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Pearl Jewelry for Graduation Gifts

What is the best gift to set off a girl's beauty? A suitable set of jewelry will, especially in some special occasions.

Supposed that your little girl will attend her graduation ceremony tomorrow after finishing her study. What is the perfect gift for her to represent your best wishes and to symbolize her new life from tomorrow?

The best recommendation is the freshwater pearl jewelry. But why? Here are four reasons:

First of all, pearls are elegant. Rounded, smooth and bright, a pearl can make any girl like a princess and attractive. And a peal can be matched to any kinds of clothes, from a common dress to a formal robe, just to bring the girl more elegance.

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Second, pearl is the treasure for every lady. Every lady should possess a pearl. It is the dearest present to make them delighted, no matter elder lady or young girls.
When your daughter participates in a party or a special occasion, be sure that she has her own special set of pearls.

Third, the pearl jewelry is affordable. Even though a pearl is elegant and makes a lady like the wealthy people, it is affordable. The technique for raising pearl oysters is developing, in this case, the price for pearls are much lower than it used to be. However, there are surely some rare and expensive ones. You may choose the ones which are most suitable to your wealth.

And finally, a pearl has its spirit. Pearls are different from other jewelries because of its unique forming process. A pearl is developed from a common stone. When an oyster encounters the stone, it will secrete substances to coat the stone. As time passes, the once little stone will become a beautiful pearl. A pearl symbolizes the spirit of perseverance and beauty after suffering, which is fit for the spirit of girls.

Now that you've already known the reasons why giving a pearl to your daughter as a present. And you may have decided to buy one now. However, do you know how to choose a suitable set of pearl jewelry? Some guidelines for you to get the perfect item as following:

First, say no to imitation pearls. No matter to what person the gift will be given, genuineness is uppermost. A genuine pearl can present your sincerity and show your taste, so do not buy any imitation pearls, no matter how cheap they are. An imitation pearl is man-made, it does not have the precious history a real pearl possesses.

Second, be clear about the levels of price. You have to know that the real pearls which are grown in the freshwater or sea naturally are very rare and expensive. So they will surely bear a very high price. Do not make any effort to bargain over the price of a real pearl. If you can not afford the real pearl, you may choose the cultured pearls. They are not imitations but are grown in the oyster farms and the forming mechanism of them is the same as the natural ones.

Finally, how to judge a good pearl? There are several specifications which affect the cost of a pearl. First, the size. It is sure that the larger ones are more precious because the time of forming is much longer than the smaller ones. So the price is based on the millimeter size of the pearls. Second, the color and brightness of the coating of a pearl is also an important criterion to judge the pearl. A good pearl should have a distinct iridescence which make it apart from the rest.

Based on your professional judgment on a pearl, you'll surely find a perfect set of pearl for your dear daughter. She will be very pleased to wear the pearl to begin her new life after the graduation!

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