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August 29, 2006

Reciprocal Link Directory

I built a new Reciprocal Link Directory this month - http://www.topearl.com/dir/directory/ .

Welcome to exchange your webiste URL with my website if your websites have similar themes to Pearls,Other jewelry,Crafts and Gifts related.

Processing technique of akoya pearls - pearl materials

When we take the pearls from akoya pearl oyster(shell), these pearls have several natural colors.
akoya pearl materials

These colors have white,grey,yellow and black colors.

Next processing is Sorting.

August 27, 2006

MaoSheng - Mao Sheng Jewelry

The pearl company introduction in Liwan Plaza:
Maosheng Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Mao Sheng Pearl has been engaged in pearl business for a long time and was incorporated in the year 1982. Its farming base is located in the Zhejiang Industrial District, which also know as the "Cradle of China Pearls". The company is engaged in pearl supplying, assembling, pearl accessories, pearl care, etc. and we are comprehensive enterprise engaged in culturing fresh water pearls, pearl processing and assembling, and exporting overseas.

Addr: Liwan Square, Guangzhou

Top Pearl Jewelry Inc. - http://www.topearl.com/freshwater-pearl-necklaces-c-1.html

XinBin Pearl

The introduction of pearl company in Guangzhou Liwan plaza
Xin Bin Pearls Co., Ltd.
XinBin was set up for many years that specialize in pearl breeding,processing and selling. Freshwater pearls, seawater pearls,south sea pearl and Tahitian pearl are included.
Addr: Liwan plaza, Guangzhou City

Topearl Jewery Inc.


Hydia Pearl Limited

The pearl company in Guangzhou Liwan Plaza
Hydia Pearl Limited
Showroom: B430 4/F North Tower Liwan Plaza,9 Dexing Road, Guangzhou 510140,China
Website: http://www.hydiapearl.com - Pearl necklace

August 21, 2006

Set up new B2B website - tradekey.com

http://www.tradekey.com/product_view/id/93374.htm - Akoya pearl necklace
http://www.tradekey.com/product_view/id/93382.htm - Wish pearl oyster - akoya pearl oysters

http://www.tradekey.com/selloffer_view/id/182636.htm - Wish pearls - Wish pearl gift set

August 14, 2006

New pearl showroom address

B430 4/F North Tower Liwan Plaza, Changshou Rd., Guangzhou 510140, China

Liwan Plaza sometimes is called Liwan Square,near by ShangxiaJiu walk street.

August 12, 2006

A big showroom for pearl jewelry

Our company have decide to build a big showroom in Liwan Plaza,Guangzhou City.

Welcome to visit on Sept.

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