creamy, then your first choice will only be the simple sterling silver earrings.

It's not that difficult to match an outfit appropriately when you have got a bit of advice from professionals. When you seek online for Sterling silver amber earrings, you might want to analyze the does and don'ts of wearing earrings. ong accessories go well with oversized heads on account that they make the entire figure slimmer and taller; Asides from that, long Sterling silver amber earrings are idea for women who have big curly hair.

Your options are limitless when it comes to accessories, if you're a tall woman with straight hair. As long as their quality is unquestionable, no matter round shapes, small or big sized, will all certainly make you feel amazing.

If you're seeking desperately for a gift, you should know that the internet can sometimes be a wise choice. There are great sites that offer superb fashion accessories, very well made and reasonably priced.

All in all, sterling silver amber earring are a perfect choice when you are interested in amber jewelry.Through it, you can make a positive impression on others, making you to be stunning and breathtaking.

Acrylic Jewelry Displays to Protect Your Jewelry Items

If you have have pieces of jewelry, no matter they are really precious or some cheap jewelry which you just bought at the garage sale or flea market, there is no doubt that you may take necessary measures to make sure your jewelry pieces are well taken cared of. To give your loved jewelry tender care, the most important thing you should do will be to have some acrylic jewelry displays for your pieces.

There are a lot of shapes and sizes of acrylic jewelry displays. They keep your collection organized and make it a lot easier when you are going to find out the necessary pieces to wear during a certain occasion. Generally, you can find other excellent varieties of jewelry display cases, which may include wood or aluminum. Depending on your needs these types of display cases may also be perfect.

Although the most common type of jewelry displays are the box types, acrylic jewelry display cases are more preferable since they are clear and durable. They can best showcase your precious items with showing the glitter and glamor as well as keeping them sheltered and secure.

Besides, to place your precious items in acrylic jewelry display cases will keep them safe from dust and potential damage. You may really appreciate what your acrylic jewelry displays can do, especially when you have a great number of necklaces, bracelets, watches, and earrings.

Furthermore, acrylic jewelry displays can also be combined with wood or even aluminum frames and bases, which coming in different degrees of thickness, such as 3mm and 5mm and even in much thicker types. Many acrylic cases are ideal for different displays, including antiques, medals, trophies, and coins. But in many cases it is widely used in modern society for jewelry and other precious baubles due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

When shopping for acrylic cases, you need to find the case with the right thickness. Most large cases require a thicker type of acrylic material. Thus if you intend on getting a big rectangular case rather than smaller boxes, the acrylic thickness needs to be higher than 3mm or 5mm. Many of these cases can also include jewelry stands to expose the items to a more discriminating view. Acrylic jewelry display cases are also perfect for home or personal use, especially if you plan on displaying your precious treasures in a specific room or area in your home.

It is essential to take care of your precious jewelry. No matter you are a lover who are going to buy jewelry or someone who sells luxury items to in your own shop, thanks to so many great benefits an acrylic jewelry displays provides, you won’t be worry from now on for you favorite jewelry items.

July 22, 2011

Information about Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry is made from the amber gemstone. These types of jewelry have become very popular in recent years. Amber jewelry is a very special sort of jewelry that has been popular for a long time. Over the last few years there seems to be increasing people who wear it. Amber can be cut into different sizes and shapes, polished and assembled to make necklaces and pendants, and a full collection may consist of a necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings or pendants.Some of amber jewelry pieces have been made from amber that formed millions of years ago. However, most amber gemstones available are about 30-90 million years old.

vintage jewelry

Before we talk about amber jewelry, we should know what amber is. In fact, amber is a kind of material that was created from the resin of fossilized trees but not the sap as many people think. In its original state this resin was a viscous liquid, allowing it to trap various insects and plant matter in a transparent prison.

Once upon a time, amber was considered to be a divine symbol by the ancient Greeks. They thought it was sunlight trapped in stone. As for Chinese people, they believed the souls of tigers turned to amber after death. In a word, ancient cultures always show a great respect to amber. So that’s why amber jewelry was out of the reach of the masses and was worn only by those who were extremely wealthy for centuries, which made them become more rarer than some other jewelry.

As the years go by, the price of amber jewelry is increasing, mainly due to its demand-exceeding supply. This kind of jewelry have become more and more precious to existing owners as some people pay huge amounts of money to obtain them, directly led to the increase of imitation amber. Some imitation amber pieces made from plastic material. It’s very important to beware of these imitation types when shopping. However there’s no need to worry about it because there is a simplet test that helps distinguish a fake from the real one, which is to rub it vigorously and have it attract any lint particles available. Some people may think it’s a good way to distinguish amber by floating them in salt water. But it appears to be a bad idea because amber, especially the Baltic that floats in salt water, because those that made from other precious metals will sink even if they are made from the genuine one.

In order to preserve amber and jewelry, you should take utmost care to it. The first tip you should bear in mind is to keep them away from extreme heat, making sure that they last longer and do not rust easily. Some good amber jewelry can last a lifetime without tarnishing, especially those made with different precious metals.

If you are interested in amber jewelry, you can purchase such piece in many jewelry stores. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go with an expert or learn some methods that help you to distinguish the genuine from the fake ones.

Because of its inherent beauty and rarity in the world, amber jewelry has always been highly sought these days. Now amber is no longer thought of as particularly rare jewelry and with these basics you will be able to get yoor genuine jewelry pieces.

Things You Should Know when purchasing pieces of Vintage Jewelry

vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry is a type of jewelry with intricate lines, carefully-etched edges and hard-to-find parts, which are a great charm to a number of people. The pieces of jewelry is what produced in another era, however, it still doesn’t run out of style and as lovely as they were when they first came out. Moreover, they are much more popular than in their own time.

As for vintage jewelry, it represents people’s character, which also shows the elaborate workmanship that can’t be replicated. Maybe you would like to create their own vintage jewelry pieces, if so, here are some helpful tips for you.

Where To Buy

Vintage jewelry can be bought typically in specialty shops, but not every jewelry supply store will carry them. Thus you should look for shops that are known to sell older items. Some older stores are still in possess of vintage jewelry that date back to many years, which enable you to find the right parts and accessories you need. Aside from that, you can also purchase old, broken jewelry and use them to create a new piece.

What’s more, you can also find excellent listings on some online shops offer vintage jewelry accessories. There are a lot of sellers and collectors sell their wares from their own sites, as well as third party auction sites. You can get descriptions of their jewelry for you to know exactly what you're getting on these websites. You should also remember to hold them accountable for their sale. They may be more expensive but they are worth the trouble because you'll only be buying the real thing.

As well, sometimes it is lucky that you happen to be confronted with a private collector who offers you with jewelry supplies. In this case you can probably get vintage jewelry that might be truly genuine.

Beware of fake vintage jewelry

No matter how young your vintage jewelry is, it cannot be younger than created in the 80s, so make sure to ask questions about the item prior to purchase. Because there is both true vintage jewellery and "vintage style" jewelry, and they are also labeled "antique style" "antique inspired" or "antique looking", so you must be especially careful in case that you cannot correctly recognized. As a matter of fact, this type of jewelry isn't old - they are just contemporary pieces but are designed to look aged.

A lot of fake vintage jewelry pieces exist in the jewelry market but are being passed off as genuine ones. So you should be careful and know thoroughly your jewelry. This will enable you to avoid buying the wrong ones. When you know about the common designs of some vintage jewelry, you may not be easily misguided. Some vintage designs have tell-tale design quirks. For example, Older Haskell pieces are featured with a hangtag attached to a spring ring while later ones featured signed hangtags on ropes that are attached with spring rings. You may also be careful of a large number of listings provided whether in life or in reality. If it's vintage, there won’t be a lot there for everyone.

The Bascis of Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry are jewelry that is means old-fashioned, which must be at least 70 years old. As for antique jewelry, it includes jewels handed down from generation to generation as well as jewelry pieces with a historic value.

Types of antique jewelry

 antique jewelry

Antique jewelry, so far, are known to all that it comprises of estate antique jewelry, Victorian, Edwardian, Art deco and Art nouveau.

Estate antique jewelry are jewelry pieces that are recently secondhanded while they are far more better in craftsmanship. Compared to new jewelry, this kind of jewelry are generally low priced. They are usually auctioned, which includes engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Among a variety of antique Victorian jewelry which standed for the elegance of the Victorian era, the most special one will come to the hair jewelry. At first, they are used just for the purpose of locking of hair, and later it turned into ornating the hair. Hair jewelry served as a very personal memento when people were parting with each other or when there was someone passed away. Today it is valued at a high price that depends on the condition of the piece.

The Art deco period is referred to the period from 1920 to 1935. During this period, there are a lot of dazzling pieces produced in bright colors and straight lines. Long earrings were a proper reprentative of Art deco jewelry. They are studded with emeralds, sapphires or even rubies. These are jewels fit for a queen. Needless to say they are exorbitant and rare.

Art nouveau jewelry was popular in the years between 1890 and 1919. Motifs used in this jewelry were inspired by nature. Butterflies, dragons, orchids, snakes and lilies were the popular motifs preferred. Widespread usage of precious and semi-precious gemstones, horn, copper shell, tortoise shell, ivory and shells was the norm.

The brief span from 1901 to 1915 is referred to as the Edwardian era. Edwardian jewelry had diamonds and pearls set in platinum, creating intricate filigree patterns.

Tips for Cleaning Antique Jewelry

If you are possess of a piece of antique jewelry, you are eager to know what sorts of materials are safe for cleaning and what should be avoided. To solve your puzzles, we are her to give you some tips.

First and foremost, it is important to read the label of any cleaning solution and make sure the cleaning solution doesn't contain ammonia, vinegar, or any other acids or alcohols, since these chemicals might harm your antique jewelry.

Using the old standby of good old soap and water might not be the best choice for cleaning pieces of antique jewelry, for the reason that soaps can leave a residue on your jewelry and make the metal look flat and the stones look dull. What’s more, the water might also dissolve mounting materials and run the risk of losing the gems from your piece.

You can simply use a very soft toothbrush to clean your piece of antique jewelry if there’s just dust on it. You’d better use the softest toothbrush and make sure there is no toothpaste residue left on the bristles.

When cleaning any piece of antique jewelry, a very important step is to ensure it is all dry when you're finished with it. Moisture and dampness should be kept away from stored jewelry for dampness is a culprit who encourages verdigris, rust, pitting of plated metals.

To modify a piece of antique jewelry is something you shouldn’t do to your antique jewelry because it will drastically decrease its value. If you still don’t know whether it’s good for you to clean it yourself, then consult a jeweler will be a good idea.

Antique jewelry are treasured not just for the money value. Rather, they are relics from a memorable past. After reading this article, we are sure you have a rough idea of how many tpyes of the jewelry pieces and how to take care of your antique jewelry.

July 21, 2011

The Factors Inflence the Price of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Referring to vintage costume jewelry, it can be rather tiring for collectors to know which pieces are going to bring in a big profit and which one's are not. However, it is a process that every collector should pay particular attention on because there may be great different in the price of the same vintage costume jewelry. Thus we are going to provide you with some tips which help you to consider what factors will determine the price.

Maybe somebody will think that all costume jewelry is cheap and worthless stuff which can be discarded after wearing a few times. However it is just the other way. In the early 1900's, Costume jewelry appeared in European theatres and gained its lasting name: "costume". However, the real vogue of vintage costume jewely was after the First World War, a time when Americans fell in love with it, which paved the way for U.S. companies to dominate costume jewelry design and start to manufacture from the late 1920's.

The production of vintage costume jewelry is in a mass manner. Different from expensive solid metals, fine gold and diamond jewelry, costume jewelry was made for much cheaper, using base metals and semi-precious stones. Yet, in spite of their humble origins, the vintage pieces produced in factories using semi-precious materials are now considered collectibles worth well beyond their original price. Although it was made wholesale, you should never mistake it for the cheap pieces you find in department stores today.

