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China (Guangzhou) International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair

On 15 - 18 June, 2007, China (Guangzhou) International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair is held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre.

Guangzhou - The largest jewellery raw materials wholesale market in SE Asia
China is traditionally a gold-consuming country. The overall economic growth of China has pushed up the per capita income of Chinese people, stimulating sales of jewellery. Due to the good sales of jewellery products, demand for raw materials is increasing correspondingly. Guangdong Province is the major manufacturing centre of jewellery. There is a sufficient supply of jewellery raw materials. Along with its coastal location, raw materials from other provinces are also transported there for wholesaling, making Guangdong Province the significant wholesale raw materials market in China. Guangzhou is its pivotal center.

Guangzhou - An unrivalled raw materials wholesaling centre
Guangzhou is a key trading centre in Southern China for materials such as jade, crystal, pearls, gemstones, etc., with an annual sales turnover of RMB4 billion to RMB5 billion. It is definitely the right place for sourcing raw materials. In addition, Guangzhou is known as the largest raw materials wholesale market in Southeast Asia, featuring a variety of products from over 3,000 traders from Guangdong and other provinces. These include silver from Shenzhen, Dongguan and Haifeng; gemstones and jade from Sihui, Jieyang and Pingzhou, Nanhai; synthetic stones and cubic zirconia from Wuzhou, Guangxi; gemstones from Fujian and Hubei; pearls from Zhuji, Zhejiang; and crystal from Donghai, Jiangsu.

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