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June 20, 2007

Trendy Summer & Beach jewelry in wholesale

Hot! Hot summer & hot jewelry. Topearl.com launched simply cool summer & beach jewelry series this month. When you wear summer & beach jewelry in the hot summer, you have cool feeling.

Fashion summer jewelry is handmade with Chinese crystals, rose quartz, turquoise, shell beads, freshwater pearls. You can usually choose a set summer jewelry - summer necklace and earrings.

June 15, 2007

Hong Kong Jewelry & Watch Fairs (June)

Asia's Biggest Mid-Year Jewelry Fair
21-24 June, 2007
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

More Growth �More Attractions
In addition to Halls 1, 2 & 3, Mazzanine 1 & 2 in 2007 the June Fair will expand to occupy the Expo Drive Hall of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), reaching a record 35,000-plus square metres of exhibition space, a 17 percent increase in scale. The number of exhibitors, which in 2006 exceeded 1,000, an increase of 30 percent compared with 2005, is expected to see further growth in 2007. The June Fair is designed to serve the international jewellery industry by offering the most comprehensive buying and selling opportunities.

One Stop . Two Fairs
An added bonus for attendees is the Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair (AFJ), the most international and professional fair of its kind in Asia, which will be held concurrently in the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE). Visitors who register for the June Fair will enjoy free access to both - two buying opportunities in a single trip. For the convenience of exhibitors and visitors, free continuous luxury shuttle bus service directly between the two venues will be arranged. There will also be a special Airport Express Train running between Central District and AWE during the Fair.

When you go to HK to visit the fairs, welcome to visit our topearl.com at Liwan Plaza,Guangzhou!
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June 13, 2007

China (Guangzhou) International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair

On 15 - 18 June, 2007, China (Guangzhou) International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair is held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre.

Guangzhou - The largest jewellery raw materials wholesale market in SE Asia
China is traditionally a gold-consuming country. The overall economic growth of China has pushed up the per capita income of Chinese people, stimulating sales of jewellery. Due to the good sales of jewellery products, demand for raw materials is increasing correspondingly. Guangdong Province is the major manufacturing centre of jewellery. There is a sufficient supply of jewellery raw materials. Along with its coastal location, raw materials from other provinces are also transported there for wholesaling, making Guangdong Province the significant wholesale raw materials market in China. Guangzhou is its pivotal center.

Guangzhou - An unrivalled raw materials wholesaling centre
Guangzhou is a key trading centre in Southern China for materials such as jade, crystal, pearls, gemstones, etc., with an annual sales turnover of RMB4 billion to RMB5 billion. It is definitely the right place for sourcing raw materials. In addition, Guangzhou is known as the largest raw materials wholesale market in Southeast Asia, featuring a variety of products from over 3,000 traders from Guangdong and other provinces. These include silver from Shenzhen, Dongguan and Haifeng; gemstones and jade from Sihui, Jieyang and Pingzhou, Nanhai; synthetic stones and cubic zirconia from Wuzhou, Guangxi; gemstones from Fujian and Hubei; pearls from Zhuji, Zhejiang; and crystal from Donghai, Jiangsu.

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June 8, 2007

Akoya pearl farm and oysters farming

I took some photos about akoya pearl farms in 2006 year.

I took one photo at the shore. The remote is akoya pearl farm. Because of seawater pollution, the oysters must be cultured in the deep sea.

Because the tide fell, we had to took off our shoes, stepped to the small boat at the sea so that we can visit the pearl farm by boat.

The wide oyster beds
We finally got to the akoya pearl farm at the deep sea. The seawater is blue,no polluted to guarantee the quality of cultured pearls.
the bulk akoya oysters in the cages are hung beneath the sea water.

The akoya oysters in the cage
Saltwater oysters are generally nucleated using a "bead" prepared from mother-of-pearl. Then they are placed in cages and moved into the oyster beds. The pearls in oysters are gradually developing.
( Colorful films are not available, so we had to take photos using white-black films. )

June 4, 2007

A visit to akoya pearl farm

In 2006 year, I took one customer,Vickie to visit our akoya pearl farm. Some photos as follow:

Professional photographer
Vickie like to take photos; he use up his all films.

What's it?
-- The shell of akoya oysters and oyster meats
When picking up pearl inside, the oyster shells can be used to make shell jewelry,shell buttons and oyster meats can be eaten that is delicious.

Cickie never see these goods; he also was interested with them, not only pearls and pearl farms.

The white shirt in the middle is me, Mark Wu.

Talk between Cickie and the woman farmer
Vickie chated with the woman farmer; I have to become translator.
In my home town, many people can not speank Mandarin or Cantonese; they only speak my dialect. So even if you can speak Mandarin, you can not communicate with them.

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Posted by Mark Wu

June 1, 2007

Shell jewelry wholesale at Topearl.com

Topearl.com just launched several styles of shell jewelry: fashion shell pendants,shell bracelets.

See photos of two shell pendants:
Fashionable shell pendant jewelry

Fashion shell pendant jewelry

It's said that shell jewelry is the oldest jewelry. At ancient age, only wealthy ladies can wear shell jewelry. The age had passed and now most people can affordable to buy and wear jewelry. But even in those ages, it was fashionable to create and wear Shell Jewelry. Shell jewelries are beautiful reminders of nature's beauty.

All natural sea shell jewelry materials and natural shell components come from different kinds of fashionable sea jewels like puka, paua, troca, blacklip and brownlip, hammer, nautilus, Mother of Pearl or MOP shells.

Imaging in July when you wear your fashionable shell pendant,shell earrings, you can not only feel beautiful, but feel nice and cool! Welcome to order fashion shell jewelry at Topearl.com site!

Posted by Mark Wu

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