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Black pearl jewelry wholesale

Most of people think of Tahitian cultured pearls when you want to buy beautiful black pearl jewelry. Black pearls are cultured from the black pearl oysters - Pinctada margarilifera in French Polynesia (Tahiti) and Japanese ocean. Because the cultured black pearls are rare comparing to Chinese cultured akoya pearls & freshwater pearls, the price of black pearl jewelry is the highest. Tahitian black pearls' sizes are from 8mm to 18mm that are larger than the other pearls.

Now if you still like to buy black pearl jewelry with affordable prices, black freshwater pearls & akoya pearls are the best choice. At topearl jewelry store, few black pearl jewelry is cultured; the colors of cultured black pearls are usually light black with blue,gray and brown overtones. Most of black pearl jewelry is dyed. These dyed black pearls also have blue, gray, peacock green and brown overtones. Through the newest dyed processing, the black color of akoya pearls & part of freshwater pearls is very similar to Tahitian pearls.

Our black freshwater pearls and akoya pearls range from 7mm to 12mm. Larger sizes 12mm to 14mm are in stock sometimes when some customers place their custom orders. In addition, our black pearls' shapes have round, off-round and tear-drop to choose.

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