Because many vintage costume jewelry makers do not bear a jeweler's mark, which makes it hard for vintage collectors to know which pieces are worth more. In this way, they make those jewelry become much more profitable and mostly only veteran collectors know that can be very lucrative. The entire vintage jewelry market is filled with a large portion of unsigned pieces. Therefore, in order to expand on your valuable collection, you may learn to identify a quality design first.

Vintage jewelry was produced by companies in different scales, which will create a lot of diversity and lead to differences in supply pricing and levels. If a company produces jewelry in large batches, then the profits tend to be much lower. However, it’s not saying that every piece of jewelry from large manufacturers is worth relatively the same amount of money.

The value of any vintage costume jewelry items is greatly determined by the costume design. In fact, whether the design of a piece of Vintage costume jewelry is successful or not is largely depended on the materials used, which also makes up a large part of its price. Gemstone quality, in particular, plays a key role in determining the value of a particular piece of costume jewelry. So it is extremely vital for you to oay close attention to the stones or gems and how well it is put together, which do determine the value of your collection.

Last but not least, the quality or condition of the piece of vintage costume jewelry have an effect on its price. Nevertheless, even if those pieces have gone through substantial deterioration, they can still bring in a good bit of money.

If you apply those factors that determine the price of a vintage costume jewelry buying process, you may get one without being cheated.

Unique Jewelry

The perfect Choice for Gifts

Giving gifts is an easiest way to celebrate rites of passage or other important events. Festivals or holidays also need gift giving. It will convey a warm feeling and bring great joy to the bearer. If chosen properly, a gift can be a precious memento which is passed down through the generations of the recipient's family. Speaking about the best choice for gift giving, no doubt that jewelry will come to the first place due to their timeless quality and suitability for both men and women. When you are considering giving your loved ones, there are several types of spectacular jewelry you can choose from.

Three Types Of Unique Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

First and foremost, Vintage Jewelry are antique and they are the right gift for the man or woman that relishes items from the past. The most distinct feature of this kind of jewelry is that vintage jewelry is a stark contrast to most of the jewelry styles of the present. Anyone wears it can immediately stand out from the crowd. When you want to purchase such kind of jewelry, you can reach them at antique or thrift stores. One of the most important point for you to get the perfect vintage jewelry is that you should consider about what the recipient likes and what suits his /her age. For example, if you are going to send a gift to the man who adores the 1950's, the perfect gift for him will be a vintage pocket watch. If the lady you plan to give presents to thought the 1960's were all the rage, then probably a vintage hippie-inspired beaded necklace may meet her needs. When shopping for vintage jewelry, you should be careful to inspect the piece, ensuring that it is in working order and does not show too much wear and tear.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry are also unique pieces of jewelry which can be found in the handmade market place. Most handmade jewelry craftsmen create unique lines of jewelry that are far removed from what is found in stores and often utilize better materials. Because handmade jewelry is not mass-produced, therefore you can get satisfaction since there’s no one else have the exact piece of jewelry that you gift to another. For example, a pair of tiny lovebirds carved into the face of a sterling silver pendant, along with a lucky dandelion etched onto a piece of hammered bronze are all unique pieces of jewelry available in the handmade marketplace.

Department Store Jewelry

There is also Department Store jewelry available in the group of unique jewelry. This is a kind of mass-produced jewelry. As a result, there are a great number of identical pieces in the market. Still there are some varieties of department store jewelry which are unique, such as Supermodel Cindy Crawford's "One Kiss" jewelry line at JcPenney's. Asides from these, there are also celebrities offering jewelry with their names born on them in department stores and online.

Unique jewelry are various in designs and materials. Since they provide people with different choices, it is a good idea for you to get one when purchasing a piece of jewelry.

Bling Bling emphasizes your persona

Definition of Bling Bling

 bling bling

Bling bling is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious or elaborate jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, watches, body jewelry, rings and grillz (braces and caps for the teeth). Besides, ornamented accessories that are carried, worn or installed, such as cell phones or tooth caps, are also parts of it. The jewelry type commonly associated with diamonds and other precious gems, and precious metal such as gold and platinum. They are so all the rage that even the imitation ones make for a million dollar industry.

Hip Hop Culture

 bling bling

Before we talk about bling bling, we need to cast light on you of the meaning of Hip Hop Culture. It involves a variety of terms, including fashion trends, music styles and even personalities to the culture at large.
Hip Hop culture has had a tremendous impact on fashion in general, well beyond Hip Hop itself.

Hip Hop Culture makes bling bling jewelry to be prevalent for men as for women. With the popularity of Hip Hop culture, a lot more attention has been drawn to larger pieces of jewelry that are selected to become the center of focus, not just an additional beauty to the overall outfit. Some Hip Hop artists wear huge link chains in gold and platinum with large diamond and gem-encrusted pendants. Generally speaking, the designs are specifically designed for men for the heavier weight and larger scale.

Hip Hop has made ornate jewelry as prevalent for men as for women. The popularity of Hip Hop culture and bling has drawn a lot more attention to larger pieces of jewelry that are selected to become the center of focus, not to just add to the overall outfit. Besides, because of Hip Hop’s personality demonstration, Jewelry designers tend to integrate the concepts of large, heavy, and flashy elements into their own jewelry lines, which are specifically designed for men.

Information of Bling Bling Jewelry

If you want to have all set of bling bling jewelry, you should always keep in mind that your bling won't blink without the right set of diamonds. Indeed there are basics of this kind of diamond shopping, including Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut, known as the four C's of a diamond. If the color and clarity of yourdiamond is better and the carat is higher, the cost of the diamond will definitely be greater. But it does not hold true for the cut. While the cost of a diamond increase, the number of cuts become lesser.

When referring to the price of bling bling jewelry, actually no everyone can afford such expensive diamond jewelry. Furthermore, on account of the rapid change of the trends in bling world, it will be a risk if you spend a lot on a particular piece of jewelry that may run out of style in a short time, sometimes even within a week or two. Although bling bling is high-turnowvered, but with its large range of designs available as well as their easy reaching, there are still a lot of peple who prefer to own one. There are several websites online where purchasing bling, which made it easy for you to get.

Bling Bling is big, flashy and impressive. They are a kind of jewel that makes you look trendy and exclusive. If you want to declare your persona, a bling bling jewelry will best prove it.

July 20, 2011

Bling Jewelry for Everyone

bling jewelry

Bling jewelry, also known as Hip-hop jewelry, are becoming more classy and sophisticated in modern society. This kind of jewelry is close related to hip hop music and culture. It is the special type of jewelry in the form of necklace, ring, earrings, or bracelets, with features charms or pendants that bear spelled out names, initials, letters, or words.

Not only is Bling jewelry a kind of fashion accessory, but this jewelry is also elegant enough that is worn by hip hop artists, famous celebrities as well as even professional athletes. Some famous hip-hop and rap musicians or celebrities, including 50 Cent and Eminem, were instantly recognizable if for no other reason than the fact that they are adorned in a tremendous amount of large chunky jewelry encrusted with a wealth of diamonds.

Bling jewelry is chased by the public due to their popularity for celebrities. For this reason, many jewelry designers frequently create The fashion industry has responded by being able to produce a wide range of Bling jewelry at a tremendous range of prices that involve smaller and fewer diamonds and other stones, which are also less-costly while identical in appearance to that of the celebrities’. This enable average people to afford such luxurious jewelry types. Through the years, the general public from all walks of life has been embracing the fashion trend of such jewelry both with designer brand while more wallet friendly.

One of the reason for bling jewelry to be popular these years is that each piece of it can fashionably compliment people’s clothes and overall getup. Thanks to its affordable price, people could wear any type depending on your clothes without worring. You could find and buy the right styles and designs that would truly stun anyone even for a fraction of the original bling jewelry price.

Bling jewelry could highlight one's own personality, which could also be any wearer's delight. It is able to convey a rather distinctive and unmissable message to anyone who is on seeing the individual wearing the items. Probably no one will fail to notice somebody wearing such jewelry. By adorning with gemstones, diamonds or other fancy materials, this type of jewelry add to the shine and aesthetic appeal, which makes a big difference to the overall style, beauty and exquisiteness.

Necklace, bracelet, earrings, anklets, bangles, of belly-button rings are the most popular bling jewelry items. Many of these items are typically referred to as iced out, meaning that the jewelry is designed to give the impression of hundreds of very small diamonds paving large sections of the jewelry. Diamonds at the top end of the Bling jewelry market are becoming larger and larger. However, they become smaller while more plentiful with the decreasing of price. That is because a single two-carat diamond is far more valuable than twenty small diamonds of 1 carat each.

There's a quantity of charisma you can experience in wearing bling jewelry. They do add magnificence to one’s persona. When you want to show your exquisite personality, there’s no doubt that the first choice for you will be bling jewelry.

Shell Necklace

Shell Necklace

Shells of marine species in the solid represents a symbol of innocent love. Among various shell jewelry, shell necklaces are enjoying a great popularity among customers. Besides purchasing them in jewelry shops, you can also make them with your distinctive ideas. If you are creative, you may have an interest in making a necklace in your style. There are many materials around us which need only your creativity to be used. Here we are going to provide you with the method of creating your own shell necklace by using the kitchen pasta.

 shell necklace

Start Creating your distinctive shell Necklace design

By using your shell pasta to make a necklace, you will be satified with your one-of-a-kind design.

First it will come to the materials you are going to do with. There are 3 stuffs you should get. The first one is ribbons in different colors with their length available according to your desired need. A good suggestion for you will be the pink and green ribbons. What you should get then are shell design pasta, white glue, and tempera paint of your desired colors. And the last thing will be glitter dust of your color choice and small wire loops.

After getting all the materials needed, then let’s move to the directions.

Bore a hole at the upper flat area of the shell pasta. Use sharp pointed small knives or anything that could not break your pasta. Then, attach the small wire loops in the holes.
Next, by using your desired colors, you will paint on each shell pasta. If the paint could not be sticked to some areas, you can just leave it. This will make it look like part of the design.

After the paint get dry, minimal glue will be applied on areas you desire to have glitters. You can just sprinkle the glitter dust on those areas. Then you will tie one end of the ribbons together and allow it to hang loosely after the tied ends. Start threading the shell pasta through their loops and just using one of the ribbons.

When you start threading, you should knot the threading ribbon once. Later, you pass it through the loop of one shell. After a span of 1", knot again and attach another shell. In this way, you make another span of 1" and make another knot then attach another shell. Until you have achieved your desired number of pasta shells to hang on your ribbon, you may continue doing this succession.

For the last shell pasta, you can just tie a knot after it. Then you can tie both ribbons together and let 4" hang loosely after the ends at the end of your ribbons. If you like, you can just attach hooks or clasp on it. You can also just tie both sides of the ribbons together to close your necklace.

shell necklace

Shell necklaces are beautiful reminders of nature's beauty. The making process of them can both bring you fun and fashion. After reading this article, do you feel excited to create your own shell necklace?

Shell Jewelry Brings Happiness to Your Life

Brief Introduction of Shell Jewelry

Long long ago, shells were firstly used as a form of currency for centuries. Later they were introduced into jewelry making field. The reason why people wore them are varied. For example, some dwellers in ocean areas deeply believed that kind of jewelry could avoid evil spirits and brought good luck to them. Today shells are widely used in jewelry and craftwork making which spread as wild as a fire.

General Knowledge of Shell Jewelry

shell  jewelry

From dark colors like grey to bright colors like blue, shell jewelry involves all of them. These attractive shells are used to make jewelry, which includes necklaces and earrings to bracelets. As a matter of fact, people even make use of shells to make brooches and buttons that are very chic and unique.

