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Pearl Earring Jewelry - The Best Wedding Gift

A pearl is popular for its white color hence, a very fitting symbol of purity and chastity. This is the main reason why a pearl is closely associated with marital love and happiness. In fact, the Greeks refer to the pearl as a wedding gem.

Pearl jewelry has been a top choice as a wedding gift around the world for thousands of years now. It dates back to around 1,000 B.C. in India making it one of the oldest gems in existence. India used to be among the top international pearl trade centers for more than 40 centuries and to the people there, pearls symbolize peace of mind and strength of body and soul.

The pearl's timelessness and elegance makes it a great wedding present. It is a must-have jewelry for any woman which she can always bequeath to her daughter when her own wedding day comes. A bride, in particular, gifted with pearl jewelry either from the groom, her parents, grandparents or even friends is truly loved and valued.

Among the most important jewelry worn during weddings are, of course, the real pearl earrings. Whatever their type, design and make, the pearl earrings bring focus to a bride's beauty on the day she says "I do" to her future husband. This jewelry is very affordable and you have so many varieties, shapes and colors to choose from today.

Pearl earrings are now available in so many amazing styles whether made from purely pearls or mixed with other gemstones. But knowing the basic styles will help you in your choice. First on the list are the studs normally made with a post and a lock to secure the earrings. Then there are the dangles that flow from the bottom of the ears and which come in various lengths. This can either be a stud with dangles or a French hook design which just hangs from the ears without closure. The hoop style is circular or semi-circular just like a ring. And finally, there are the threaders or ear threads which are three to five inches long. By its name alone, this type of earring is used by threading through the ear hole via its small metal bar.

Freshwater cultured pearls are the perfect choice for wedding jewelry. Japan and China are now the top producers of these gems. There are some factors, though, that you need to look into when getting quality pearl jewelry.

. Size matters and keep in mind that the bigger, the more expensive it becomes.
. Be particular about its luster and surface markings. Look for a high luster but avoid a smooth surface.
. As for shape, the rarest and the most expensive pearls are the round-shaped ones. If this is not possible, you can always choose the baroque type.
. Pick a pearl with thick nacre. Consult a jeweler if you're not sure about this as this is usually hard to determine using the naked eye.
. Color should not be a problem because apart from the classic white, pearls come in pastels too. White is perfect for the bride while peach, lavender and pink are great for the bridesmaids and best if it matches the wedding motif.

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