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Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

I collect some customer questions, then answer them together:

Are your company wholesale jewelry?
Yes, Topearl.com is one of China's wholesale jewelry companies. As online wholesale jewelry company, topearl mainly supplies pearl jewelry,pearl necklaces,bracelets,earrings,pendants,coral jewelry,turquoise,gemstone jewelry,wholesale bridal jewelry, and jewelry materials such as pearl beads,coral,turquoise beads,jewelry fittings at wholesale prices.

Are all jewelry products designed by your company?
Yes, all jewelry products are designed & manufactured by our designer and workers. Some designs are traditional and classic, new designs are popular with touches of modern trends. Our designers are always keeping an eye on jewelry market trends.
Welcome to wholesale your own custom jewelry.

Are all jewelry products are in stock?
As jewelry wholesaler, Topearl stocks large quantities raw jewelry materials as loose pearl beads,pearl strands,jewelry clasps,boxes,jewelry mounting,coral beads,turquoise and other gemstone beads. Our each design only has several pieces available because we have too many designs to store large quantities of every jewelry design. But we are equipped enough workers,jewelry accessories to cater to demands of large orders of a single design. Our jewelry making lead time is usually 3~5 days.

Posted by Mark Wu, the owner of Topearl.com

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