Natural seashell jewelry materials and ornaments are from different kinds of sea jewelry like paua, hammer and mother of pearls that are found all over the world. To some degree, shell jewelry is the reminder of nature's beauty.

Craft Ideas

shell  jewelry

Sea Shell are treasures that come to seashore from the capacious oceans. Some people may think of picking up a few pretty shells and redecorate them creatively. However, it seems that most of us will forget them after our flashing thought and are reminded when seeing them again. To those who are determined in persevering remaking those shells, the excitement and motivation in them will ensure them to create a surprising work.

In fact, making seashell jewelry is a comparatively simple craft. First and foremost, you should get the raw materials from local craft shop. You can also collect them by yourself if it is convenient. Screening out seashells is time-consuming and you should be patient when picking out them.

Then it’s the time to clean the shells. You can soak shells in a mixture of water and bleach to remove any debris from the shell. This ensures that there is nothing left behind and causes an odor.

The next problem, also a common problem you will encounter when trying to make shell jewelry, is that sea shells are extremely fragile and brittle. In order to alleviate this problem, the easiest way will be just to attach the shells to a hard surface such as wood. Frames, jewelry boxes, and mirrors are successful examples of this method, with only glue needed to bond with wood and organic material. Besides, a non-yellowing clear gloss will be used to keep the shells shiny and provide some protection and durability. Then the creating process of shell jewelry will be a finished one.

Last but not least, you may drill holes in the shells so as to string them. You are strongly advised to use fast speed drill to make holes.

By using handmade jewelry, you can also make your beautiful sea shells. The more you spend time on practicing the techniques and designs, the more amazing and satisfying the results could be. Since you have a variety of choices on what type of jewelry you make and how you use the sea shells. Start making you own works of sea shell jewelry and you will get a lot of fun and satisfaction.


Shell jewelry has become more and more trendy. Compared to pearl jewelry, it's quite inexpensive in price which is affordable for average people. You can either feel free to buy them or make jewelry by yourself. If you are interested in them, just go and have a try. You will find it bring happiness and fun to your life.

July 19, 2011

Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces Jewelry

 pearl necklace jewelry

Among different types of pearl necklaces jewelry, Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces is one of the flawless pearl jewelry. This kind of jewelry is named after Kokichi Mikimoto invented the cultivation of pearls in the Edo period, which became an instant heat and remain the finest even to this day. Pearl necklaces produced and created by Mikimoto are the highest quality, which are known for their unparalleled beauty and brilliance that their fans include the royal families of Britain,Japan and so on.

Buying your Mikimoto pearl necklace

 pearl necklace jewelry

There are different lengths in measuring pearl necklaces, which are collar (10"-13"), choker (14"-16"), princess (18"-20"), matinee (20"-24"), opera (28"-34") and rope (37" and longer). The first thing to keep in mind is the shape and size of your neck when buying a pearl necklace. The length of the necklace should match your neck shape. Additionally, it also depends on the woman's age, body composition, with the matinee pearl necklace is suitable for anyone. Generally speaking, the more it elongates your neck if you wear the long necklace. Therefore, if you are purchasing Mikimoto, the Matinee and Princess models are recommended as they fit most people.

The mark of "M"

Every jewelry created by Mikimoto including pearl necklaces, has an "M" embossment stamped in the background, which guarantees of its quality and the jewelry is indeed produced by the highest standards in Izu, Japan. However, in some cases, the embossment will juststand for the genuineness of the setting but not the pearls that may be replaced and restrung.

The Ranking System

Standard precautions should be taken when shopping for pearls. There is a ranking system Mikimoto pearls which ranks from the highest A-A-A to the lowest A-A-A-2. Thus if you are purchasing for a pearl necklace, you should search for the luster as reflective as like looking into a miniature mirror. When buying your Mikimoto pearl necklace, you must remember to ask for grading certificates. This is not only good for insurance, but it is also a guarantee that what you are paying for is a true Mikimoto pearl necklace.

Distinction of Mikimoto pearl necklaces from others

A true high-quality Mikimoto pearl necklace is distinctive from other pearls because its road map is unique and the line pattern on the surface of the pearls will be under a 10x magnifying lens. If you see the difference, true Mikimoto pearls are easily recognizable.

In the markets there are a lot of Mikimoto pearl necklaces that are labeled 'Mikimoto quality'. Whenever you encounter them, you should not be misled since they are not pearls produced under the patented Mikimoto process at all. The true ones are those produced under strict conditions in Ise in Honshu, Japan.

Furthermore, there is a black market for Mikimoto clasps, where original Mikimoto clasps are used for cheaper or imitation-quality pearls. So you should rather beware of 'closeout' Mikimoto sales, even if they come in 'new' 18k gold.

It is said that once you wear Mikimoto pearls, any other kind of pearl will seem second-rated. Therefore before reaching for your credit card it is always a good idea for you to learn more about Mikimoto pearl necklace.

Enrich Yours Knowledge of South Sea Pearl

South Sea pearls are refered to pearls that originate in southeast Asia, Indonesia, Persian gulf, the south Pacific and Australia. South Sea pearl is extremely favored by consumers. They are mainly cultivated in the biggest oyster in the world.

History of South Sea Pearl Cultivation

south sea pearl jewelry

Sourcing from the silver-lipped and gold-lipped 'Pinctada Maxima' oyster of Australia's waters, South Sea pearls have been searched for by aboriginal fishermen who dove for the oysters to use their meat, shell and pearls. However, by the late 1800s ustralia's natural South Sea pearl resource had depleted. Fortunately, a new method that revitalized Australia's South Sea pearl industry as well as pearl production was found off the north-eastern coast of Australia.

William Saville-Kent, the British marine biologist, made great contribution to the technique of forming a new kind of pearls. That is to graft one oyster's mantle tissue and insert with a nucleus of shell into another oyster's mantle. As a result, a pearl sack and nacre was produced, with the latter that covering the nucleus to form a spherical pearl.

In 1916, The Japanese entrepreneurs, Tokishi Nishikawa and Mikimoto Kokichi, joined forces to produce in a large scale by using Saville-Kent's technique to cultivate the Akoya 'Pinctada Fucata' pearl oyster, which marked the beginnings of a boom in Japan's pearl industry. By 1935 Japan had produced more than 10,000,000 cultured pearls.

The Five Virtues of Fine Pearls

There are five most important grading factors to consider when selecting and evaluating South Sea pearl product; natural size, natural luster, natural shape, natural color, and natural surface.

The most obvious factor associated with South Sea pearls is their size. South Sea pearls are often grow as large as 22 mm with their average natural size 13 mm. When all other grading factors are equal, the larger the pearl the more valuable it is.

Natural luster is used to refer to the quality and quantity of light reflected from the surface of a South Sea pearl. Due to the thickness (0.5 to 1.5 microns) and coarseness of the aragonite platelets of which the pearl is composed, the luster of it isn’t typically as sharp or bright as that of an akoya pearl. But South Sea pearls have a warmer, more muted luster, enable them to used as elegant and regal attributes. The higher and sharper the luster is , the more valuable a south sea pearl is.

The shape of a South Sea pearl is also very vital in evaluating its quality. South Sea pearl generally have a very thick nacre layer, often up to 5 mm, which makes a difference in making variation in the natural shape of the pearl as a result. Commonly, round pearls or tear-drop shapes are quite rare. They always come in button, oval, drop, baroque or circled shapes. The more perfect the shape, the more valuable the pearl.

Color of South Sea pearls are another important factor. It can be divided into body color and overtone. Body color is the main color of the pearl while overtone is the secondary color that floats on the surface of the pearl. South Sea pearls are always bright white, silver and deep gold, including rare color combinations such as white and silver pink.

More visible natural surface blemishing will be causeed because of the thick nacre layers of a South Sea pearl rather than in other bead-nucleated pearl types, such as akoya pearls. However, there are rare perfectly clean pearls. pearls usually have three kinds of surfaces: exceptional skin, fine skin, and marked skin.

South Sea pearls are the rarest and most valuable of all cultured pearls sold today. Therefore if you want to own a South Sea pearl, you must make sure that you have conducted a thorough research.

Precious Mother of Pearl Jewelry

mother of pearl jewelry

Pearls are a kind of beauty that is timeless and will never go out of style, making you be more classy and glamorous. Among all pearl jewelry, Mother of Pearl jewelry is the one you should not neglect to include in your collection. This precious jewelry is a blend of elegance and sophistication that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it costs less compared to other gems and precious stones. Before we talk about mother of pearl jewelry, it is necessary to illustrate what a mother of pearl is.

The Concept of Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl jewelry

Mother of pearls, also known as iridescent nacre, are a blend of minerals that are secreted by oysters and other mollusks and deposited inside their shells, coating and protecting their bodies from parasites and foreign objects. Nacre is the same substance that is deposited around an object that becomes lodged in the mollusk--either naturally or inserted by humans--to become a pearl.

Values of Mother of Pearl Jewelry

A piece of mother of pearl jewelry is able to further highlight the character of pearls that are associated with poise, the right bearing, good carriage and pageantry.

They are surely the kind of jewelry that would make a great accessory, as fine a jewel that should be kept and handled with care to be passed on to the next lineage of the family.

Aside from emphasizing the pearls, it is believed that Mother of Pearls can help you with healing, which makes you feel that you are resting in the arms of a loving mother. When some particular harmful frequencies enter someone’s sensation, Mother of Pearls will either scatter or absorb them, including the frequencies of other people's negative thoughts and emotions or the harmful emissions of televisions, radios, and microwave transmitters.

Attentions when Designing Mother of Pearl Jewelry

There are various in shape of Mother of Pearl Jewelry. The varied shades makes a difference from other pieces, which shows an awareness of craftsmanship and handwork. The best way to design considering this factor will be inserting a small appeal to this style of jewelry. As for designs for teenagers, since they adore fantastic pieces, it is recommended to design them in the shape of animals or a heart shape.

Framing out the piece will be an ideal way to make Mother of Pearl Jewelry. Consider it like art on the inside of a picture frame when designing. The inlays may be enclosed by assorted pearls, gemstones or a huge sterling silver setting, which would add significance and splendor to the piece. In this way it will coordinate all of your current plain colors of metal jewelry you wear.

Mother of pearl jewelry may be neutral in color. Utilizing several colors in the inlays will be another significant point. Usually you may be apt to acquire pink next to white, however, the two colors are so dainty that they might somewhat get lost. You may find that the pink seems to be more pinkish if being put next to white. Therefore you should avoid this by seperating these similar colors.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry is so valuable that most people would like to own one in their life. After reading this article, do you find it helpful for you?

July 18, 2011

Features of Pearl Jewelry Sets

A pearl set is the perfect gift for a special female in your life to show her how much you care. She can get a new pair of earrings and a matching necklace as well as getting a ring and a bracelet with the same design, which will help to show an elegant ensemble. Because a pearl jewelry set, indeed, is less expensive in comparison with buying each piece of jewelry separately, therefore it will be a wise decision for people to purchase it this way.

Here are some you should know the different features of these exquisite jewelry sets.

The first thing will be the origin of the pearls used in the jewelry sets. These gems can either be natural or cultured. As for the natural type, this is a kind of jewelry that is formed when an irritant slips inside the soft insides of a seashell. Due to its very rare occurrence, this type can be quite expensive. Compared with the natural type, the cultured type is much cheaper, which is made by starting artificially irritating shells into creating pearls. Speaking of the cultured pearls, the Japanese cultured type are the most popular for their smaller sizes and various colors such as white, gold and rose.

