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Cultured & natural pearls

Customer Question: What are cultured pearls? Are they fake?

Cultured pearls are not imitation or fake pearls. In fact, they are natural pearls with help from man. The forming principle, process and output between natural and cultured pearls are almost the same: an oyster secretes a smooth and hard crystalline substance when its inner body is irritated by sand or other solid substances. The intruded substance then is surrounded by the secreted crystalline substance called nacre, and after a long period of time, the nuclear will become a beautiful pearl. While the difference is: for natural pearls, the nuclear gets in the oyster by itself, while for cultured pearls, the nuclear is inserted by men. In this case, natural pearls and cultured pearls are almost the same and in some circumstances, cultured pearls are better in shape and luster because they form in selected oysters.

For Topearl.com, all pearls are cultured pearls - cultured freshwater pearls,akoya pearls or South sea pearls. Welcome to visit our pearl jewelry store for pearl jewelry, pearl necklace.

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