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Chinese akoya pearls in HK show

Hong Kong Internatioal Jewelry Show held on 6-10 March 2007. Totally the prices of akoya seawater pearls,Tahitian black pearls and South sea pearls sharply rise about 20 ~ 35%.

Because the output of Chinese akoya pearls decrease this year, the cost of akoya pearls' materials rise. At the end of 2006 year akoya pearl manufacturers had ordered the akoya pearl oysters with pearls from the pearl farmers in advance, the prices are more higher 20~30% than the prices of 2006 year.

In HK jewelry show, the Chinese akoya pearls don't sell very well because the high price. Most of customers think the prices is too high comparing to last year, they don't know the cost of akoya pearls rise.
My friends, many pearl manufacturers also complained that the customers didn't learn the condition of Chinese akoya pearls. If they sold these prices at the prices of 2006, they lost money of course. For example, for the ordinary quality 7-7.5mm akoya pearl strands, the original unit price is about RMB650.00 per 16" strand in 2006, but now the wholesale price have to rise to RMB800.00 per strand.

The prices of our akoya pearls are still the prices of 2006. Frankly, because akoya pearls are not our main online business, the prices are very low.

Welcome to order our akoya pearls - akoya pearl necklaces,bracelets or pendants. Maybe after several month, we have to rise our online prices a little.

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