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How to care pearls

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Different from other gems, pearls are organic and need special care. Keep pearls away from other gems and store them in a separated jewelry pouch.

What should we notice when wearing a piece of pearl jewelry? Acid is the biggest enemy to pearls. However, some women's skin is more acidic than others. When the pearls contact the acid skin, their surfaces will be slowly corroded. After a period of time, the pearls will lose their luster and the shape will become barrel. In this case, you have to wipe the pearls each time after you wear them.

Besides, keep pearls away from chemicals like perfume, vinegar, and lemon juice. And avoid heat as well, because heat can make a pearl dark, dry and crack. Dry air will also damage pearls, so keep away pearls from it.
When you wear a pearl jewelry, do not touch pearl directly, but grasp the shank or metal part because you might make it loose and your skin oil will spot the pearl.
Here are some tips for cleaning and keeping:
Use specific jewelry cleaners only. Avoid ultrasonic cleaner, steam-clean, detergents, bleaches, powdered cleansers, baking soda, or ammonia-based cleaners, toothbrushes, scouring pads or abrasive materials to clean pearls. Do not hang pearls to dry and do not wear pearls when the string is wet, because the threads will break off. Do not let pearls touch hard or rough materials. And restring them for once a year.

The details of pearls cleaning:
Every time after you wear the pearls strands, please clean or wipe it to prevent it from being eaten away by acid or spotted by dirt. Wipe the strand with a soft cloth or chamois, and you can even use a drop of olive oil on the cloth to make the pearl shiner.
If you haven't maintained the pearl every day, you may use special pearl cleaner. And pay attention to the drill hole areas when cleaning it. And be careful when choosing the brands. After washing your pearls, lay them on a clean and moist towel to dry. When the towel is dry, your pearls are almost dry. If you wear your pearl strand frequently, have it restrung every half a year. You may accomplish this in the local jeweler stores.

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