Besides the origin, the pearls’ grades are something that matter while purchasing the set. Two ways are always used to grade these white gems. One of them is the triple A scale and the other is Tahitian scale. The triple A is the international scale whereas the latter one is used only in Polynesia and the South Sea. The quality of the pearls you are buying is determined by the grades. In the triple A scale, 3A stands for the highest quality, followed by 2 and 1A is the lowest quality. As for the Tahitian system, A is the top grade and the lowest is D. So it’s important to be aware of the grade used if a jeweler brags about his jewelry being of A quality as it symbolize two opposite side of quality in the two ranking system.

Pearl jewelry sets

The designs of the pearl jewelry sets is the third feature that makes them unique. Some look classic while others will look more stylish, sleek and modern depending. Chokers necklaces form of made from these white gems is the most popular, consisting of lines of white or multicolor pearls such as black and pink. There is also a more traditional design-- the elegant string. No matter they are long or short, they can always be suitablt to match with women’s ensembles. Long dangling pearls are the most common used for earrings. As for rings and bracelets, they are also crafted with different gems, especially diamonds, with their designs vary but still just appealing.

The three basics, which are the origin of pearls used, the grades and the design of the whole arrangement, are things for you to consider when purchasing such jewelry. These will help you make the right choice and ensure that your purchase becomes a family heirloom.

Common Knowledge of Pearl Drop Earrings

Speaking of drop pearl earrings, as we all know, they incorporate the pearl's quiet beauty to the drop design's attention-getting look. By attaching to a stud, hunging from a chain connected to a stud that pierces, or hanging from the ear lobe, they make a difference in how a woman looks, drawing attention in a quiet but noticeable way.

There are a lot of questions on how to choose a best quality of pearl drop earrings. The below information are provided for you to know more about pearl drop earrings.

When to Use Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are the best jewelry accessories for woman. They are the perfect choices when they attend evening balls. Diamond pearl drop earrings match well with many kinds of apparels, such as elegant tank dresses and Deep V sexy night gown. As a result, they can be easily used in both formal and informal occasions.

Considering the Materials

If you want to buy pearl drop earrings, ine thing you should make sure is the origin of pearl on the pearl drop earrings, which is referred to place to produce the pearl and the value of the pearl. Mostly freshwater pearl drop earrings are more valuable comparing to handmade drop pearl earring. Most of the good quality pearl drop earrings, including diamond pearl drop earrings and freshwater pearl drop earrings, are attached with birth certificate. You should also take into consideration the materials used to construct the base, stud and holder of the pearl drop earrings. Generally, white gold, silver or platinum are used by jewelry developers to construct the stud of the earring.

Considering the Finishes

The finishing part of pearl drop earnings are extremely important when you are buying pearl drop earrings, because they determine the image of pearl drop earrings. Some drop pearl earrings like black pearl drop earings are finishes with white gold stud and sometimes they are also attached with silver studs. Generally speaking, pearl drop earrings are finished with single piece of pearl comparing to cluster pearls. Yet pearl and diamond are used to form the cluster jewelry of the pearl drop earrings.

Considering the Features

When you are purchasing a pair of pearl drop earrings, one thing you should make sure is that you choose the right color of the pearl. A wonderful suggestion will be to match white gold stud or metal strings with pure white pearl while black pearl also c pearl drop earrings n goes well with that.

How the pearl and earring base are combined is important to ensure your charming appearance with the perfect pearl drop earrings. Besides, you must make sure you choose the right size of pearl for the right earrings. Going for big pearl but asking to fix on a small earring base will be a terrible idea which makes you look unnatural and odd. You may request the opinion from a jewelry designer in order to get some ideas on how to develop your pearl drop earnings.


Maybe your pearl drop earrings are qualified, you still need to take steps for taking care of it. If you do care it in a right way, your pearl drop earrings can always exude their radiance. Thus to be a responsible user, to take care of your beautiful pearl drop earrings is very essential.

Perfect Pearl Pendants

There are different kinds of pearls used in the designs and manufacture of a wide variety of pendants. Indeed, pearls are considered as precious material for pendants because they help to exude a natural and classic look.

The Meaning of Pearl Pendants

Pearl pendants can tell you something about the wearer. Each woman is bound to find one that matches her sole personality with each unique pearl.

Pearl pendants are the symbols of humility, chastity as well as purity. As for small pearl pendants, they give the impression of a polite, soft spoken personality while bigger ones mean boldness.

Pearl pendants also symbolize successful marriage. When couples celebrate their anniversary or reminisce special moments of their lives, pearl pendants are given as a symbol of love. A love story can last a lifetime similar to classy pearl pendants.

Furthermore, pearl pendants can be a sign of a journey together as individuals, which remind you of special moments of laughter and tears.

Pearl Are Unique From Other Gems

Most of the gems and precious metals we have today came from the surface of the earth. But a pearl is produced by a living organism that was found in the depths of the sea or by mollusks and oysters living in fresh water, which make it unique from other gems. A pearl is the only gem that is 100% natural, which is pure and need no intensive polishing compared to silver, gold, or diamond.

Pendant Styles

There are multiple shapes of pearl pendants. The expensive pearls are the round ones, which are called the "spherical" type. Pearls in "asymmetrical" types and irregularly-shaped are referred to as "baroque". Besides, they can also be named according to their place of origin. For example, Akoya pearls are cultured in Japan, and South Sea pearls are produced in the black oysters of the South Sea.

Single pearl pendants are the perfect choice for sweet ladies, including little-dangling, big round style and intricate-designed style. Younger girls are prefet to Little dangling ones. Big round pearls are worn by older women for a more confident and mature look. If ladies intend to feast their eyes on pearls set in silver or gold, they can search for a more intricate design. In order to be classy, they can choose those pearls surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones.

Perfect Gifts

Pearl could be perfect gifts as a birthday gift for your mother or an anniversary gift for your spouse, which symbolizes victory. In fact, it suits for any woman who recovers from pain or obstacles,who just like an oyster that has turned its misfortune into a beautiful object.

As the birthstone for month of June, a pearl is the favorite jewelry worn by brides on their wedding day. By bringing radiance to the white gown of the bride, it reflects the happy aura of her eyes as well.

If you give the women close to your heart pearl pendants as gifts, it will be a magnificent way to show your love and affection to them.
Pendants are eye-catching jewelry. No matter how time flies, pearl genuine beauty will never go out of style.

July 16, 2011

Things You should Consider when Buying Pearl Earrings

Buying Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are one of the most important jewelry for women. When you are buying your ideal pearl earrings, you may find that they aren't merely about finding the most expensive item on sale. It will take time before you can get a pair of pearl earrings.

Tips for Buying and Selecting Pearl Earrings

Various Designs

Designs vary from each other among different brand of pearl earrings, which is also the basis of most people's first impressions. It is what catches people's attention for the first look at the earrings.

The ear studs are the best and the most ancient earring designs of pearl earrings.This kind of design refers to those studs that do not dangle from the ear lobes, which is more popular when it is incorporated with pearls. This design is in fact the cheapest one because the pearl useed are normally artificial pearls which are relatively cheaper. The biggest advantage with stud pearl earrings is that there’s no strain on the ear lobes even if you are wearing it constantly.

The drop-down earring designs are the design that is quite amazing. As it allows for much better space and pearl allocation, all kinds of pearls are incorporated in this particular design. Among the drop-down earrings, Tahitian drop down earrings are the most sought after design variety due to the enchanting and amazing attraction of the Tahitian black pearls. However such drop-down design can be really expensive. But the cultured, freshwater and imitation pearls make them cheaper than the natural ones. If complimented with excellent outfits on special evenings, a woman looks more ravishing. The drop-down earring design is not for constant use but for making you look beautiful on special occasions.

Other popular pearl earring designs include the cluster types, the quick bling wire and crystal earrings, beaded chandelier earrings, corkscrew earrings etc.

Other Gems

It is a good idea for you to choose a pearl earring which have other gems on it. It doesn't necessarily have to feature pearls alone. Being used along with other precious and semi-precious gems can increase its charming factor. But one thing you should bear in mind is that the combination of pearls and gems should be tasteful and appealing.

The Number of Pearls

The more pearls a pearl earring has, the higher the value is. If you're going for a single pearl earring, it might be better to choose one of a larger size than usual to make it noticeable. Most of the pearl earrings have three or five pearls for the reason that these can easily form a triangular or star-shaped design respectively.


If the size of the pearls of an earring increases, taste and appeal will tend to diminish. So it’s recommended that you don't choose pearl earrings that of extraordinary huge pearls.


There is a rainbow of colors that pearls available. However, most people just regard the white pearls as the most common and acceptable. Depending on the origin of the pearls, you can expect them to also appear in black, pink, blue, green, yellow, and even gold.


Although there is truly no globally recognized grading system used to classify pearls, but a few standard sets which you can use to compare your pearls with are there for you. If your pearl earrings have been appraised by them and yielded positive results, you can expect its price to go up.


If you have the budget for it, you should consider purchasing pearl earrings designed by famous fashion houses.


The origin of the pearls affects the price of pearl earrings. Natural pearls are the most expensive among all of the pearls. Naturally harvested pearls are more expensive than cultured ones and the least expensive of all are artificial or synthetic pearls.

If you are going to buy pearl earrings, these tips may do you a favor. But make sure that you take these words with a grain of salt and if it’s necessary, consult with the specialists to get a satisfying earring.

Perpetually Gorgeous Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets, the exotic, exquisite and fashion accessories, add splendid grace and elegance to women. There is a wide range of items and designs available in bracelets and bangles that are made, as well as the designs of the bracelets. Almost every woman can seek attention from gorgeous pearl bracelets. Thus it is necessary to give more information about this kind of jewelry product.

Brief Information about Pearl

Pearls are considered to be one of the most beautiful gems as the June birthstones. Because of their natural and elegant beauty, they have been used for centuries in accenting jewelries.

There are natural or cultured pearls, both of which are grown in oysters or mollusks. No matter natural pearls or cultured pearls are all grown in oysters. The basic distinction of them is that natural pearls are grown accidentally by oysters as nacre is deposited around any foreign material that has entered its shells. However, the growth of cultured pearls is initiated by men. Natural pearls, which are rarer, are more costly than cultured pearls.

Considering the price, both natural and cultured pearls can further be classified into freshwater or saltwater pearls, those coming from the sea being more expensive.

Pearls differ from each other in colors, shapes and sizes. The value of these pearls depends on these qualities so care in choosing the pearls should be taken seriously.

How to Choose Your Perfect Pearl Bracelet

Pearl ring

Before you buy a pearl bracelet online, the first thing you should do is to conduct ample researches on a great number of legal companies that advertise pearls. You should try your best to know everything about the products, the company's background as well as return policies. If you can, you must get their address or phone number to contact in case a problem occurs.

Once you have decided on which company you want to purchase from, firstly you will view all their designs. You may be confused about what kind of pearl bracelets is all the rage contemporary. Don’t worry about it. Here we are going to provide you with the popular and classy trend on the products.
One type of bracelets are those combined with different metal clasps and chains to make them contemporary. To make an interesting combination bracelet, strands with different colors of pearls may be twisted. In order to make it unique, some strands of pearls may also be contrasted with sterling silver.

Actually, the decorative clasps could serve as the design in itself. Yellow gold beads could alternate with pearls to create a contrasting effect. Aseries of pearls followed by a silver chain could be another possible combination. In addition, pretty charms can hang from the bracelet to add some appeal.

One of the ways to make your bracelet even more valuable will be combining semi-precious gems or even diamonds with pearls. With the different colors of other gems, simple string of plain white pearls could gain a very interesting look. The same attention-grabbing effect can be seen when contrasting colors of pearls are combined together.

As for white glass pearls, they may look amazing if combined with Swarovski crystals, whose stunning combination is a must-have for a pearl collector.

Pearls are simple but very elegant. Buying the perfect string of pearl bracelet for one’s delicate wrist is rather important. Consider all the stated points when you are going to choose your ideal pearl bracelet.

