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What is a jade jewelry

The jade ring is the most ancient of all marriage traditions. The bride and the groom have exchanged rings since the Egyptians used the jade ring as a symbol of marriage. Before metals were discovered, jade rings had been made of braided grass, leather, bone and ivory. Today, jade rings can be anything from an inexpensive, plain brand to an

Many choose the metal for their jade bands or sets by matching them to their engagement ring. However, this is not necessary. A bride can wear her engagement ring on her right hand and the jade ring on the left (concerning Russia - vice versa). Also the bride and the groom can wear a similar style in different metals.

Yellow Gold is the most traditional of ring metals. Usually 14k, 18k, or 24 k gold is preferred. While 24k is the most pure, it is also the softest. As you are going to wear your jade ring every day, it is better to choose 14k or 18k gold, unless you do not have to work with your hands and there is no possibility to scratch the wring.

Platinum is a very stylish metal and also the hardest one. Platinum is not mixed with the lesser metals (such as copper, for example) that gold rings are. Though, a platinum ring puts you to a lot of expense.

A jade or an engagement ring with a precious stone is a rather extravagant choice. Here, you should consider the durability of the stone, just as the durability of gold. While softer stones might be more beautiful, they are, nevertheless, not the best pick. Of course, a precious stone jade set may be excellent from the point of view of singularity, but again, if you are a person who does a lot of activity with your hands, that isn't the best selection.

To help you make a decision, here is a list of common stones, and their hardness level according to the Mohs scale. (Mohs scale registers a stone's ability to resist abrasion; 10 is the strongest and 1 is the weakest. Anything less than a Mohs scale 7 is not recommended for an engagement or jade ring or set.
* Diamonds 10
* Rubies 9
* Sapphire 9
* Emerald 8
* Topaz 8
* Aquamarine 7.5 to 8
* Amethyst 7
* Garnet 6.5 to 7.5

If you are rich enough, you can, of course, afford a diamond or a platinum jade or engagement ring. And if you are not? Go back to your budget, weigh up your personal financial situation, though it is difficult to be practical when deciding how much money to spend on a jade/engagement ring, because what it symbolizes is priceless. This is where you can save or lose money. Don't be influenced to spend more than you can afford because of fear, a desire to impress anybody, or pressure from a salesperson, who may try to make you feel cheap or question your commitment.

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, silicone carbide. It was discovered in 1863 by Henry Moissan in a meteor. Since there are almost no supplies of this mineral on earth, scientists set out to create synthetic moissanite. They succeeded and created such a good substitute for diamonds, that sometimes jewelers cannot easily tell the difference.

If women have always wore jade rings (as a symbol of married life and just as a lovely piece of jewelry), the practice of men wearing jade rings is relatively new. Up until the middle of the twentieth century, it was mostly only women who wore jade rings. When World War II broke out, and many men faced lengthy separation from their wives, man began wearing jade bands as a symbol of their marriages and a reminder of their wives. It was a gesture of love and affection that has survived into modern times.

Men do not have to worry that wearing a jade ring is too effeminate. Heavy rings with a thick solid band, are a popular choice. A Celtic-style engraving or a simple plain band could also be considered. When choosing your jade band, think whether you would like it to match with your bride's jade ring.

And now, the last hint. If a man definitely doesn't want to wear a jade ring, be it for emotional or practical reasons, there are some other symbolic ways of acknowledging his marriage. Firstly, he could wear a watch or chain engraved with a message from the bride. A more adventurous person can make a tattoo of a jade band around his finger. It certainly demonstrates the level of his commitment to his future wife.

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