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Akoya pearl farm and oysters farming

I took some photos about akoya pearl farms in 2006 year.

I took one photo at the shore. The remote is akoya pearl farm. Because of seawater pollution, the oysters must be cultured in the deep sea.

Because the tide fell, we had to took off our shoes, stepped to the small boat at the sea so that we can visit the pearl farm by boat.

The wide oyster beds
We finally got to the akoya pearl farm at the deep sea. The seawater is blue,no polluted to guarantee the quality of cultured pearls.
the bulk akoya oysters in the cages are hung beneath the sea water.

The akoya oysters in the cage
Saltwater oysters are generally nucleated using a "bead" prepared from mother-of-pearl. Then they are placed in cages and moved into the oyster beds. The pearls in oysters are gradually developing.
( Colorful films are not available, so we had to take photos using white-black films. )

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