Choosing Your Ideal Pearl Ring

Pearl rings are very popular among pearl jewelry. From one-pearl rings to different-pearl rings, each ring on them is a representative of classic elegance. With freshwater as well as saltwater pearl available, there are various pearl ring designs for one to explore.

There are a lot of different colors and measurements of pearl rings. As well, they also come in different shapes. A ring was used to signify class and social ranking during the Middle Ages while they are given as tokens of love nowadays without being used as engagement rings.
As for the price, it is a common fact that any ring that has a saltwater pearl will be more expensive than a freshwater pearl. Therefore your price for your pearl ring depends largely upon the pearl in question, which may vary from inexpensive to extravagant.

How to Own an unparalleled pearl ring

Pearl ring

If you want to own a sole pearl ring for yourself, one of the best ways is to add other gems to your pearl ring, which not only increasing its value but also its surprising factor of others. Mostly the metal used for these rings is usually silver or gold, with the pearl centered in the ring itself. Otherwise it can be to the side of the ring, which depends on what precious gems are used in the creating of the ring in question.

Besides adding other gems on your pearl ring, you can even it with pearls chosen by yourself. This can be done at a jewelry shop that offers jewelry design. The colors of the pearls can be white, pink, brown, black, purple and blue, which are some of the colors that are available for pearl rings. As for the pearls’ shape, most of them will be the round one. Althought there are several available for pearls, the round pearls are the ones most likely to be used for rings. Considering the price of the pearl ring, this particular process can be an expensive proposition. Freshwater pearl rings will be less expensive and a Tahitian pearl ring will be the most expensive of all the rings. The information will help you a lot while you are considering the creating.

Suggestions to Select a Pearl Ring

There are something you should h keep in mind while you purchase a pearl ring.

As we all know, pearls are porous in nature. So there is possibility that a pearl may possess a blemish. If you happen to notice it, you may kindly ask the jeweler to buff it away.

Since pearl might have cracks on the surface, which would cause problems in the future. Therefore it’s strongly recommended that you observe the pearl carefully while purchasing a pearl ring.

Another thing you should consider is that the pearl on your ring must have uniform luster. It must also appear in different colors when seen in different lights or from different angles.

The processing treatments, such as beeswax, should certainly be asked about. It could affect the pears’ luster iff this is added while they are cleansed.

thickness of the nacre is also very important for one to enquire. A tooth test may help a lot to know whether the pearl is real or not. If the pearl on rubbing against the tooth is rough, then it's a natural or cultured pearl. However if it's smooth, then it should be an imitation pearl for it is a type of manufactured bead.

Performing X-ray test is a professional yet effective way to test a pearl. By doing it, you could clearly differentiate a natural pearl from a cultured one. The X-ray results would show that the cultured pearl would have a bead or an artificial irritant in the center.

Pearl rings are all the rage with great elegance and class. There are so many reasons to get a pearl ring and you will be sure to find the one for you with all the tips provided for you.

July 15, 2011

Black Pearl Necklaces For You

A black pearl comes from the South pacific islands and are often called South Sea Pearls or Tahitian Pearls. To be specific, these pearls come from Tahiti-Polynesian islands.They are the only pearls that are truly black. Indeed, they are not only rare, exotic and breathtakingly beautiful, but also are an integral part of the Polynesian economy and lifestyle. The islands are the leading exporters of fine black cultured pearls in the world.

Black pearls are pearl concretions concealed inside the black-lipped Pinctada Margaritifera pearl oysters. These pearls come in many shapes, diameters, qualities and several natural shades ranging from pale gray to jet-black. Black pearls for making necklaces are chosen strictly, which must not reveal the nucleus or the seed of the nucleus; while those do not meet the criteria are rejected without fail.

Black pearls are grown in large black-lipped oysters in the salt waters of Tahiti, with the natural black color ones particularly famous and most desired. Along with the black color, there are universal colors such as black, gray, blue and peacock green. Perfectly round Tahitian pearls with a nearly flawless surface and remarkable luster are considered the highest quality and best for making necklaces. Black pearl necklaces are made in various shapes and sizes.

The black-lip mother pearl specially found in the waters of French Polyne secretes a black pigment. This pigment ejaculated by the mollusk gives a rich color to the pearl ranging from deep black to gray to light silver. Shades of green, blue and pink can also be found. The saltwater oysters are big, sometimes almost the size of a dinner plate, and produce luxurious pearls ranging from 8 to 18 mm in size. Prices range from $100 for a small pearl of average quality up to $10,000 for a round pearl of perfect quality with a diameter of 18mm. However, black pearls are very rare compared to ordinary white pearls. If one is looking to buy these exquisite pearl necklaces, the online market offers a wonderful array of black pearl lengths. However one must shop carefully and purchase pearls only from trusted sellers.

In order to help you to look for a desirable black pearl necklace, there are some things for you to keep in mind.

Pearl Necklace

Black pearls have different sizes and qualities, which greatly influence your budget. Generally speaking, the larger and more pearls you get for the necklace, the more you spend on it. Furthermore, the shape and thickness of the neck is important for you to choose the right size. So if one's neck is on the thin size, then the big pearls will just emphasise the thinness of the neck. on the contrary, it will make a thicker neck look tiny and out of place with too small a set of pearls.

Checking that the pearls are uniform in color, luster and size are also very vital when you are inspecting the necklace. Uneven pearls should not be included and they should be all in the same shape, either round or perhaps slightly oval.

While you are choosing the black pearl necklace, the luster should be taken into account. It should be very good. If situation permitted, you should get a certificate to state the pearls are genuine.

Further information will be doing some due diligence and some window shopping before you make a decision for your ideal black pearl necklace. What you should avoid is not to buy the first black pearl necklace that is shown to you.

Keeping in mind the above points and we are sure they will help you to get a black pearl necklace which is long lasting and suites you.

The Everlasting Beauty of the Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Every woman, it has been said, that should possess a pearl necklace-the only thing that of all the pieces of jewelry in the world with the most jewelry value. No wonder it is the embodiment of classic sophistication and timeless elegance. Indeed, a pearl necklace goes with a variety of outfits from casual day wear to formal evening attire. There are various pearl necklace styles suitable for every possible style of people, depending on the type of pearl and color. Never will Pearl necklaces run out of style. They are always classy, elegant and quite flexible as wardrobe accessories.

There are a lot of beautiful myths about pearls. According to Chinese folklore, pearls are the tears of a dragon. In Roman mythology, they are the tears of Venus. In tireless efforts to do justice to the legendary beauty of these gems, jewelry designers are always trying to add some new glamor to pearl necklaces. Besides the classic strand, gold, silver or platinum are sometimes set in the pearls used in necklaces. Some designers also put pearls together with other gems, creating a unique look. Charms or a brooch can also be attached to a pearl necklace to give it an exclusive effect.

The price of a pearl necklace depends on the quality of its pearls. Saltwater pearls are generally more expensive than freshwater ones, which are cultured. The sheen and the thickness of the pearls' nacre also affect the price, as well as the size and roundness of the pearls themselves. Pearl necklaces of various colors are available on the market. Smaller pearls in light hues of blue or pink are usually more suitable for young children, while the creamier, ivory-toned pearls are preferred by older women. Jewelry pieces made from black pearls are very, very expensive, since these pearls are so rare.

Because there are a lot of pearls, it is inevitable that there exists a great amount of poor quality man-made pearls. In fact, it’s a very obvious phenomenon. They can be too yellow or too white. It's also possible for them to not be weighted properly. This can cause them to not fall around the neck correctly. When this happens, man-made pearls tend to sit wider on the shoulders then they should and don't return to the center of the chest very well when the wearer is moving. And finally, their luster can be very poor.

Since there are a lot of man-made pearls, there are also perfect pearl in the world, which should come to the Mikimoto cultured pearls. , According to a research, only the top 5% of all the cultured pearls in the world meet Mikimoto quality requirements. Although you can still get a pearl necklace which has similar luster or quality for less money, Mikimoto is simply the standard to which everything else is measured. Therefore, if you want to get a best choice for your pearl necklace, you'd better choose them after comparing it with the Mikimoto.

No matter among the ordinary people or society's elite, the pearl necklaces will never lose its popularity. It is the versatility of the pearls that makes fashion experts predict an increase in the number of men who will start wearing pearl necklaces. As there is few other kinds of necklaces to surpass the elegance of the sight of a pearl necklace, a woman can always shine thanks to the necklace.

Some Helpful Information for Your Freshwater Pearl Necklace Selection

Freshwater pearl necklaces are beautiful. Before we talk about how to select for a freshwater pearl necklace, it's important that you know what freshwater pearls are first.

Unlike akoya seawater pearls, Freshwater pearls are cultivated, cultured, or found in freshwater, as opposed to saltwater pearls which have been harvested from seas and oceans. They can be naturally processed with or without human intervention. With the new improved techniques of cultivating pearls, pearl divers search for mollusks or oysters where a foreign object incidentally find its way inside and has been encrusted with layers of nacre. Nowadays these professionals have been able to produce not only large quantity of pearls every year but its quality of freshwater pearls are becoming as good as akoya pearls.

The Features of Freshwater pearls

Most of the freshwater pearls are cultured pearls. Freshwater pearl necklaces are designed with matching size pearls in many lengths and styles. Generally speaking, most popular length size of them are princess length (16”-18”), designed with pearl size between 6mm to 9mm of different shapes.

Things You should Consider to Choose a Perfect Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The first thing for you to consider when you shop for a freshwater pearl necklace will surely be the source of the pearls. Freshwater pearls are produced in various parts of the world and the most famous oens come from Japan and China. Their origins can greatly influence the price. So it’s important for you to consider purchasing freshwater pearl necklaces from less-known pearl manufacturers if you're on a budget.

The size of freshwater pearls of the necklace ranges from very small about 2 mm to very large at about 30 mm, depending on the type of pearls that the necklace features. Just like it is with all sorts of jewelry, the larger the size of the pearl, the higher its value will be. Therefore, it’s also a very significant factor for people who want to select for a freshwater pearl necklace.

Shapes of the freshwater pearls make a difference when one is selecting for his necklace. There are numerous irregularly-shaped pearls because they have been allowed to grow without any external interference. But for saltwater mollusks, it's more likely for them to produce evenly shaped pearls. Thus the shape of the freshwater pearls should be taken into account if you decide to buy it.

There will also be a variety of amazing colors you can choose from for your freshwater pearl necklace and a plenty of variables when it comes to finding the perfect freshwater pearl necklace. Therefore you have the opportunity to get what fits your own personal sense of style. Just make sure that it complements your complexion.

Before you make up your mind to select the necklace, you may first observe it in various lights to effectively compare its luster. Some freshwater pearls can glow only in certain types of light but noticeably dim in other types. The best pearls however will glow no matter what light you're using to observe it with. Of course, the better the luster of freshwater pearls, the higher its value once more.

With the above tips for you, to choose a freshwater pearl necklace will no more be a difficult business. You can simply regard it as a joy from now on.

July 14, 2011

Romantic Jewelry Gifts For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a romantic festivals for lovers. On this special day, people would likie to send a Valentine's Day gift for their loved one. According to different purpose of these Valentine's Day gifts, they are divided into several tpyes. With all of the options available, lovers are sure to make their loved one joyful when they open up their present.

Engagement Rings

engagement rings

Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year to propose. By purchasing a terrific diamond ring, this day will become a much memorable day for both of the lovers.

Promise Rings

If you are ready to take the first step in professing your unwavering love for someone, a promise ring is it. They are like smaller versions of engagement rings and worn by those in exclusive relationships. It is a wonderful way to show the girl how much you care and how much you love her. Most jewelers have promise rings that are not only attractive, but extremely affordable.

