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Topearl Jewelry introduces stylish Mabe pearl jewelry

Simple, elegant and unfading. This is the pearl. With a beauty so unique that can span from one generation to the next, a pearl is indeed a worthy investment.

Pearls now come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors never imagined before. No longer is the pearl limited to just the round and white. Irregularly shaped pearls are now popular as well and that includes the mabe variety.

They maybe unheard of but yes, there’s a pearl variety called mabe that possesses a very unique shape. This type is a large, half-spherical cultured pearl with a flat back that grows on the interior shell of a mollusk and not on its body. Also known as the blister pearl while still inside the oyster (Pteria penguin), mabe pearls are intentionally grown ideally in tropical and subtropical waters.
14K gold mabe pearl earrings

As in any type of pearl, cultured mabe pearls can be used for any piece of jewelry. However, they are more popularly used in rings, earrings, brooches, cuff links and pins. Their unique beauty is attributed to its high luster of rainbow colors and extraordinary brilliance.

And what’s great about the mabes is they can be purchased at very affordable prices much lower than the round pearls. Price difference is also not that wide when it comes to their sizes unlike the round pearls that command a higher price for the bigger sizes. This only means that a 10mm or a 14mm diameter mabe does not really differ much in price.

In purchasing your mabe pearl jewelry, quality should foremost in mind. But as there are no standard grading system for pearls, look for those vital factors such as luster or inner brilliance and surface smoothness. Pearls with high luster exude a unique glow and keep in mind that the smoother the surface and the less noticeable the imperfections, the better the quality.

ToPearl.com is the perfect place to get your most wanted mabe pearl jewelry. The company is an expert on Chinese cultured pearls so you can be sure to get only top quality and authentic pearls from the site at rock bottom prices. ToPearl sources its mabe pearls direct from the pearl farm in Hainan, in the southern coast of China and offers them at wholesale prices.

Mabe pearl jewelry pieces at ToPearl can be purchased by piece or set of ring, earrings and pendant depending on your preference. You have a wide choice of colors and shapes to choose such as blue, pale blue, the classic white and olive, oblong, tear drop and round set in sterling silver or gold and adorned with zircons.

Price-wise, anybody can well afford ToPearl’s mabe pearl jewelry. Visit the site (http://www.topearl.com/) and you’ll be surprised at the rates you can get. An oblong mabe pearl sterling silver pendant is offered at only $9.50 while for only a little more than $100, you can already get a mabe pearl ring or pendant set in 14K yellow gold.
mabe pearl pendant

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