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Hong Kong's Largest Jewelry Manufacturing Base

Hong Kong's jewelry is famous in the world. Each year, many jewelry shows are held in HK. Guangzhou City in South China become Hong Kong's largest jewelry manufacturing base in the mainland as many Hong Kong jewelry makers have moved to the area in an effort to find low cost and skillful craftsmen.

In the Panyu District of Guangzhou City, more than 200 Hong Kong jewelry companies have set up manufacturing factories, employing more than 50,000 workers. The district could process more than 100 tons of gold and platinum every year, with a total production value of 5 billion yuan (US$604 million) and an export volume of US$800 million.

Ninety-five percent of the jewelry on Hong Kong's market is processed in Panyu. Jewelry produced here are also exported to United States,European and Oceania countries.

In addition to Panyu, the Chonghua District of Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Dongguan have also witnessed the building of many jewelry manufacturing factories.

Hong Kong jewelry makers said the establishment of the production base has made it more convenient for Hong Kong jewelry to enter the mainland market.

With this trend, Guangzhou City are developing one of the biggest jewelry wholesale market in China. More and more jewelry buyer and importer directly go to Guangzhou to stock all kinds of jewelry products - Gold,platinum,cubic zircon, pearl jewelry, coral,turquoise, gemstone jewelry & more. Liwan Plaza is one of the famous wholesale jewelry market in Guangzhou City.

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