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A visit to akoya pearl farm

In 2006 year, I took one customer,Vickie to visit our akoya pearl farm. Some photos as follow:

Professional photographer
Vickie like to take photos; he use up his all films.

What's it?
-- The shell of akoya oysters and oyster meats
When picking up pearl inside, the oyster shells can be used to make shell jewelry,shell buttons and oyster meats can be eaten that is delicious.

Cickie never see these goods; he also was interested with them, not only pearls and pearl farms.

The white shirt in the middle is me, Mark Wu.

Talk between Cickie and the woman farmer
Vickie chated with the woman farmer; I have to become translator.
In my home town, many people can not speank Mandarin or Cantonese; they only speak my dialect. So even if you can speak Mandarin, you can not communicate with them.

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Posted by Mark Wu

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