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Pearl necklaces achieve their most distinctive beauty

A type of necklace is the rope that is the longest among all pearl necklaces. Doubling or knotting it can wear it. There are rope necklaces that have multiple clasps that are use to shorten the strands.

The pearls that are used as necklace can sometimes have the same size. Or they can be styled or graduated with a much larger pearl on the center and then the succeeding smaller pearls will run on the back on each side to the clasp. Whichever style you choose, good matching is very important both for fashion or beauty reasons and as well as for the value. The place where the pearls have been harvested affects the price of pearl earrings. Natural pearls are the most expensive of all types of pearls and they are pearls that have been harvested centuries ago. Naturally harvested pearls are more expensive than cultured ones. The least expensive of all are artificial or synthetic pearls.

Price Lastly, there's the price. Don't be tempted to go overboard and purchase pearl earrings that are way beyond your budget. If you look long and hard enough, you're sure to find a pair of pearl earrings that perfectly matches your budget and taste.

There are six factors, which add up to the value or price of a pearl which are surface texture, luster, shape, nacre thickness, color, and size ...

Pearls achieve their most distinctive beauty that comes from the reflection of light through the layers of crystalline nacre. The transparent nacre provides the deep shine and the high reflection. The luster is the essence of beauty of all pearls. A qualitative pearl will emit a brilliant and equal reflection with fine radiance.

The reflection of the pearl surface gives a dominant or prevailing color of pearls. The overtone is the deeper light reflected in which it draws the innermost color of the pearl. The light shade pearls are cream, white and even golden in shade. The most valuable are white with association of pink and silver colors. On the other hand, the most fetish darker shade pearls are the black with association of green or blue colors.

The shape is also essential. The perfect round shape with a very smooth surface pearls are the most qualitative. It should have a very few imperfections. There are different types of cultured pears. One of which is the Classic Akoya pearls. Another is the large black Tahitian pearls. Both of these pearls grow in salt-water ocean so obviously they are called saltwater pearls.

There is also the large Golden or white south sea pearls and the decorative freshwater pearls which are inexpensive. The pearls usually have four grading when it comes to quality. It is called as A, AA, AAA, and the AAA+ quality. The pearls with AAA and AAA+ grading of quality are the highest quality.

You can purchase these cultured pearl jewelries from any jewelry stores. You can also try browsing online to find the most affordable and classic pearls. You can also find a great bargain sometimes with online auctions.

It is still advisable to buy pearls in stores that have certification on being an expert with jewelries and of course from those with license. This is for you to be rest assured that you will buy the authentic ones.

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