Heart Jewelry

engagement rings

A heartfelt, touching gift for Valentine's Day could be a piece of breathtaking, intricate jewelry. As for women, most of them love to receive heart-shaped jewelry from their significant others. So it will be a great idea to buy her something related to heart shape that she will truly treasure on Valentine's Day. Many people may consider that most heart jewelry will be pendants, you can choose a bracelet, a ring, an ankle bracelet, a charm or even a belly ring which is in this shape. That do work out the same effect.

Valentine's Specials

Stores carry jewelry that spells out "XO" and "LOVE" during this season. Cupid's arrow or love knots are other sweet ways to show your love on Valentine's Day. These are very affordable jewelry gifts. Even jewelry made of sterling silver can cost less than a bunch of flowers.

Key Pendants

Key Pendants are keys which stand for unlocking hearts of women everywhere. There are several styles of key pendants to consider, including hearts, crowns, fleur de lis. The materials, and price of key pendants make them a great choice for anyone.

Diamond Jewelry

On Valentine's Day, Men can pick from diamond studs, tennis bracelets, pendants, and necklaces for their girl friends. As diamonds are a girl's best friend, so if you are really uncertain what to get, you can buy her a loose diamond and let her choose the setting. In this way, girls will be no more happy because they can sense your consideration.

Gemstone Jewelry

Most women have their favorite color or jewel. Therefore, the most wonderful jewelry gift for Valentine's Day will be a colored jewel put in the right setting. If you have trouble when finding the specific jewel, you can simply buy her birthstone, a red gemstone of rubies or garnets to herald the season.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box can also be a great gift. If you are not sure about what type of jewelry to buy, or if the girlfriends who guys are buying for only wear jewelry that is priced outside their budget, they are supposed to simply buy them a jewelry box.

Anniversary Gifts for Lovers

Anniversaries are major milestones in the lives of lovers. Each passing year brings them closer to each other, and properly chosen gifts are an acknowledgement of this bond between them. Anniversary gifts are also exchanged between unmarried couples that are close. To a certain degree, an anniversary gifts are of great importance that the choosing process of it could not be careless.

Anniversary Gifts For Women

Nowadays there are a lot of choices for men to buy anniversary gifts for their wives because women are indeed the main customers of this kind of products. In order to give men some specific ideas on what to choose anniversary gifts for their wives, we provide some information here for them.

Unique anniversary gifts may be thoughtful for women, but distinct anniversary gifts are not always the ones for them. No matter jewelry or flowers, they all represent the sender’s love for the receiver.

When celebrating an anniversary with his girlfriend, men are always selective as to what kind of anniversary gift they give. One of the most recommending anniversary gifts will be a red rose which is taken to mean love. Clothes are always a great idea for a woman, too. In addition, the gifts can be anything from jewelry to gift baskets and bud vases. Something like a Gourmet Gala Gift Basket is also very popular, including contains chocolates, baguette sticks, salmon fillets, shortbread cookies, truffles, camembert cheese and black olives.

What’s more, there are also other types of anniversary gifts, such as a trip. Nothing can diminish the old fashioned charm of a romantic Mediterranean cruise, a trip to Venice, a rooftop dinner, or a simple weekend spent hiking mountain trails. Anything that reminds a couple of the magic they have shared over the months and years is a gift a woman will cherish.

Male Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts for women are much easier to find than those given to men. Finding an anniversary gift for a husband can be really a fairly challenging process because there isn’t much information on gift ideas for men. However, women do not need to worry too much because we are going to provide a number of suggestions for them.

One of the most common pieces of advise is to buy gifts that follow tradition. For every milestone regarding to the number of years you are together, there are appropriate gifts for each. For men, it means that wives should get their husbands a gift made out of paper on their first year anniversary, which can come in the form of personalized stationary that he can use in his work. For the next year, women are advised to get their husbands anything made out of cotton. For example, shirts, pillows, or others. On the third year, women are then suggested to buy leather products for their guys, which include shoes, belts, or a leather suitcase. As for other milestones, like the 25th or the 50th wedding anniversary, women are advised to give their husbands gifts that are made out of silver and gold, respectively.

Sometimes women can simply get advice on gift ideas from their boyfriends or husbands as men like practical lifestyle. In this way, men can always be satisfied by the most ideal anniversary gifts.

No matter whom you are shopping for, what really matters is that you do give your loved one an anniversary gift and they will feel your heart through it.

Wedding Jewelry For a Perfect Day

As for women, the wedding day is what they consider the most important day in their whole life. On this day, in order to be perfect, besides the dress, it comes to the wedding jewelry for them choose to add to their glamor.In fact, it is very essensal and significant to determine what kind of wedding jewelry they will wear on this exclusive day.

As soon as women have chosen the wedding dress, the wedding jewelry should be chosen right after it. What women should comply with while choosing this kind of jewelry is to compliment the dress. What’s more , it should make you look more beautiful. Here are some tips for you to choose the ideal wedding jewelry.

• Skin tone: Skin tone is one of the vital factors to determine how you look with your wedding jewelry. The wrong jewels, the wrong color or the wrong pearl overtone will make a terrible look. For example, maybe someone looks pretty charming in diamonds and white gold. However, they are not necessarily do the same on me. To choose wedding jewelry suit best for you, you should go to the jeweler’s and try on various necklaces and earrings to acquire the most stunning feeling. Moreover, you must make sure that your skin look more vibrant after you have worn pearl jewelry.

• Hair, neck and shoulders: These are also very important because the length of your neck, the style of your hair and the neckline of the dress affect the jewelry style that suit you best. Therefore, you may also experiment with different styles of them before you make up your mind to pick up a specific jewelry.

• Tradition: Family traditions and cultural background can also affect one’s judgement on wedding jewelry choosing for their dream day. In some families the bride traditionally wears pearl jewelry on her wedding day. What you should consider is not only what's in style today, but also what you can look back on with pleasure for many years. The photos of your wedding will be kept for decades. Thus it’s strongly recommended that you go with your heart on them.

• Don't skimp: Wedding jewelry is so important that they help you to lighten your beauty. Both the dress and your face will be enhanced if you choose the right wedding jewelry. However, many woman may try to skimp on them because of their high price. The suggestion here for you is to economize on something else as they are so vital to your whole life. Your wedding day will come and go, whereas the memories and the photos which contain your wedding jewelry will last for the rest of your life. Therefore it’s extremely necessary to make sure they are perfect.
If you're considering bridal pearl jewelry make sure you check with a reliable pearl jewelry advisor as to the best pearls for you on this special day.

The Ways To Choose Wedding Jewelry To Compliment Your Wedding Dress

You've planned the perfect wedding spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your wedding dress and now you want to find the right jewelry to accent that beautiful creation as you walk down the aisle. Many women find themselves agonizing over choosing the right wedding jewelry. However, making that choice doesn't have to be difficult if you follow a few simple tips.

Reciprocal Wedding Dress and Wedding Jewelry

If your wedding dress is strapless that leaves your neck shoulders and arms bare, or simple without extra ornaments, you can wear as much jewelry as you can. It's much better for you to wear multi strand necklaces and bracelets than to wear a single strand necklace and a thin bracelet or even no bracelet at all. In fact, thicker necklaces and bracelets often set off simple and elegant dresses to the best advantage.

As for someone who wears a full sleeved high necked wedding dress with a lot of embellishments, it will be a good idea for them to wear as little jewelry as possible. A simple pair of earrings is often all the jewelry this type of dress needs.

Consider The Neckline When Choosing A Wedding Necklace

Your wedding necklace should function to emphasize the neckline of your wedding dress. As for rounded necklines on wedding dresses, they often look well with a choker or a simple set of short pearls. If it is a V-shaped neckline, it will look great with a pendant style necklace.

On account to the sole importance of your wedding, there’s no doubt that you pay the most attention to your wedding jewelry to make yourself shine. With considering for the tips above, you will be better informed of how to choose the right wedding jewelry.

July 13, 2011

Tips for both Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Sellers and buyers

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Tips For Sellers

 wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry is a profitable way to earn a living which possesses fun while exercising with creativity. In this type of jewelry business, one must follow some guidelines in order to maintain hold on the market.

With the ever-flourishing jewelry industry, there are increasing wholesale providers who offer you jewelry at an affordable price. For beginners, it is important to remain updated when it comes to the current trends related with fashion ornaments. One of the most important things about wholesale fashion ornaments is that they have to be stylish and trendy and they do not have to be highly expensive.

People who own a business or are going to resale the jewelry are likely to buy wholesale fashion jewelry. The amount of jewelry one purchases will affect on the discount given. Because wholesalers sell in bulk, so multiple pieces have to be purchased before a discount is given. If you do not own a business but want to take advantage of the low prices of wholesale, you will need to find a way to sell all of the extra jewelry you have.

The ideal way to sell the wholesale fashion jewelry is to put extra items in an online auction, such as those at eBay or others. There, buyers who look for the best deal will possible be interested in some fashionable items. As a result, they may bid and compete against each other to get the lowest price for your jewelry. You might have to get creative but you will be able to come up with a few other ways to sell all of the extra items you have to sell in order to get yours for a great discount.

Besides putting extra items in an online auction, wholesalers of fashion jewelry can also selling them through shops both on and offline, galleries, markets and even through a party plan operation.

Tips For Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Buyers

 wholesale fashion jewelry

There is a lot of different information one ought to know when buying wholesale fashion jewelry. Many people know that buying jewelry wholesale will be very beneficial. So they start looking into it as a way to buy jewelry. If you are one of those who have that idea, it will be very important for you to know how to deal with it.

As buyers for wholesale fashion jewelry, the most significant thing that you need to do is to find a good wholesale source to purchase stock from, as well as creating some marketing strategies to sell your merchandises. To guarantee the loyalty of the wholesaler, you may need to check out their feedback for information about their reputation. Later you can ask if they can send you some samples or if they have any jewelry being sold locally so that you could have a look to decide whether to buy or not . If you are happy with their quality, feedback and price; then go ahead and place an order with confidence knowing that you have done plenty of comparison shopping to work out this particular wholesaler is going to best suit your needs.

Fashion Jewelry Today

fashion jewelry

Compared to men, women represent most of the market for fashion jewelry they are the most wearers of it. As a matter of fact, women are the leaders in this world. Fashion jewelry is just an indispensable aid in their wardrobe and an essential fashion accessory. For those women who are well-dressed, such jewelry is not a mere add-on. It is a decoration of her clothes, her look and her very personality. With the help of the fashion jewelry worn, a woman will be much more glamorous, appearing confidently modern than those who do not put them on.

Fashion jewelry keeps in pace with the trends just as the world of fashion. This kind of jewelry seems to have a cyclical pattern which works in the form of fading away with the pass of the time, however, appearing again with retro appeal spontaneously. Nevertheless, classic jewelry will never lose its fashion as days go by. Jewels, no matter diamonds, pearls, or gold and platinum, will undoubtedly be popular with women.

Women love to wear fashion jewelry for many reasons. Firstly it is not much expensive as compared to the original ones; secondly one is able to get a great variety to match them with different outfits. What’s more, they are helpful to make your outfit become much more fashionable. A woman can express her confidence in her feminine allure and mystery by wearing gorgeous earrings and bracelets. When you look at the world of fashion jewelry you will be astounded by the seemingly infinite array of sizes, shapes. colors and designs, such as earrings and bracelets. There won’t be a shortage of variety and beauty available for a woman to choose from.

How to Choose Fashion Jewelry to Appear best

fashion jewelry

You may know that the simplest pieces are the best looking ones when you are going to wear jewels. Although there are a lot of different types of jewelry available for women to wear, however, some women just wear too much and even wear pieces that clash with one another. If so, maybe they will get the counter effect. In order to avoid it, we provide a few tips here for you which will help you a lot to create a fabulous look.

