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Akoya Baroque Pearls wholesale at online jewelry store

We only choose baroque akoya pearls with little tails in holes; these akoya pearls are baroque shape, very high luster, light blemishes.

Baroque akoya pearls are unique in their appearance. In addition, unlike freshwater baroque pearls, our baroque akoya pearls have high lusters. Baroque pearls are popular form someone because they think this type pearls look more natural and they think the imperfections only can add to the beauty.

The colors of akoya baroque pearls include white,black,light yellow. Akoya baroque pearls will be made to akoya pearl necklace jewelry,bracelets,pendants, and earrings. If you are looking for natural,unique jewelry with very reasonable price, yet still beautiful, our akoya baroque pearl jewelry is the best choice. Comparing to roung akoya pearl jewelry with the same luster, the price is very very cheap!

Welcome to wholesale them from us!

The photos:
Black akoya baroque pearls

white akoya baroque pearl jewelry

light yellow akoya baroque pearl strands

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