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The Timeless Beauty Of Pearl Rings

No matter how you look at it, it’s undeniable that pearl rings exude an elegant look despite its simplicity. And what’s wonderful about it too is that is can be set in either the yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver and still look beautiful. So regardless of the kind, size and color of pearl that is made into a ring, you can be sure that you have one timeless piece of jewelry to treasure and to pass on to your daughter or granddaughter.

The history of rings dates back to the Medieval period although it was around the 14th century when rings appeared with faceted jewels. While rings were used back then to show a person’s social class, today they are used for a variety of purposes including adornment, loyalty and love to husband and wife as well as gifts.

Pearl rings in plain gold, white gold or sterling silver setting are lovely by themselves but when set with diamonds and other precious stones give a more glamorous look. There are just so many great designs to choose from these days, a potential wearer or gift giver will have a hard time selecting the perfect one.

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Pearls come in a range of colors, shapes and sizes. They have long been valued as gemstones and in fact, have been cultivated in different countries in recent years mainly for use in jewelry. Their basic shapes include round, semi-round, drop, pear, oval, button, baroque and circled. Of course, the perfect round pearls are very rare and have the most value.
Although the round pearls are popularly used in rings, recent trends show the use of the button shapes.

Pearls are either natural or cultured, meaning they are cultivated in special farms. Cultured pearls can either be freshwater or saltwater. The saltwater pearls are of three types �the Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian �and are more expensive than the freshwater pearls. Of the three, the Akoya Japanese and Tahitian pearls are the most sought after.

Pearl rings are rarely used as an engagement ring but they can be a great alternative whether they feature just the pearl alone or set with diamonds and other gemstones. In fact, they can cost more than the traditional diamond ring. One of the reasons is that it is actually harder to set a pearl ring compared to a more durable mineral gem.

However, as in any kind of jewelry, you have to know how to choose a quality pearl over an imitation. There are several important factors to consider which you should keep in mind. Luster is the most vital aspect of a pearl’s quality if you were to ask jewelers. By luster, it means the pearl should be bright with its surface showing your reflection. Its surface should be clean and devoid of bumps, cracks or spots. Ask also the jeweler about the thickness of the nacre although you can check this aspect by doing the tooth rub meaning, if you rub it against your tooth, it should have a rough feel.

So now you know all these things, you are then ready to find that perfect pearl ring of your dreams or for your loved one.

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