It is strongly recommended that you look around and see what everyone else is wearing while you are shopping for fashion jewelry. During the time in the shops, you should find out someone who has a look that you like best. Then you may take note of the pieces of jewelry they are wearing. It’s not that you want to copy her jewelry. It simply helps you to know how the styles and designs they have chosen create a marvelous effect as well as giving you hints to determine which pieces you should wear. In addition, you should make sure that the jewelry you choose will look right on your body and with the clothing you are wearing.

A lot of women pay too much attention to the trends that are going on and get so caught up when they are going to purchasing fashion jewelry, which sometimes makes them feel regretted. It is unwise to chase the fashion blindly. If you do not like the color of a turquoise, then you should not buy that turquoise pendent in spite of how popular they are now. Once you happen to buy that kind of jewelry, the best home for them will be going to sit around in your jewelry box. The basic principle for buying jewelry is that you buy it for yourself but not to impress or satisfy others. All you need to do is take the time to observe the people around you who have the look you want and look at the jewelry they are wearing, as well as finding simple pieces of fashion jewelry that you like. In doing so, you will eventually create fabulous appearance.

Silver Vintage Rings

 Silver Vintage Rings

What is Silver Vintage Rings

Nowadays, people are opting for acquiring vintage rings. It could be a tremendous idea of buying vintage rings, as it will be a promise to one’s lifelong soul-mate. Among them silver vintage rings are of great adoration.

So what’s the exact meaning of silver vintage rings? The word ‘vintage', according to the jewelers, refers to ‘rings' which are nearly 50 years old when purchasing a vintage wedding ring in jewelry stores. Even the estate engagement rings may be as old as vintage rings, but they could also be recent. Many jewelry stores nowadays sell silver vintage rings which are designed after the trend of certain epoch. However, they are actually not from that period.

Types of Silver Vintage Rings

Vintage rings are totally different from rings in contemporary jewelry shops. There are some popular styles for one to purchase their beloved silver vintage rings. They are listed below:

Victorian style: Victorian wedding bands and rings date from the era of 1900. They are much elaborate, and several real Victorian rings do not feature diamond.

Edwardian style: The vintage rings formed in this style date from 1900 to 1920. These silver vintage rings are made in rose-cut, a domed, round style which has been used since the 1500s. Also, they often come in elaborate scrollwork and intricate designs, such as flowers, hearts, vines and birds along band, which were conventionally elegant and complex.

Art Deco: The Art Deco style is referred to the era of 1920 to 1930. This age witnessed the vintage rings redesigned in an efficient and contemporary way to go with patterns of times. They are designed in step cut shape, which emphases on clarity instead of glitter and smoothness.

The Functions of Vintage Rings

For those people who would like to present a finest piece of jewel to their bride-to-be but cannot afford the gold or diamond rings, Silver vintage rings are an important option. They are great alternatives for women and men looking for a wedding ring or an engagement ring. They are not less beautiful than jewels made of other metals. They are handcrafted with identical care as for diamond and gold rings.

whether there is adversity or happiness is a big moment to people who make the commitment to stay with each other throughout their lives. As for them, silver vintage rings can easily represent the beauty and elegance of the memorable occasion. A silver vintage ring is a great way to show how much care and love a person has for his better half and their love for them is endless. Thanks to silver vintage rings’ fashionable style, men and women on this day will intend to purchase them for they are rather different from others in the same class.

For lovers and admirers of silver vintage who want something similar for his engagement and wedding, vintage rings are the best suited to them. Since the Victorian times such rings are said to be used. Therefore silver vintage rings are of great significance of antique value as timeless classics.

July 12, 2011

Something you should know about earrings

History of Earrings

Earrings can be traced back to the ancient city of Perspolis, Persia, which is illustrations on the walls depict soldiers wearing earrings. The oldest earrings were the ones discovered in 2500 BC Iraq. During the impoverished Dark Ages, the popularity of earrings and other pieces of jewelry sharply declined. But with the prosper of nations again, especially during the Roman Empire, earrings became popular.

During the Middle Ages, earrings lost priority to elaborate hairstyles and skillfully crafted dresses. And it change this situation as collars became higher and hair was worn up. There were several rises and falls in the follow eras in the history of earrings for religious purposes as well as its popularity among males.

Types of Earrings

There are various types of earrings. Firstly, it will come to the stud earrings, the most common type. They are attached to the ear through the post, making it looks like floating on the earlobe. By the backward friction, these earrings are held in place to without fear of falling off.


The second type of earrings are the hoop earrings, which are circular earrings attached to the ear by wires. Hoop earrings are not complete circles with posts used to secure it to the ear.


There is also another type of earrings—the dangle earrings, which is the favorite among women. In order to avoid touching the shoulders, they are even measured by centimeter. Wires and posts are also used for ear attachments, but most frequently, wires are used shaped into a small hook.


In addition, another earrings - the hugging earrings, are so called because they seem to hug the earlobe. In fact, they are made by the earring crafters to show off their expertise in this field and tend to make elaborate and varied designs.


With the popularity of the movie Star Trek, the Bajoran or slave earrings become popular, too. They are a kind of stud earrings that have a thin chain attached to an ear cuff, and the ear cuff is then attached higher up on the ear.


The last type of earrings will be the ear threads made of slim delicate chains which are able to pass through the ear hole. They usually come out from the back and dangle. To add some style to ear threads, people usually place beads and other materials on the chain.


How to Choose Earrings that Suit Your Face

Oval Face
If you have a face that is as oval as Beyonce Knowles, then it’s strongly recommended that you use soft shapes of earrings. For example, pearls, teardrops, ovals and studs work the best.
Round Face
If your face is as wide as it is long, the best-suit earrings are those long, lean and angular curvy lines, which could help to elongate the round face.
Heart Shaped Face
The features of this kind of face is Narrow at jawline, wide at cheekbones and/or forehead. If your face happen to be this one, then you may choose earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top. Those with soft curves or pyramid style work well as they are wider at the bottom.
Square Face
People who has a square face should prefer to earrings that are with angular, rounded edges as they will help to soften a square face. Medium to long styles are best and hoops look amazing.
Oblong Face
Oblong face is longer than it is wide, so the best choice for people with this kind of face should be chandelier styles with lots of volume and simple studs.
Diamond Face
If people have diamond face, earrings with more width than length, a combination of straight lines and curves are great for them. In addition, studs also look good on diamond shape faces as do small drops.

Inform you more of Pearl Necklaces

 Pearl Necklaces

The Styles of Pearl Necklaces

When referring to pearl necklaces worn around the neck, there appears six types which includes collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope. They are listed as follows:

1.Collar pearl necklaces are usually 10 to 13 inches in length which are quite flexible either for evening wear or casual day wear.
2.Choker pearl necklaces are about 16 to 18 inches that surround the base of the neck. They are suitable for formal wear.
3. Princess pearl necklaces can be about 17 to 20 inches long. This is the most popular length that classic enough to match any outfit or neckline.
4. Matinee pearl necklaces are nearly 20 to 24 inches in length. They go well with business suits. Opera pearl necklace are 28 to 34 inches and appropriate for special occasions, formal events or parties.
5. Opera pearl necklaces are usually 28 to 34 inches long and worn during formal events and occasions. Because of its length, this pearl necklace may be doubled to form two strands. When worn as is, it should ideally reach below the bust line.
6. Rope pearl necklaces are the longest one among all kinds of pearl necklaces. They start at 37 inches and are worn best with pantsuits, which could be doubled or knotted for more style flexibility and also come with multiple clasps.

Other pearl necklace styles

 Pearl Necklaces

Other styles of pearl necklaces are the bib. That is to say, they are the necklaces that cover the base of the neck and the upper part of the chest in several strands of varying lengths. Beside bib, graduated necklaces are the other option for customers, which consists of pearls in graduated lengths, usually with the biggest pearls in the middle. A popular style is the uniform necklace where pearls of similar size are strung together.

Choosing Pearl Colors by Concerning Women’s Skin and Age

 Pearl Necklaces

Choosing a right pearl necklace depends on many factors. One of the significant factors is the color of pearls of the necklace. Although pearl necklaces come in various colors such as white, white rose, cream, golden, black, silver and gray, some simply complement a women's skin color better than others. White, cream, pink or silver pearls generally will look good on anyone and best enhance fairer skin, while gold or yellow pearls will look perfect only on darker-toned skin. For example, a woman having a fair complexion looks better in a light color pearl necklace, as compared to silver, gray or black.

In addition, the age of the person who wears the necklace is what really matters to make it appears elegant. Generally, younger women should wear smaller pearls. At this point in their lives, they could show off their youthful necks with smaller-sized chains and pendants. Older women may want to use longer-length pearl necklaces to draw attention away from their necks. They can also wear bigger pearls with wider, double- or triple-strand chains.

Pearl necklace sets

 pearl necklaces

If you want to buy a pearl necklace, the best way is to buy matching jewelry come in a set. It will be better if you match a pearl necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring or a bracelet together. However, if you prefer just the necklace, some jewelers will allow you to buy one off a set.

Freshwater Pearls

 Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are a kind of stone that comes from freshwater mussels. They are produced in Japan, China, and the United States. They are often used in jewelry and are also crushed to make cosmetic paints.

Brief History of Freshwater Pearls

China is the number one producer of freshwater pearls, followed by Japan and the United States. Over 35 years ago, China's highly lustrous rice pearls began appearing around the world, and since then the freshwater pearl industry has taken off.

The identification of genuine Freshwater Pearls

freshwater pearls

There are thousands of pearl jewelry designs to choose from in the market today. Before buying one, it is strongly suggested that you master the methods of identifying the genuine ones from fake ones.

Before your identification, you may need to know the kind of pearls available in the market. One of them is the saltwater pearls. These are formed inside oysters that are living in the heart of the ocean. It has three types, including Tahitian, Akoya, and South Sea Pearls, depending on the kind of oyster that produced it. The other one are freshwater pearls. They are formed inside mussels that are living in lakes, rivers, ponds, or any other body of fresh water.

Saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls can be both natural or cultured. Natural means no human intervention and the pearl is formed naturally by the oyster or mussel. As for the word “cultured”, it means that a pearl grower will carefully open the shell and introduce a small object as an irritant (commonly a bead or metal) and get them back into the water and wait for the pearl to form.

To help you with identifying genuine freshwater pearls, here is a three way test:
1. Tooth test - get the pearl and run it against your front teeth, just right below the biting edge. If you sense a gritty feeling, it is most probably real. Fake pearls are smooth, like plastic or glass. However, be very careful of the pearls that are made from ground shells as they can also be gritty.
2. Luster test - test the pearls against all kinds of light. Fake pearls will have a shine only on the surface, while genuine pearls always shine from within.
3. Rub test - get two pearls and rub it together. It should be gritty and do not slide off each other.

How to Take Care of Freshwater Pearls

 Freshwater Pearls

No matter Freshwater pearls are natural or cultured, they all possess a soft surface which can easily be scratched or damaged. Because of this reason, it is up to you to keep your pearl jewelry separate from others. Placing them inside a pouch rather than a jewelry box will be much better as the latter's surface can also cause nicks to appear in pearl jewelry.

The life of pearl jewelry may be affected by the acidity level of a woman's skin. If a woman with a particularly high level of acidity in her skin wears a pearl necklace constantly, the acidity will gradually seep into the pearl, influencing its luster and shape. In order to slow down the process, one should always polish his or her pearls with a non-abrasive cloth after taking them off.

What’s more, we should be extremely careful about exposing pearl jewelry to chemicals. Perfume spraying can cause great damage to pearl jewelry while you are wearing them. Other liquid spilling should be also avoided, especially when the liquid has rather strong properties such as lemon and vinegar.

Furthermore, there is also another factor that causes damage to pearl jewelry-heat. If the occasions allowed, you’d better not to wear pearl jewelry, especially when it’s hot and humid. Indeed, the climate can change the color of your pearls or even cause cracks on the surface.

Make sure that you are using only jewelry cleaners specifically intended for pearl cleaning and nothing else. You can not steam-clean pearls as well. If you wish to preserve the luster of your pearls, you can use a drop of olive oil on them.

Pearl jewelry is amazing to possess not only because of its natural beauty but also because of the amount of hard work put into them. Hard work by humans and nature combined.

Charming Pearl jewelry

The Beauty of Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry not only represents beauty and elegance, but it also stands for a romantic sophistication which could be suitable for all kinds of occasions. Pearl jewelry could be worn with formal eveningwear, with casual clothes such as jeans and sweaters or even with a business suit.

People who have been born in June are more likely to prefer pearl jewelry. Thus brides and young women who was born in this month would like to own this kind of jewelry which are of great elegance. Pearl jewelry can also be given as wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduation and anniversary, or just a sweet present to cherish your loved one.

Different from before when pearl jewelry was considered to be extravagant and rare, modern cultured pearls are now a kind of luxury which are much affordable for common people. When choosing pearl jewelry, there are six factors which should be considered to make sure of the value and quality of a pearl. These factors are its luster, shape, nacre thickness, size, surface texture and color.

Generally speaking, pearls gain a unique beauty from the appearance of light reflected through the fine crystalline nacre layers. The highest reflection and deepest luster is from the nacre, which is nearly transparent. A pearl of high quality would have an even and brilliant reflection that has a fine warm glow while pearls which are of lower quality have a duller sheen.

As for pearls, their dominant color basically comes from the surface's main reflection. Light-colored pearls come in shades of golden, cream and white. The most valuable light-colored pearls are generally the ones that are white with silver or pink undertones, while the best dark-colored pearls would be the ones that are black with blue or green overtones.

The Design of Pearl Jewelry

The size and quantity of pearls were, traditionally, a symbol of wealth and power. Compared with sea-water pearls, cultured ones sell well, and are much more affordable. However, today simple yet geometrically interesting designs are what most buyers look for.

Pearls match greatly with jewelry. By offering the option of sets, it’s much more easier to sell more. Pearls go pretty well with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, even finger rings are a good choice. The design should be original and well made and in high quality in order to compete with cheap sellers. By using silver spacers and findings, and always knot a pearl necklace, you can greatly enhance the designs of your pearl jewelry.

Pearl Sale

If you want to make qualified and impressive jewelry that everyone appreciates, then go for pearls. Nowadays in our society pearls are expected to be expensive and in short supply because people know that they are natural. However, since the 1950s, natural pearls have been cultivated, which makes them much cheaper to purchase. This means more profit if manufacturers include them in jewelry. Therefore, if you want to earn money from pearl jewelry, you can simply go for pearls.

July 11, 2011

Jewelry Online

With the development of the economy, nowadays there are more and more people who are able to purchase jewelry. Besides purchasing jewelry at the jeweler’s by oneself, now people can also purchase them conveniently on the Internet.

Cheap Jewelry Online

jewelry online

As jewelry online become a common part of modern society, people find that there are cheap one frequently available online. Indeed, cheap jewelry is relative to our idea of the value of money and how much we have of it. A Tiffany replica can seem inexpensive at $40 or $50, or a reproduction of a designer ring can be a bargain at $200 if the real version is $2,000, and perhaps a copy of a famous classic antique may be cheap at $2,000 if the original is $20,000.

What is your idea of cheap? Body jewelry for under $10? Costume jewelry for less than $20? Or gold jewelry and high end fashion jewelry, which respectively for around $30 or $40? In fact, One of the most popular phenomena in the cheap jewelry market is costume jewelry costs up to $20 and many wholesale and online jewelry shops sell their cheap jewelry for as little as $1.

So what is those cheap jewelry supposed to be used for ?There are mainly several kinds of ways they would go to :
- those who own an corporation and want a value added product to go with a service;
- those who need promotional giveaways or party favors;
- inexpensive children’s gifts;
- simple cheap silver jewelry for those who need large quantities of body jewelry for piercing or tattoo clients.

These inexpensive products will not be of high quality and will not last long, likely coming from Chinese manufacturers and be similar to other products sold in department stores and discount jewelry outlets around the world.

The Safefy to Purchase Jewelry Online

jewelry online

Is it safe to purchase jewelry online? Without referring to its notorious past, the answer should be yes. There are many ways for consumers to check for the sellers’ background to make sure the business are reputable. A couple of things that a customer can do to ensure a safe and reliable transaction will be listed as follows:
1. Do your research.
When purchasing jewelry online, it is important to find out all of the information about the dealer and the products. Ensure that you read the policies, terms, and conditions which are available on their website. What’s more, it may be helpful to see how long the shop has been running. Even independent, However small an online jewelry retail shop is, it will have detailed terms and information readily available to their customers.

2. Is there a return or exchange policy?
Many online jewelry retailers have exceptional money-back guarantees that will intend to satisfy the customers. It is better that they would be aware of the retailer's return or exchange policy before purchasing anything. If you have any doubts about these policies, simply contact the retailer to clarify and express your concerns.

3. Is it a reputable company?
There are many watchdog groups that monitor online business transactions to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction. Thus you can check to see if the retailer is listed with the Better Business Bureau. It is important to also check if the jewelry is certified. If you wish to find additional information, conducting a simple online search for a retailer will help a lot.

4. What payment options are available?
Most online jewelry retailers offer varied methods of payment for their customers. Usually, if a company uses Paypal, they are typically a legitimate online retailer.

5. If there is a problem, can you contact someone?
Ensure that there is a valid contact number to reach the retailer in case there are any issues with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, you can simply speak with someone to alleviate your concerns.

All in all, if you follow the list of recommendations above, you will not have a problem when purchasing jewelry online.

Brief Introduction of Costume Jewelry

What is costume jewelry? Many people may regard it as one kind of authentic jewelry. To state it correctly, costume jewelry refers to jewelry that is made of less valuable materials, including base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. They are used to substitute precious metals and gems. Also called "Fashion jewelry," costume jewelry is mostly inexpensive and flashy. Costume jewelry is not an asset for it is mainly used for fashion purposes. Because it is often used for stage costumes, it is called "costume jewelry."

History of Costume Jewelry

There is virtually no difference between costume jewelry and antique jewelry. Costume Jewelry dates back to the 1930s. By the definition of antique that would also make it antique jewelry. Costume Jewelry came into being in the 1930s as a cheap disposable jewelry meant to be worn with a specific outfit, but not meant to be handed down through generations. It was intended to be fashionable for a short period of time, out date itself, and then be repurchased to fit with a new outfit purchase, or with a new fashion style. It became available in large quantities during the 30s.

The Restoration of Costume Jewelry

No matter an antique costume jewelry collector or just someone who with great taste in fashion, they tend to take precaution to extend the life their jewelry. Maybe the favorite necklace of today is tomorrow’s antique collectible. Therefore, we list a few basic tips for care and cleaning of costume jewelry, also the safest and the most comprehensive information for you.

There is no doubt that abrasives and moisture are the most common destructors of deterioration of costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is most often produced with worthless metals, usually gold or silver plated, and with or without beads of varying types. These metals tarnish as a result of oxidation of plated jewelry exposed to certain elements such as sulfur, oxygen and certain acids.

Remove jewelry before showering or bathing, grooming and before doing any type of household chores such as washing dishes. Believe it or not, chemicals can be very abrasive and ruin the finish of costume jewelry. So it is very important to be especially careful of bleach, window cleaner, oven cleaners and bathroom cleaners. When you get ready in the morning, don't put your jewelry on until the minute you leave for your new day. Be sure your skin is dry if you have bathed or showered. Water and personal care products can easily tarnish and dull the finish of your jewelry including hair spray, cosmetics, skin care products and perfume.

In order to keep your costume jewelry sparkling, it is suggested that you clean your costume jewelry in a mild, PH balanced soap diluted with water such as a PH balanced shampoo like "Orvus". In addition, you should thoroughly dry the jewelry after exposure it to water by patting gently with a soft, lint free cloth, letting it air dry completely. When you store your costume jewelry, you ought to store it in a dry container with anti-tarnish paper for the sake of protecting it. Always dry your jewelry after exposure to water. Pat with a soft cloth not a paper towel or cotton balls. Paper towels are too abrasive and cotton gets caught in the tiny tinges holding in gem stones which could eventually pull them loose.

When storing your jewelry, be sure they are separated or stored in soft pouches. Just going through your jewelry box looking for the perfect piece to wear causes damage. The rubbing and moving against metal, glass beads and stones dulls their finish and can scratch their surfaces.

Besides those information above, do keep your jewelry away from dust and dirt as much as possible; read labels of commercial jewelry cleaning products carefully before using; make sure they specifically say they are safe for costume jewelry and be sure they do not contain ammonia, vinegar, acid or alcohol. With these considerate tips, costume jewelry customers will be helped to keep their jewelry in pristine condition to be enjoyed for years to come.

The Way to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Online

Buying wholesale jewelry is just a matter of finding real legitimate wholesale suppliers. Using the internet and other sources you have access to a lot of wholesale Jewelry companies, then you will be able to purchase jewelry from at very competitive prices.

There is a difference between online jewelry stores and online wholesale companies. Online jewelry stores sell jewelry at retail prices, even though the price may be slightly discounted. But in many instances the term "Wholesale" might be misused by discounted retailers.

 wholesale jewelry

 wholesale jewelry

Buying wholesale jewelry online

When buying wholesale jewelry online you have to be aware of some factors that will help you identify legitimate suppliers. Wholesale companies sell jewelry at true wholesale prices. This means two things. First, as a wholesale company probably they would be interested in selling in either bulk quantities or with minimum orders. Second, real wholesale suppliers ask for a tax or reseller's permit number. This is to verify that you are a legal business. Using those two tips you can identify whether a company is a true wholesaler or just a discounted retailer.

When dealing with an online wholesale company, you need to do several things. First, you want to be sure that you are buying the real thing. There are many companies out there that will advertise that their jewelry is ‘authentic.’ Read the sales copy very carefully, and educate yourself quickly. For instance, beware of words like ‘gold plated’ or 'realistic.’ This is an indication that the jewelry isn’t gold or that stones are fake.

Many websites offer wholesale directories and they vary in quality. A great amount of people tend to use free sources first. For example, if you are looking for an engagement ring at a wholesale price, simply go to Google or Yahoo and type engagement ring "wholesale only" into the search box. The idea here is to type in different related keywords such as "distributor" or "manufacturer" and combine them to get different results.

Be aware that some wholesalers will only sell in bulk; So you need to decide exactly what you want to buy before committing your money into merchandise. Also find out if the company has a refund or exchange policy, as well as a 100% money back guarantee. This is a rather significant factor which will protect you if you find that you are dissatisfied with the pieces you purchased, or if they are of lesser quality than you expected.

In addition, consider using eBay to find jewelry at wholesale prices. What’s more, you should be very discreet about the sellers. Check his feedback and ratings, making sure that you are dealing with a reputable person or company. If the jewelry is at an important piece, use the escrow service that eBay recommends – even if you have to pay the escrow fees yourself.

Wholesale Jewelry at trade shows and fairs

If buying online isn’t what you are interested in, you can attend some trade shows to look for a jewelry fair or trade show in your city. Also you might consider joining a discount club. There you will find jewelry at deeply discounted retail prices, which is the next best thing to jewelry wholesale Jewelry prices.

Finally, you can use our free wholesale directory to locate some companies. Best luck with your wholesale jewelry purchase.

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